Michael Jackson Isn?t Dead And We Know Why

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson dead, Michael Jackson faked deathDespite the whole event of Michael Jackson?s death being covered by every news agency and blog around the world, some people don?t think he died.

Apparently, it?s just one giant lie that has been cooked up to relieve the stress from his weak shoulders. Yes, we think it’s rubbish too, but we?re not ultrasensitive, arse-kissing, fanboy conspiracy nutjobs.

So, the big question has to be, is Michael Jackson dead? Or is he in a magical and mystical place full of fairies, gnomes and hobbits? It seems unlikely – he was hardly the master of disguise, was he? Just because you sometimes get pushed around in a wheelchair, it doesn’t automatically make you an evil genius.

Still, it hasn?t stopped bored internet users shitting out wild and wacky theories as to why Michael Jackson?s sudden death is nothing more than an elaborate, if somewhat untimely, April Fool’s joke. If his Twitter feed has been hijacked to say he?d kicked the bucket, we would have laughed off the idea. But having what with all the paramedics and 911 calls, it seems pretty serious. Unless someone made a prank call! The fiend!

Using our in-depth knowledge of Michael Jackson, we want to toss our own theories into the ring as to fully explain why the king of pop isn?t dead:

1) He?s a shape shifter. Think about it, one day he went from a badass black dude with slick dance moves to a wimpy white man. Jackson obviously has the ability to change his appearance and he became bored of being a frail middle-aged man. For all we know he could be a tree, park bench or even an ice-cream cone. You could have just licked his face. Ugh, you just licked Michael Jackson’s face.

2) Michael Jackson is off to find Bubbles. You may have noticed that, before he died, there was an American version of I?m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Monkeys, apes and chimps all belong in the jungle and that?s where Bubbles would have been sent to after he apparently started dry-humping people?s legs and pissing on carpets. Michael may have wanted to be reunited with his hairy ex-pal after being inspired by the jungle show.

3) He?s off to find the celebrity death island. When famous people die, they don?t go to heaven. Instead, they all wind up on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean ? this is what Lost is based on. After realising that Princess Diana, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls and Hitler would be there, perhaps he wanted to join the party early? Who wouldn’t when the dress code consists of nothing but brightly-coloured hula skirts?

4) He pocketed the money from the gigs in London he?ll never complete and plans to fly to the moon. This is Michael Jackson we?re talking about people; he was world famous for his moonwalk. Blasting off in a rocket ship to live there means he has his own unique paradise.

Some say he died due to the stress of rehearsing for his gigs and downing plenty of painkillers. But this is Michael Jackson we?re talking about. Anything he does has to be crazy and off the wall!

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  1. Andrew says

    I find theory 3 oddly comforting. Not for Michael (I didn’t care about him at all) but for celebrities in general.

  2. says

    when he died a few days later the local newspaper said “in the northland NO michael jackson CDs could be found on the shelves of any stores. I laughed and said yep, this is another publicity stunt to sell CDs

  3. ongatar says

    He was buying mangos on Ridley Road market yesterday; blended right in, nobody batted an eyelash. Said he is boarding with some illegal immigrants who made a good living in Dalston for the last 30 years and is confident he will remain undisturbed as long as he pleases. Seeing he left everything behind, I offered him a fiver to tide him over. He was very pleased, but refused; said he is already receiving benefits and riding bendy bus for free. He also landed a part in Bubba Ho-tep 2 playing himself.

  4. Beth says

    As much as I would like to believe that it is just a publicity stunt. I unfortunately highly doubt it. When the DEA is called, I can’t imagine that they would be in on a prank like that.

  5. May says

    What the hell is wrong with you people. Stop making fun of Michael and just let him rest in peace. Why would he cause so much grief for his fans, I mean 12 people already commited suicide, so stop saying crap and face the facts! I know it’s hard because it’s taking sometime for me to get used to it too, but i bet i was a bigger fan than any of you and i’m 14!

  6. May says

    there’s nothing wrong with Michael’s face either, he was Allah’s creation and should be respected as any person. I actually find him attractive.

  7. Mahwish says

    One part of me knows that he is dead and one part of me does not want to believe it. I really wish and pray that he is not dead and even if it is for the sake of publicity who cares. I just wish he is not dead. I also believe he was a wonderful person and we must not always believe the negativity that is spread about clebs as one needs to challenge their own intelligence. I hope we can find the good in people instead of looking for negatives. Let us look reflect on what he brought to this world in general and an era of pop music. Please stop passing all these negative comments.

  8. Charissa says


  9. - Flyy Chickk =D says


    Your Theory #1 : A Shape Shifter. ; No boo boo . You should already know the first time is cause he fell &. broke his nose. he did admit he had surgerie|S| so we know he had more then one. butt hey WHEN HE WAS LiTTLE THEY MADE FUN OF HiS NOSE. &. MiCHAEL iS SENSiTiVE. ! So yeaa . His color change cause he had Vitiligoo, Dumb Fucks. &. If you use your EYES . and see in some of his pics. his skin is all uneven ! the make-up didnt work. so eventually it would be all over his body. wouldnt make sense to put make-up all over your body. he had [$$$] so he used it &. handled his busness. damn . other ppl had plastic surgeries. he aint the only one!

    Theories 2 & 3. & 4 dont even make sense .! lmaO . why would he leave his kids ?. &. if he was in debt why would he do that. cause eventually he would loose all his money. !

    SOO SADLY yes Michael Is Dead. But hey its life. someday God is going to be calling you. to BOUNCE UP OFF THiS PLACE .!

  10. says

    michael jackson mite be dead but to see is to believe or maybe they made this prank and fooled people hearts that michael jackson is dead to see is to belive just go to the cemetary and dig where michael jackson is buriedand believe or dont believe hey its just an idea.

  11. ShutUp says

    Man Youre Stupid – whoever Posted That ? You Think Heaven Has Hobbits And Whatever You Said ? Stop Being Sarcastic And Leave His Business To Himselfff.

  12. Cynthia McGuire says

    I just wanted to thank you for your sweet words about Michael.
    I knew him personally,and met him in 1987,while working as a Ride Operator at a famous amusement park.He was,in fact,in disguise.He was very good at this,and even though the clues were there,I didn’t catch on to who he was for about 10 minutes,until he grabbed my wrists to get my attention,and I leaned up to him,stood up on my tippy toes,looked him,as best as I could considering I am 5’6″,and I still couldn’t look eye to eye with him,that I told him I knew who he was,and his eyes widened in fear that I would blurt it out,but promised him I’d never do that to him.He relaxed,but changed his grip on my wrists to hold both my hands. We began to talk animatedly about life,antiques,our apparently very similar beliefs and multitude of shared interests.
    He was very sweet,and when my replacement didn’t come,the duty supervisor escorting Michael,told me I could leave and he would send for someone to replace me,Michael came for me that night,at my mothers’ home,where I was living at the time.
    My mother was a super media phobe and just wasn’t having it,so she made it impossible for us to be alone,and after I told Michael she just wasn’t going to allow it,even though I was 28 at the time,she could be a real ogre when it came to certain situations,Michael had suggested I come to live with him,since he wanted to continue to see me,that living with him would help us to get to know each other better and see where it would go from there.It never happened,and my mother was so awful,all night long,that I had to walk away from Michael the next day,which hurt him greatly,and he cried. He was so very sensitive,and easily hurt,like me.
    Well,the following year,I saw him again,but while I had moved to another area of the park to work on rides that had been freshly installed and ready to ride,but he didn’t want anything to do with me.He honestly thought I’d hurt him intentionally,until I involved another duty supervisor,a woman,who was my favorite.
    Together,she and the escorting duty supervisor came to my ride and never told me,at first,that Michael had come to listen
    I had fallen head over feet in love with him in only a short period of 24 hours.He was deeply touched by that admission,and asked me,”Why do you love me? I told him it was the way he came looking for me even though he only had a tiny description of the house I was living in,and the area where it was located.
    He’d waited all night long for me,in an environment I knew he was very uncomfortable in,listened to my every word,smelled like an angel sent from heaven(it was jungle gardenia he was wearing), and how he’d held my hands,told me he’d never hurt me,and I trusted him like I’d never trusted anyone in my life,and that out of all the females in this world,and he’d,I know,met millions of them,it was me he asked to come live with him.Well,he just said,”Wow,really?” I said “Yes,I do love you.”Wow,I said back.That’s never happened to me before.” Is that really possible?” We both just laughed at that.
    Well,he waited for me that night,but I had cried myself to sleep right there in that dispatch booth thinking,after I’d been told that something I’d said had pissed him off,and I’d thought that was that,I’d never see him again,but I was helped to freshen up,without being told why,and he was waiting for me in the employee lot.He had his driver turn on his headlights and high beams to be sure I wasn’t playing games with him,and that I really was crushed.He apparently,finally believe me,and emerged from the back seat,dressed all in black.He looked just like he did in the “Bad” video,that he’d released earlier that year,and I melted all over again. He stayed with me for a couple more hours,and we just spent time together getting to really know each other.He,at some point,looked to his left,smiled brightly,and asked me if he could kiss me.I was so bowled over that there was actually a man in this world left,who would ask my permission for a kiss,that of course I said yes.He was a very sweet kisser.He could really deliver a kiss.Apparently he liked kissing me because he just kept doing it.Much to my happiness and shock. He was magnificent in person.Smelled so sweet. He held me in his very warm,capable arms,and I was in heaven. He held my hands for the longest time,but when it came time for us to talk more serious matters,like his business and about how people would attack me just for being with him,and some would attack me because of the black/white issue,he left me to ponder this and be sure I was ready for it.I was,but that wasn’t what had been troubling me.It was my mother who,once again,when Michael came to the house,she freaked out,was very cruel and rude to him,and once again,threatened to bring a rain of pain down on the both of us,that Michael once again,even after all we’d shared earlier that evening,had to leave without me.
    I never heard from him again,as he was about to embark on his “Bad” tour,but I did hear from him in 2007,when I had been going back and forth with his attorneys who were working on his second child molestation case.We talked for quite some time,but I was living with a very abusive man,and when I heard the front door open,I panicked and had to cut the connection.I’d tried several times to call Michael back,after I’d told him the entire story of my then,current situation,in which he was determined to come help me in any way he could,but he never picked up.Michael was a black belt in 3 different styles,and was willing to kick the crap out of my abuser if I said the word.He would have too.But anyway,there is so much more to the story of myself and Michael,but it would take up too much room,and is also something I am not willing to completely share.I just wanted to offer you something more about Michael,so you can be sure that you were right about the kind of person he really was.Sweet,gentle,passionate,patient,loving,caring,and wow,what a great kisser.That man could deliver a kiss that left me weak in the knees.Lol.Thank you again for your sweet words

  13. says

    Wtf Yu Guys Are Assholes.
    Michael Jackson Waz Tha Best Ther EVERRRR Was!
    And EVERRR Will Be
    Leave Him Tah Hell Alone Ay
    He Did Nothing Wrong
    So Stop Saying Shit Bout Him !

  14. zina says


  15. WANKERS says


    LUV U MJ!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P

  16. Tina Brazee says

    Cynthia Mcguire, you’re such a liar. I knew him as well and I know he never knew you! Stop your lying! If what you say is true, and I doubt it, which amusement park did you meet him in? He only went to one! As for girlfriends, he only had 2. That was Lisa Marie and Debbie Rowe! He was not a black belt because he hated violence and he would never threaten to kick someone’s ass! He never kissed you either because he was a shy person. This happened in your dreams lady! Get over yourself!!!!!!!!! You are such a liar!

  17. MJ's Girl says

    Michael was not your boyfriend. When you supposedly met him, I knew for a fact he was touring in Europe. You never said where you lived. The media wouldn’t attack you because they could care less about you. You never met him, just admit it you liar.You just want fame and fortune. Mike was shy and nervous around strangers so he wouldn’t come up to you and hold your hands. You say terrible things about your mom, too. The sweet words are not for you, they are for Mike. Stop taking credit for it as if you were married to him or something. Everyone here knows you are lying through your teeth. You met an impersonator, probably E Casanova. He’s a dead ringer for Mike. Sorry, but it wasn’t MJ you met, it was an impersonator. You are full of it. Why don’t you show us proof that you had a relationship with him? Probably because you can’t prove it. I also know for a fact that Mike drove his own car. He only had a driver during his trial, which I doubt you were there like you say. Why don’t you tell us the truth. You lied about that whole story. Probably lied about being abused too. You have major problems lady. Nobody here believes you because your story is pure fiction. Own up to the lies you tell you freak!

  18. Tina Brazee says

    You tell them wankers! I agree with you. He’s hot and sexy! You should read the one Cynthia Mcguire wrote. She wrote a pack of lies!

  19. Tina Brazee says

    Cynthia, now I know you are lying because Mike’s trial was in 2005, not 2007. I knew Mike for 25 years. Mike never went to amusement parks himself, he sent in his doubles. Believe me I’ve known him for 25 years and he always sent in his doubles. You need to stop lying about Mike. In 2007 he was in Behrein and germany, so there you liar!

  20. Shomeka says

    I know that’s right I think Mikey was very sexc for his age because its some ppl who don’t even look that graceful at his age he’s beautiful any shape color or form I love u Mikey and im not stupid or dumb because I believe Mikey is alive but not these theories they listed I have my own I really love him he has honestly changed my life for the better im 13 and a huge young lady fan he’s sexc and the best there ever was and ever will be. No Mikey we LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!

  21. Tina Brazee says

    Hey Cynthia,
    I know something else about Mike considering I actually knew him personally, unlike you. Michael only wears Bal a Versailles. He never wore jungle gardenia. Bal a Versailles was the only fragrance he wore the most. The only other fragrance he wore was Black Orchid. NO JUNGLE GARDENIA BITCH!!!! He was only 5’8. He never met you and he never asked you to move in with him. At the time you say you met him, I know for a fact he was seeing a girl from his video The Way You Make Me Feel. He never told you he wanted to keep seeing you becaue he never knew you. I hat you because you lie about Mike. You are sooooo stupid. What planet are you from skank?

  22. Cynthia says

    oh,and tina? if you knew anything about michael,you would have known that he dated tatum o’neil too when he was 24 and she was 18.
    he had only a very small handful of girlfriends,and obviously,like i said in an earlier comment to you,you weren’t any friend of his.and now after reading your garbage and seeing what a nasty person you are,he never would have kept you around for very long.

  23. Cynthia says

    aren’t you the same tina brazee on socyberty and the mother of 3 teens? and you behave like this? some example you are,and that in itself,is proof you didn’t know him. he never would have tolerated somebody like you for very long.he would have just walked away and told the people around him not to let your calls come through.
    and as for another time he and i talked on the phone,in 89,he was on the second leg of the bad tour,in paris,when we talked from his hotel room. a few times,in fact. they always put me right through.

  24. julia says

    About Cindy, she met most likely met him as a fan. Michael was a kind man and wouldnt hurt anyone and made anyone feel special he met, that was his way. So this contact is special to her, so lets honour that. In his memory, lets be loving as thats how he was. best wishes Julia.

  25. Tina Brazee says

    I knew about Tatum Oneil & Brooke Sheilds. I knew him, unlike you and I am not a nasty person. I just Hate liars like you. I asked Janet and Kate if he knew you and they said Mike did not know you. He never kept you around because you did not know him like you say. My comments are true and not garbage, I DID in fact know him. You are the liar!

  26. Tina Brazee says

    I am not that Tina. My name is Christine. Mike gave me that nickname. I have 1 son, 23 years old. I had no trouble getting my calls through. He called me as well. You don’t know what Mike would have done because you didn’t have the pleasure to know him like I did. I spent alot of time at Neverland and at his Bel-Air home. I am a good person, unlike you who lies all the time. Mike and I kept in touch up until the day he died. I told you, we were close. No one put your calls through to anyone.

  27. CB says

    i really dont know what to say about that story. IT SOUNDS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! IF IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU, BUT IF IT DIDNT….i wish it did happen to you. I always wished to meet him! I wish i could have that kind of experience that you had.

  28. CB says

    but didnt they attack brooke shields when they thought they were together. you dont know what actually happen so you shouldnt criticize. There is a 50% to 50% chance that she is either lying or telling the truth. It was cute to me. YOu dont know what he did when he wasnt in the media. He could of went by himself somettime

  29. Tina says

    She never met him. She said she met him at a famous amusement park. Mike never went to amusement parks until he married Lisa Marie. The other times he sent in a body double because he feared being around strangers. She also said she was with his lawyers in 2007 during his trial. His trial ended in 2005. After that he went to Bahrain and lived with a friend and his family. He was there for a while. He went there because nobody could find him. After that he went to Germany for a while with his children. He came back to California in 2008 and rented his home in Bel-Air. I asked his mom, Kate, and his sister Janet if Mike knew Cynthia Mcguire and they said he never knew anyone by that name. She is a liar. Besides Jermaine, I knew him better than he knew himself.

  30. Tina says

    The story may sound beautiful but it’s pure fiction. I knew Mike better than he knew himself. I did know him. She never talked to him in Paris during his Bad tour because he didn’t perform in France. His shows were in Tokyo, Rome, London, and LA. There was no second leg of the tour. He took his girlfriend with him on that tour and he would never have cheated on her with Cynthia Mcguire. Mike wasn’t a cheater.

  31. Tatiana says

    This is for Cynthia Mcguire. She is lying because I was dating him back then and I also was on tour with him during both legs of the tour. Watch his video “The Way You Make Me Feel” and you will see me. I am the one he’s chasing, with the long curly light brown hair. I was a model back then. I have been monitoring the internet for his family since all this hoax stuff started. We dated for quite a while. This woman did not have the pleasure to know him let alone ever meet him. He and I kept in touch all these years. What Cynthia says is nothing more than gossip. I came by this site by accident and started reading all the comments on here. When he was in Paris, I was with him in the same hotel room that we shared. He didn’t have a cell phone back then and he didn’t even have the hotel phone connected. There’s no way she met him or talked to him on the phone. Do not believe this Mcguire woman. You all are to smart to believe in her fantasies.

  32. no name says

    Hey Cynthia,
    I read your comment on here. You said MJ came for you in 1987 the night you allegedley met him. I saw another comment you made on another site and you said he didn’t come for you until 1988. This proves you never even knew him. Aren’t you the same Cynthia Mcguire who killed her marine husband, cut him up, put him in suitcases and threw him in the river? You should still be in prison. You must know how to do nothing but lie all day long. MJ wouldn’t date an ugly heifer like you. You are not hot or famous.

  33. Kate says

    How dare you talk to Miss Tina like that! She happens to be speaking the truth. I knew who my son knew and you were not one of his friends or girlfriends. You criticize her because she knew my baby. I want an apology posted to Tina at once. You are the one talking garbage. If you knew my son, then you would have known that he didn’t start wearing disguises until 1990 and his trial started and ended in 2005. It was only 4 months long. He never went to amusement parks. He sent in a body double. He only went to six flags and that was with Lisa Marie in 1995. If you knew him, you would have also known that he fired his 2 lawyers so, how could you have gone around with them? I was at his trial everyday and you were not there. Admit that you lied. He was dating Tatiana Thumbzen from 1987 until 1989. I cannot believe the things you are saying. You did not meet my son and you never knew him.

  34. no name #2 says

    well i todally belive you and u should speak the dam truth she should be in prison.she is probally crazy and belongs in a mental hospital mj would freak out with her dam.

  35. no name #2 says

    u r such a dam fucken lier. i fucken met him and after one of his concerts with a back stage pass and in the parking lot i asked his gaurds if i could give him a hugg and i cried bitch ur a fucking lier asshole sico crazy pervert rip mj i just stood up 4 u be cause of thatcrazy bitch i hope u remember me michael jakson we love u RIP

    p.s. u r a mother fucken bitch i wonder how ur mother feels

  36. maria says

    Cynthia, i am so happy that people know what a story teller you are. I have been following your blogs for awhile now(Bonnie Vent especially), and i always had a feeling that you were making everything up. You say that you knew him for 2 decades, but then you say you haven’t heard from him since 1987, until 2007. You do not make sense, and i really think that you need professional help to sort out fact from fiction. Young girls may believe you, they dont know any better. Please stop the foolishness and get a real life.

  37. maria says

    I don’t believe her, i wish that Bonnie Vent (medium) would not have invited her to her website blog, a lot of foolish people believe her there. I knew that she was a liar from the get go. She must think that we are all stupid!

  38. Tina says

    You are welcome Maria. I knew Mike but at least I don’t lie and go around saying I dated him because I didn’t. We were close friends. He was very good to me and my son. I am so glad you saw through her lies.

  39. maria says

    Cynthia is a liar, there are so many websites that she made comments on, and always getting her story confused, the bottom line is, i think she is after something, lets just hope that NO ONE believes her. She is way too old to be acting like this!!! Tina,i am glad that you are a true friend of Michael’s, it makes me feel better to know that he DID have just regular good friends in his life. He truly deserved it. Take Care!

  40. Tina says

    Thank you ladies. You saw through Cynthia’s lies. Mike and I were close friends. I saw her pic too. All I have to say is yuuuuuccckkkkk!!! Franny and Maria, you gals are very smart women and I am glad to know Mike has the 2 of you as supporters. Thank you so much.

  41. safaa says

    I hope so to hear and see him alive , not for something , but because i love him as humanbeing that all.
    i don’t hope to see him alive because i hate him like you (the author) does.


  42. Kelly says

    I have seen Cynthia McGuire over on Bonnie Vent’s message board. Ms. Vent is desperate to make people believe her fake channeled messages are real so she picked Cynthia McGuire to “validate” them. I don’t understand how anyone can twist and manipulate a person like Michael Jackson for selfish and twisted motives. He isn’t here to defend himself so he can’t put bold face liars like Cynthia in their place. Also please do not buy into this hoax people. He is no longer here in the physical world and the ONLY place you’re going to find anything on the idea that he is alive will come from tabloids. If you listened at all to Michael Jackson when he was alive, you would know that he said to not pay attention to the media this includes tabloids. The only way to know what really happened was to have been present the day of June 25th last year in Michael’s own home and I’m betting all the money in the world that not a single one of you were there to actually witness the events that took place.

  43. Katrina says

    Cynthia, I have seen you every where on the damned internet. Which tells me that you obviously are out to get your 15 minutes of fame and really aren’t telling the truth. Please stop using the internet to try and get others to believe your foolish, made for fan fiction story. Go away and don’t come back. Ta-ta.

  44. maria says

    That’s right Cynthia. Go away and never come back. Anyone that knew Michael or was an avid fan of his, not only hate you, but the garbage that you make up about him. I’m so glad that no one ever believed you. If you really were a true fan of his, you would have listed him in your favorite music on your myspace and facebook BEFORE JUNE 25 2009, AND NOT AFTER DIPSHIT!!!!!!!

  45. Anonymous says

    The only thing that makes you weak in the knees, Cynthia, is the demerol that you take.

  46. megan says

    Do you seriously thing he is attractive? I think he shouldnt have ever changed his look, I thought he looked attractive before, and I really think he is alive you really dont know if he is alive or not WHERE IS THE PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  47. rebeccaaaaaa says

    sorry …. Im a baby, MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( you hate me!!! I love chocoalit and poo yummy yumi lalalaosoksldfgj ui my momni is Tina yayayayacgbjgilokp’

  48. Barbara Straughn says

    Thank you for telling us the truth about this woman who is still very active on Facebook. It is sad that so many people try to claim a relationship with Michael – their five minutes of fame. True fans would love to have known him but to make incorrect or untrue statements would trouble our conscience too much and add to the grief which is still with us every day.
    It is important that those of us who love and support Michael, his Soldiers of L.O.V.E – stay united; we are strong because we know the truth; we are blessed because we can hear Michael’s messages, have made that change and have pledged to do all we can in our lifetime, to heal the world.
    We are focused on bringing Tom Sneddon to trial for falsifying evidence – and that will bring the whole media shower of slander and lies tumbling down like a pack of cards.
    Bless you sister
    Love you

  49. Maria says

    I’m glad that the truth came to you and about Cynthia Mcguire, Barbara. Hopefully everyone will see this.

  50. Tina says

    You are very welcome Barbara. I’ve known Michael for 25 years. He nothing like Cynthia describes. She will have her judgement day when the time comes. Michael doesn’t deserve being exploited by her or anyone else who is trying to profit from his death. I’m glad the truth about Cynthia came to you. God bless You!
    Love You Too

  51. Ollie says

    Tina you do not know michael nor does cynthia or anyone who believes that writing on a forum to absolute strangers to them. Fans of michael perhaps you believe you are so good and are like royalty becuase you lie about knowing michael. In other forums you write similar sentences for example you write. i knew michael more then he knew himself. you wrote that in another forum. In this forum you wrote i knew jermain more than he knew him self. You are writting a pack of lies.
    By the way i asked janet, kate, jo , jermaine and even michael (before he died) if tina brazee was a friend of michael and evn the familie, they said we do not know of her and she is just a pathetic wannabe who thinks she knows people when she doesnt.
    You Are a liar. Im gonna know send another message with the name of kate jackson so i can defend my self with what i said. Absolute Pathetic.
    Let the ledgend rest in peace dead or alive if he is alive he obviously doesnt want to be found, he wants to live life like any other no pressure, no press, no publicity.
    If he is dead remember the highs of his live, think to yourself why you are a fan of michael and support that. I do not believe all this pedo shit at all, all goods come with bad what ever situations, michael has had plenty of highs and bads along his career and life.
    MJ K.O.P R.I.P <3
    I do not care if my spelling, grammar etc is incorrect. No i do not know michael in person, and i do not pretend to think i do just to get a higher status unlike some unkown person Tina Brazee. RIP MJ xx

  52. Tina says

    I don’t know who you are but I never said I knew Jermaine better than he knew himself. I only said that about Michael on this site and this site only. No, Cynthia did not know him but, I actually did. I am not going to let Cynthia exploit him. I do not think I am royalty. Screw you asshole! I am not after a higher status. I do not want fame. I like my quiet life. I don’t care what you think. And as for asking Michael’s parents questions about Cynthia is true, I did ask them. You can kiss my ass Ollie and go screw yourself!

  53. Maria says

    This is for you Ollie. Who are you really? Your bad grammar and spelling are so fake. You have no idea who Tina is, so you have no right coming on here and attacking her. Michael Jackson had a lot of non famous people in his life, who befriended his family also. Just because you never heard of them, it doesn’t mean they dont exist. However, if you have read every one of Cynthia Mcguire’s blogs on various sites, and facebook, and youtube, it’s very obvious that she is not only making up stories about his life, but making him look foolish. She is trying to fool people to feel important, and we also believe that she is trying to cash in on Michael’s death! She obviously never knew him, and was never a fan until he died. So until you have your facts straight, mind your own dam business and get a life!

  54. Lee Beatty says

    Has anyone ever read a book called, “Alive, Alaska”? It can be Googled and once you read this “fictional” offering, you may also ask if Michael Jackson is really dead. You may just be in for a real surprise. The past lives in “Alive, Alaska”. This it’s impossible? Read that book and you decide. Thank you.

  55. candice w says

    c’mon cant u give the guy a break?!he’s dead for god sake!let the man rest in peace an stop making fun of him!!its bad enough u ppl hurt him when he was alive…bt now u gott hurt him when he’s dead too?

  56. Cynthia McGuire says

    Oh Tina Brazee, have I got an eye-opener-shut-your-mouth-up-once- and-for-all news flash for you. I have much proof he went there, to Knott’s,by himself,many,many times, so obviously, you really didn’t know him at all, or not as well as you’d have everyone all over the internet believing. Check out facebook’s Knott’s Berry Farm Employees Past and Present group. Many,many ride operators tell of many,many tales of him going there, at first, a few times, just as himself, then later on, from around, my time,the first one,that is, 87 on. So now, something else I’d love to point out is this; The only way to gain access and be a member of those groups for Knott’s Employees, is to have actually been one either past or present, and I am a member with many,many friends there. So you’re cockamaimy accusations will now cease,because your verbal attacks of me,my integrity are just nothing more than crazy rants of a jealous fan or an overly obsessive one to say the least.
    I have a few friends there as well, who also knew Michael very,very well, and we have all compared notes from various times of his life, and we are all,but one, telling the truth,and that one, is not me.
    I’d say that, from what I’ve read about YOU Tina Brazee, you were actually a journalist, and not a real friend of his, or you would have known what he did when he was away from the public eye. Lol. Gotcha!! Not butt out and leave me the heck alone!!! You and at least 2 others have been following me all over the internet, actually googling my name, posting fake comments in MY NAME, as a matter of fact, and continue your obsessive,crazy behavior, completely unMikeLike, and so unadultlike it’s pathetic. Lipstick Alley,is a website where I’ve been told these so-called adults have nothing else better to do than to bash me, someone that not one of them have EVER met,in person or otherwise, still continue to tell people to google me so they can be recruited into this den of wacko, obsessed, delusional bunch of so-called Michael fans, and talk more trash about a person they don’t know,never will know,and about something, a situation they really were not a part of ever.
    Oh, and there is a photo of Michael, in 1984, standing between the Bumper Cars and the Goodtime Theater, in the,what used to be called, Roaring 20s area, near where Bigfoot Rapids is now,which used to be the parking lot behind the theater, and led to the Bakery where guests could watch them make those large,colorful suckers thru a very large, plate glass window, from start to finish. So what do you have to say for yourself now, Tina Brazee?????

  57. Cynthia McGuire says

    Oh,and something else I should point out is this; I wrote our story for the first time, just weeks after Michael’s death, so it was still fresh, and I was having a really rough time talking about it. Those memories are still and always will be,very precious to me and nobody,no matter how hard they try,can and will never take them away from me.
    So whatever truth came to anyone, was no doubt, from someone else posing as me,again. And, I got the dates wrong about the trial in 05, which yes, after much discussion with 2 very good friends of mine who knew Michael a lot longer than I did, have helped me to go thru all the records and get the dates correct. It was in 05, when I helped him with vital information that pertained to that last child molestation case, working nonstop with his paralegals(Tom Mesereaus’), that helped Michael to get that NOT GUILTY verdict. We went back and forth for about a week,trying to find something that would help to prove that Michael was innocent, and we found it. Not one child that these horrible parents brought “forward”,had ever been to a doctor.No medical reports,nothing there to prove anything had ever happened to them sexually or otherwise.
    And, the last time I with with Michael, in any capacity, was in 2007. Michael did travel by airplane, did everyone forget that??? So for him to come see me or anyone else in the world, would have been quite easy for him.

  58. Cynthia McGuire says

    Actually no. We met in 1987, mid summer. We didn’t get to spend much time together, because it was the end of my shift, and I was awaiting my replacement.He did show up at my mothers’ that night though, around 11p.m. which completely shocked me.
    It was in 1988, that he showed up at Knott’s again,only I was no longer in Camp Snoopy. They had reopened Fiesta Village when they finished installing 3 new rides,and I moved over to Village for the reopening. I worked Grand Slammer, Tampico Tumbler, Dragon Swing, The Merry-Go-Round, The Swings, and the Mexican Hat Dance(as it used to be called then). I called him out, via the microphone,from dispatch, which was a huge no-no and could have earned me a lovely bad mark in my employee record) since he was with that same boss from the year prior. It took me about an hour or so, for 2 people to get Michael to even speak to me that time,since someone in my family pulled what they pulled. But enough of that. There, now you have the story, the way it really happened, I just won’t go into detail, because that is a promise I made to him then, and have kept until this day. No private details will ever surface via me, ever,only 1987 and 88,and that’s it. I don’t care about money,that’s why I never plan on publishing a book about it. It’s just not my way.I only posted a couple of times, on a couple of sites, that I was invited to join,by the way, and didn’t again, until I felt okay enough to do so, and I have only sent it out in one of my groups on fb, I am not sending out anymore,because I just don’t feel like sharing and resharing, and resharing again as people find out about my story. As anyone with half a brain can well imagine. It’s like beating a dead horse.There’s no point. And I never told a living soul save for my very best friend, that he and I had ever,even met.And for anyone to say they would have shouted it from the rooftops,well.I am sorry, but you would have only seen a holes and elbows if you’d ever done that,from him. He was always “shhh, shhh.” So see? That’s why I kept quiet, and won’t divulge any more information. I wouldn’t have ever told a soul, if I hadn’t heard that some jerk was calling Michael gay and had had a gay affair with Michael.Then there was that rumor that Michael’s family was planning on moving his body and putting it on display in a glass encased coffin. That really unnerved me.
    And the reason I posted my comment on Voxy.com in the first place, was because it so unnerved me that that could or would happen. I was trying to explain that it would have humiliated Michael to be put on display not looking his best, which is what it meant when I described how he had inadvertently hurt himself, and was so embarrassed by it,that he wouldn’t let me come within 40 feet of him until he could get that fixed. That was what I was referring to. The correlation between one embarrassing situation and another one,both embarrassing. See my point now?

  59. Cynthia McGuire says

    Thank you very much CB. You are so right. They don’t know.I have posted a few comments here.And the one calling herself “Tatiana,” misspelled Tatiyana’s name wrong in their fake comment. LOl.Wow,wow,wow.Now what does that tell you?? Have a great weekend<3

  60. Cynthia McGuire says

    Ya know Barbara,It’s very sad how so many are feeding into this person’s lies about me. She hasn’t uncovered anything. She is the one lying,and I have proof. She is and always has been a journalist. Michael did not like journalists,because too many never told the truth, and this Tina, is living proof of that. Her “facts” are falsified. And her accounts of how SHE knew Michael, are all wrong.
    Just read my newest comments if you ever come back to this site, you will know that yes, I am telling the truth,but I haven’t posted anything more about our story,beyond 1987 and then again, in 1988,when I saw Michael again. Nothing will ever be published, that is, as in a book for the entire planet to read. I have no interest in that. It’s this woman and a couple of her friends, who have been leaving false comments in my name of all things, with facts that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have never owned all of his cd collection.Never,and played them all,singing, I think I read, at the top of my lungs, while in my car. Wow,wow,wow. I have only EVER owned 2 of his cd’s. Invincible,which the new one, is a replacement for the one that someone stole from me, and Dangerous. That’s it. I cannot believe the obsessive behavior of these so-called “adults” who are still at it, 2 years later. Wow, they really need some serious,in-depth therapy. Have a great weekend Barbara,and please be careful who you choose to believe. Think about this behavior. Really, do their comments and constant harrassment of me,really sound like they have all their marbles?? Nope,it doesn’t.

  61. Cynthia McGuire says

    Actually Tina, you’re right, I never did talk to him in Paris. Lol. It was while he was in Italy. I can’t exactly remember the girls’ name that I talked to every time I called, but she got to know me quite well, as obviously,you really didn’t,or you would have known what he did when he wasn’t in the public eye.
    And no, he didn’t take anyone on that tour with him. And yes, he was no cheater. Not ever did he cheat. It was just not in him to do that.

  62. Cynthia McGuire says

    Okay Maria, what blogs? I have 2,and the second one,I’ve never posted on,and because I haven’t posted anything on either of them, except for one on Matthew McConnahey or however he spells it, and something else, which was about a movie. Not once, have I blogged about Michael.Not once.

  63. Cynthia McGuire says

    Wow, you’re here too,eh? Demerol?? Wake up whoever or whatever you are. Get a life of your own,and stop making up things about me all over the internet using my name. Demerol,by the way,is not for home use, and is only used in hospital settings. Dumbass

  64. Cynthia McGuire says

    Still at it, eh Tina?? Journalist that you are. Jealousy really,really is an ugly thing.

  65. Cynthia McGuire says

    Yes you are a nasty person. Look,and I mean really,really look at your behavior. Trying to convince people you knew him so,so well,when Obviously, you didn’t,or you would have known about his trips to knotts over the years, and others too. What is your problem?? I mean really,what is your problem?? You go around the internet, garnering sympathy by pretending to be such a great friend of Michael’s when your stuff does not add up. None of it does.Then you and a couple of others go around posting fake comments using my name by the way, and tell people to google me??? Now really,what part of that is NOT NASTY???

  66. Cynthia McGuire says

    Wow, now this IS STRETCHING. The family is well aware of your behavior and all of your other fake personalities and using their names to leave fake, nasty, ugly comments to me. They are WELL AWARE OF IT. Their comment was; “We are well aware of what has been transpiring all over the internet, and all the stories, comments being posted out there, in our names,and we WILL get to the bottom of it, one site at a time.” Via a friend of mine. Not verbatim, but you all get the picture. It’s so easy to track an i.p. address, triangulate,and zero in on the ones perpetrating this behavior. Signing into a site under a false name,or one that is not yours, is a felony.

  67. Patrick Donaghue says

    Well, it’s nice to see that you’re all still salivating over the corpse of a dead man while your collective irrelevance fills up the internet’s servers until eventually the entire world wide web collapses under a tonne of Michael Jackson fan fiction written down as fact by some deluded odd-balls with creative imaginations that should really be put to work by Disney.

  68. Cynthia McGuire says

    And that was how long ago?? Until now, that is. And as I have said many,many times, you don’t and have not seen any books published by me,now have you?? So aw you and the other wackos here are trying to convince others of, I could care less about fame. It’s the ones who keep googling me and leaving comments, on sites and blogs where they do not belong, by the way, mucking up the beautiful work of these people who put so much into their blogs, with your abhorrent behavior. You don’t see me starting this. Only leaving a little bit of him around so people would know he was really a great,sweet,funny guy. No details, in case you missed that

  69. Cynthia McGuire says

    And neither did I. And obviously, you have never been to Neverland as a friend, or a very,very close friend of mine, would have told me that you were telling the truth,but that is a friendship I will never divulge, because I keep my promises. I don’t divulge things that are too personal. I don’t make up things just to garner attention, or to persuade others to turn against someone else,but you do.
    Really though. You are NOT THAT TINA??? Please, I too,know how to use google, and I have friends that know how to find out exactly who you really are and where you are. I will have to talk to my friend, who told me that the ones that are attacking me on the internet, are just crazy,obsessed fans who are completely jealous that a normal woman such as myself, ever caught the attention of Michael Jackson in the first place. And yes, she is a very,very good authority on Michael. Lol.Wow,wow,wow, you are so caught!!!

  70. Cynthia McGuire says

    Actually Ollie, you should really check your facts, before you go calling anyone a liar. He was a man with many sides to his personality, and was a real chameleon, so I’d be very careful if I were you before you go calling someone you don’t know,and have never met a liar. Just for your protection, because I have mutual friends of Michaels’, who can back up my story. Many. I just have made a solemn promise to never divulge their names, for obvious reasons. And I haven’t been spreading things all over the internet.I wrote about my meeting Michael in 87,then seeing him again in 88, and only talked about those 2 times, that’s all I’ve ever talked about anywhere. And that was 2 years ago.

  71. Cynthia McGuire says

    That is not the real Tatiana. She actually spells her name like this: Tatiyana. This is a fake person posing as the real Tatiyana, and yes, she did appear on stage with Michael, and in the video.

  72. Sooz says

    you may know how to use Google, Cynthia, but you sure don’t know how to use commas.

  73. Mangosta says

    He was a real chameleon? I suppose that explains his changing colour.

    You’re fun. So much craziness in one package!

  74. Mangosta says

    Nah. It’ll never outweight the porn and funny kittens.
    I love the funny kittens.

  75. It boggles says

    The mind that you would revisit your own posts almost 6 months after writing them. What did another personality kick in and take over? Or did you just switch meds? Christ on an elephant you’re as nutty squirell in a peanut factory.

  76. Anonymous says

    Tatiana has never spelled her name with a “Y”., Cynthia. And yes, you have blogged on Voxy, here, the daily beast, facebook, myspace, and at least 5 other sites. Dont deny it. It was you, and other people are catching you on your lies. Of course a lot of people met him here and there, i’m sure at Knott’s, what have you. But to constantly spin a fictious story about how he followed you around, etc, etc, is just insane. He never followed around anyone, he would be mobbed. Just say you met him, and that;s it. I decided to check this out further, and i see that most people do not appreciate this type of lying. Poor Michael, even in death, people like you have to lie. You are not a fan. You never mentioned him at all until he died. And where is your family, how come they dont come to your defense, anywhere, HUH?

  77. anonymous says

    I dont know why you keep thinking that people are so jealous of you Cynthia Mcguire. I pity you. I,, personally do not give a rats ass who you met or knew. Grown happy women like myself with a great husband and children, have no reason to envy liars like you. You are trying very hard to make people jealous, but its not working. If you were a happy person, you wouldn’t keep bringing up the past, which i am sure is very exaggerated. If i was to be jealous of anyone, pertaining to Michael Jackson, it would be of Lisa Marie Presley. He was head over heels in love with her. She was the lucky one, even if the marriage didn’t last. What he had with her, was once in a lifetime for him and her. And you know it. She is a very beautiful woman, i can see what he saw in her. She will always love him too, she even said that on TV on Oprah. And from what i can see in your blogs on this site, you are provoking and challenging people to argue with you. Why? Because everyone can see thru your lies, and that makes you so mad. You only wish that you knew him. I dont, its unrealistic, i dont need to know him. I love his music, and that’s enough for me!

  78. Anonymous says

    Actually Cynthia, that is how Tatiana spells her name. Look it up you stupid retard!

  79. Anonymous says

    Really Cynthia, you think this Tina is a journalist? How do you know and what proof do you have? You really think she made up these stories about you and Michael under your name? YOU wrote those you dumbass bitch. The only stories this Tina wrote were proof you never knew Michael. Your latest stories, well they seem an awful lot like the Cascio’s who actually knew Michael. You are retarded.

  80. Anonymous says

    Cynthia, No one is posting stories under your name. You don’t have anyone, we got you in a bed of lies. Shut your mouth already dumbass!

  81. Anonymous says

    Oh yes he did take someone with him. It was Tatiana. She said so herself and so did Michael. Give it up already. Nobody believes you Cynthia and you can’t make them!

  82. Anonymous says

    Cynthia you are a damn liar. Now you say you never posted anything about Michael ever? That’s a lie and you know it. You never talked to Michael in Italy either. You have so many blogs it’s sickening. You Cynthia Mcguire are a bold faced, two faced liar!

  83. Anonymous says

    She spells it Tatiana Thumbzen. Google it and you will see. She never spelled her name with a y, stupid!

  84. Anonymous says

    Right on. It Boggles!!!! Actually, its been a year and a half since Cynthia Mcguire posted. She really is so insane that she now believes her own lies. She actually blogged a friend of mine on facebook, that he followed her around in a Circuit City where she worked! How insane is that? And she gets mad when no one believes her If she is to tell stories, at least she can try to make them believable. OMG, imagine Michael Jackson following someone like her in a public store. I’m no Miss America, but please, she is not even close to being pretty. A mind of an 11 year old. What a shame. Could you imagine him following someone in a store? Like he really need to do THAT!!!! LOL

  85. Anonymous says

    WOW WOW WOW, you never knew anyone from Michael’s inner circle, if you did you wouldn’t be blogging on here! You are such a mental case. YOU are so caught, just how many years are you going to continually make an ass of yourself!!! I mean, really. You write like a 10 year old. No one caught anybody, but YOURSELF! Every time you open your mouth, you just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper. You are not important, so stop trying to be. I have a friend who actually has photos of the two of them together. Where is yours??? He LOVED having pics taken with friends, so dont give me your garbage that you and him were hidden from prying eyes. please. If you knew him in any capacity, you would have a pic of him and you together. He loved having his pic taken!!! So stop your lying, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU CYNTHIA MCGUIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lauren says

    Thanks to all you MJ-loving fruitloops; I was off to bed but cannot tear myself away from these hilarious but frankly RIDICULOUS comments about Michael Jackson, or “Mike” to you guys who REALLY believe their delusions that they were once a pal of his.

    You’re all mental and Michael Jackson is looking down at you from Celeb Heaven/The Moon and laughing, probably alongside Diana who has her own set of fans/mentalists, all in a similar state of denial.

  87. Anonymous says

    You’re not publishing a book, Cynthia Mcguire, because no one is interested. Get a grip.

  88. Anonymous says

    Oh, there we go with the jealousy thing again! Cynthia, no one is jealous of your fake stories. Grow up!

  89. michaelliveson says

    why be so mean hes done nothing wrong to you he is a nice wonderful person c=
    and even though people say your stupid if you think hes still alive well i think hes still alive and so what!?! im looking forward to the day that when michael jackson hopfully comes out that hes still alive to see how you people react and you wont be thinking the people who believe hes alive arnt so stupid anymore! =D
    and alrighty i might just go and get some icecream now ! <3

  90. ruth says

    Hello, i have had a crush on him since i was 5yrs old and still to this day i still find him the sexy’s man alive …. and i find his kiddish ways adorable… love you MJ forever….

  91. ruth says




  92. anonymous says

    Really? You never try to persuade others to turn against someone? REALLY? Then why did you create a facebook account Cindy Lee, to try to get others to attack Shani Jackson? You are a nut case, Cynthia Mcguire. Still trying to cover your tracks, aren’t you?

  93. Cynthia McGuire says

    Yes, it was. I was talking to one of my daughters, and she saw one of the photos that I was going by,for the dates,and she confirmed I was wrong about the date. It was in 2005,because she’s in 1 of the photos,and was dating a guy by the name of Eric at that time.
    Remember that when I started writing about it, that it wasn’t long after his shocking death.How great is your memory when you’ve just received the shock of your life?
    Oh,and speaking of life,get one of YOUR OWN,and leave me alone. How long do you think it would take the F.B.I. to find out exactly who you are and where you live?? By your replies all over the internet. You see my name at the top of a comment,on a blog somewhere, and instead of commenting on the blog, you instead, harass me. In doing that, you take away from the bloggers’ story,and wreck it.
    And I am not stupid.Not a liar. Jealousy is really an ugly thing and a sin as well. So back off before I,nevermind.I’m reporting you to the F.B.I. and including it in an already filed report to them.
    How do you think Michael would feel knowing you behave like this? Hmmm??

  94. Cynthia McGuire says

    Actually,I didn’t talk to him while he was in Paris. So you’re right there.It was while he was in Italy.
    And I’ve found that most of the people these days,claiming to have known him, are just grief-stricken fans who have created these stories in their own,sad minds, to seek the attention of other fans. Nothing more than that.
    I would suggest you get a life of YOUR OWN, and leave me alone.Stop posting lies,and seek the help of a very highly trained professional.
    And like what was said above,nobody knew Michael better than he knew himself. Oh,and if you knew him so well, did you know about the large patch on his upper back,(1989), from the vitiligo? It was about 4 inches wide,and about 2 or so inches high. Between his shoulder blades. Now I’d suggest you shut your mouth and go live YOUR OWN LIFE!! Ask anyone who truly knew Michael about that patch,why don’t you. Only those of us who truly knew him,very,very well, would know about that patch.

  95. Cynthia McGuire says

    Wow,talk about taking things out of context. I never said I didn’t see him between 1987 and 2007. That’s when I saw him the most. I saw him,by accident,in 2008, in Corona.That was the last time I ever saw him.
    And it’s pretty sad that with so much life going on around you,all you can do is harass and lie about me. Why don’t you post in your REAL NAME?? If you dare.

  96. Cynthia McGuire says

    Demerol?? I don’t take drugs. So I’d suggest, really,that you stop now.
    I have reported one stalker to the F.B.I. Do you(if you’re not her actually) want me to report you and your comments to them too?

  97. Cynthia McGuire says

    Me grow up? Really? You are so out of touch with reality.
    I’m done.Reporting this now.Beware.I already have reported all my harassers to THE F.B.I. Don’t believe me?? Contact them.

  98. Cynthia McGuire says

    Guess what?? I never met them. No you didn’t know him.If you did,you wouldn’t be behaving like this. Tina, I am reporting you too.And when they’re finished with their investigation,you will no doubt, see the photos he kept of me over the years.

  99. Cynthia McGuire says

    Some of the comments from other ride operators at Knott’s over the years.
    Names are being withheld for their privacy and protection.

    J H I got alot of mileage out of MJ’s visit to KBF this morning on the radio – I was working at Montezooma’s Revenge that day
    June 26, 2009 at 7:20am

  100. Cynthia McGuire says

    Funny Kelly,that you say something about not being there to witness any of this,but yet you call me a bold faced liar. And you weren’t there.I can guarantee that for a fact.
    Below, you will see a link that proves Michael was in Buena Park,Ca.where I grew up next door to Knott’s Berry Farm,which is just down(or was,it’s being torn down) the street from Knott’s,by the way.
    Then next, you will find a few comments from the Knott’s Berry Farm employees group I belong to,on fb.
    So next time you want to call someone a bold faced liar,be careful to check your “FACTS” first. Because I don’t give a rats’ ass about fame or money.
    I only ever came out in the open, because people were saying that his family was planning on moving his body from it’s current place, to a glass encased coffin to be put on display.I knew that it would greatly embarrass him considering how he always worried about how he looked in public.
    He would not want anyone, even now, to see him in that condition.

  101. Cynthia McGuire says

    Wow, you are such a nasty gutter snipe with that mouth of yours.
    Just proves my point even more.
    Not jealous?? Then why did that piss you off so much?? Hmm???
    I’ve provided a link for some proof of where he went in Buena Park,Ca.,along with a few comments made by some of the employees who worked there over the years, when he’d visit there. Don’t forget.I worked there off and on from 1987 until the day after New Years’ Even, 2000.
    All of you call me a story-teller. Really? Or maybe you all are just one person coming on here as different people. Michael’s mother does do any social networking. She knows about this crap.I’ve made sure of it.
    And the only one that’s a hideous bitch, is you!!!
    You just cannot accept that you did not really know him,and I did. Period.
    Whatever. I’ve been copy and pasting all of this,along with the link,and saved the page to my computer.
    I know exactly who this mouth belongs to. Show up at my place again,you delusional psycho,and you’ll see a side of me you won’t soon forget. Oh,and chicken-shit?? Really? You bring 2 car loads of people from San Diego County to where I live in the O.C. to do what exactly?? At 1 in the morning? I have an ovarian mass the size of a basketball,a failing kidney, liver disease because of the medications I have to take on a daily basis, but,and am dying,but yet,knowing all of that, you needed to bring 2 carloads of people with you?? Really?? I really did file a report,12,000 characters as a matter of fact, to the F.B.I.

  102. Cynthia McGuire says

    Wow, you are such a nasty gutter snipe with that mouth of yours.
    Just proves my point even more.
    Not jealous?? Then why did that piss you off so much?? Hmm???
    I’ve provided a link for some proof of where he went in Buena Park,Ca.,along with a few comments made by some of the employees who worked there over the years, when he’d visit there. Don’t forget.I worked there off and on from 1987 until the day after New Years’ Even, 2000.
    All of you call me a story-teller. Really? Or maybe you all are just one person coming on here as different people. Michael’s mother does do any social networking. She knows about this crap.I’ve made sure of it.
    And the only one that’s a hideous bitch, is you!!!
    You just cannot accept that you did not really know him,and I did. Period.
    Whatever. I’ve been copy and pasting all of this,along with the link,and saved the page to my computer.
    I know exactly who this mouth belongs to. Show up at my place again,you delusional psycho,and you’ll see a side of me you won’t soon forget. Oh,and chicken-shit?? Really? You bring 2 car loads of people from San Diego County to where I live in the O.C. to do what exactly?? At 1 in the morning? I have an ovarian mass the size of a basketball,a failing kidney, liver disease because of the medications I have to take on a daily basis, but,and am dying,but yet,knowing all of that, you needed to bring 2 carloads of people with you?? Really??

  103. Cynthia McGuire says

    OH,and I just googled Tatiana’s name,so I have to give you that one. You spelled it right.For that inaccurate one,I do apologize.But only for that one

  104. Cynthia McGuire says

    OH,and she was a part of that tour,yes,but not as his girlfriend.Only as part of the tour,for the song “The Way You Make Me Feel.” She’s even said that in her book.That they were just friends.It never went any further than that.

  105. Anonymous says

    Really Cynthia? Michael did an interview and he stated that he told Tatiana to say that because he didn’t want people hounding them while they dated. And yes, she was with him on the tour as his GIRLFRIEND! Michael said so himself! So, you get a life, bitch!

  106. Janice says

    Well, well,well. Cynthia Mcguire I have an eye opener for you! I know what you’re doing and I have absolute proof that you never knew or even met Michael Jackson. I decided to do my own investigation of you and I found out plenty about you. You want to report these people to the FBI? Well, here I am, start reporting but, before you do, just think about what I have found on you. Be careful what you wish for because I will come for you soon enough and you will spend the rest of your life in prison, I gaurantee you that! Don’t mess with the FBI because it will come back and bite you in the ass someday. I read your complaints and the FBI isn’t going to investigate this one because it’s all heresay and we have more important matters to tend to. I suggest you tell these people the truth because then, and only then, will they leave you alone. We can’t stop people from posting on the internet, that’s not our job. Honesty is the best policy and I suggest you use it and use it soon.

  107. Jonny Utah says

    Hi, I’m Jonny Utah, formerly head of surfing-related crime here at the F.B.I. I now head up the Michael Jackson truth division. Just to let you know we have the boys in the crime lab working shifts investigating whether Cynthia was working on Montezooma’s Revenge. Needless to say, we take misrepresentation of theme park ride employment very seriously.

  108. Janice says

    While investigating Cynthia McGuire, I called Knott’s and the park manager informed me that no Cynthia McGuire ever worked there in 1987 until 2008. He assured me that this person is lying, trying to drum up free exsposure for the theme park, something the park manager doesn’t want. I posted here in an earlier comment to Cynthia to tell these good people the truth and I also advised her that honesty is the best policy.

  109. Kelly says

    Lol if you say so Cynthia. I’m sorry I just can’t buy into your crap or your made up facts. That link has nothing that backs up your fiction story. Go post your story in the fan fiction boards instead. I bet it would get a lot more attention there. I guess this is the price a famous person has to pay. Why don’t you do MJ a favor and leave him alone? He doesn’t deserve this.

  110. Kelly says

    I wonder Cynthia do you bother to stop and take a look at the crap you are throwing around on the internet? How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? You take what could have been if it weren’t fictitious a relationship between two people and spread it around the internet for the sake of attention, fame, fortune whatever and you expect anyone to believe you? Why would anyone be jealous of a crazy, obsessed fan who can’t accept the fact that the internet will not bow down and believe her fictional story about knowing MJ personally? That link you posted shows that MJ made an appearance at Knott’s Berry Farm. Well I have news for you Cynthia. He made appearances all over the world, but then again he was a famous man so I guess that’s not so uncommon. That does not prove that you were there or worked as an employee or had any kind of contact with the man personal or otherwise. I see now that 2 years later you are now calling people out and threatening to report them to the FBI if they disagree with you and your lies. I am sorry Cynthia, but I gave up the whole “You’re mean and I’m gonna tell on you!” crap back in grade school. I’ve grown up since then and I’m truly sorry for disappointing you there. This has already cost me a good 5 minutes of my life and it’s 5 minutes more than I should ever waste on someone like you Cynthia.

  111. jdaws says

    lets get one thing right here, michael joe jackson is not dead… he did not die on jun 25th 2009, and if you really know what we know as knowers, follow this death from the beg, look for the things that do not add up, there are so many, too many for this to be a normal death. and the family know, larry king knows.fake pictures, fake death pic’s ……….

  112. Kekdjs says

    Honestly, no one cares about your fucking age. Just shut the hell up. We are focused on Mr. Jackson, not how long YOU have lived or how “BIG” of a fucking fan you are. Just shut up. Shut the hell up.

  113. Jessica says

    Well I think that this blog is insensitive and especially considering Michael Jackson’s children are having to deal with his passing. If someone blogged about my brother like this I’d be so pissed off.
    Having that said, at least 98%-99% of the time I’m realistic. If, and that’s a big if, he really is alive among us, I need absolute proof of that. To go around claiming that someone hasn’t died when there’s evidence showing that that person has indeed died, is downright insulting.
    I understand that it’s easier for some people to believe that he didn’t pass away. There’s a part of me that would love to believe that, yet reality is reality, as cruel as it is. When someone’s passed away, that person has passed away, and there’s nothing that we can do to change that fact.