Mariah Carey is a Huge Drunk Diva

mariahMore and more, it seems like Mariah Carey?is hammered all the time … with the constant champagne glass in her hand and?vapid, glazed?smile on her face.

In just the last few days, she has posted?nearly a dozen photos of herself on Instagram and/or Twitter? … and, in most of them, she looks seriously fucked up. Cheers, Mimi!

In a few of the photos, it’s possible that?she’s just really happy … but my money is on fucked up. Not that I’m judging. I whole-heartedly believe that all adults should be required to drink at least one bottle of champagne a day. Two on weekends. It’s?startling, however,?that someone?with her level of fame and who seems to be so obsessed with her appearance would choose to?distribute photos of herself looking like Boozey McShit-Faced to her nearly 10 million followers.

Let’s begin with the photo she posted on Easter Sunday. In it, Mariah is?wearing her Sunday-finest, strapless, frothy pink mini-dress with sunglasses and bunny ears, holding a glass of champagne, as she perches precariously/idiotically atop her husband, the wistfully hen-pecked Nick Cannon. Nick is wearing what appears to be a Mad Hatter costume, complete with the?pink nose and fake teeth … honestly, he looks like a total ass, but you have to sympathize with this man. He’s being a good sport, playing along with the?insane whims of his much-more-talented-and-famous wife. But look closely at his eyes. They’re begging: “Help me, Nicki Minaj. You’re my only hope.”



Rewind?a few days. Mariah celebrated her 43rd birthday last week … though instead of calling it her birthday like a normal person, she calls it her?anniversary, because she’s a fucking fool.?She celebrated with Nick, their twins (Twitter tag: #dembabies), and presumably a big bottle of something. The photo speaks for itself. Mariah’s drunk. Nick is really trying hard. And the adorable kids have no idea what’s going on.


In addition to his balls on a platter, Nick gave Mariah a restored 1902 Steinway piano as a birthday … excuse me, anniversary … gift. For most people, a pretty amazing gift, though for a diva of her proportions, it’s probably the equivalent of new socks to a regular person. Again, in the photo, Mariah appears to be seriously fucked up, possibly in the process of passing out. And poor?Nick. He’s like: “Someone … whoever is taking all these ‘family fun’ photos of us … please get this dead weight off of me. Please.”


In addition to?being indisputably?one of today’s best vocalists, Mariah is iconic and gorgeous.?Hopefully, and on more simpler terms, she is also?happy, fulfilled, blah blah blah.?There have been reports in the past of her appearing to be a few sheets to the wind … on HSN, accepting at the People’s Choice Awards,?in extremely bizarre videos celebrating Christmas a few weeks late, to name just a few?… and that’s all fine. Personally, I love it. I just wonder if her publicist might consider intervening on the social media, instituting a delay or an pre-approval process, if only for the sake of Nick, that poor cuckolded bastard.


  1. ed rogers says

    dude you seriously do not realize how much money she has and from what i heard she may be a bit!!%$ businesswise but when it comes to family and personal life i heard she is great to be around.

    they seem happy and for everyone who said they wouldn’t be together 6 months it appears they are dammed it they are in and dammed if not.

    i am glad they don’t pay attention to what media says.

  2. Lizzie Mills says

    “Mad Hatter costume”? In what universe are the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit the same characters? I think the only thing worse than an illiterate person is an illiterate person trying to portray himself as well-read. No wait, there’s worse: An illiterate person who pretends to be well-read and gets paid to write for a website, thereby exposing the truly erudite to ignorant dreck.

  3. Pon_de says

    Good lord what jug of Franzia did you chug to make you so hung over/bitter?? I’m not sure when being happily married, in good shape, classically attractive, and rich as fiz-uck became a bad thing…..

  4. Butch says

    There are a lot of words in this article, a fine effort for one who is apparently illiterate. “Truly erudite”? Now that is an arrogant thing to say isn’t it? I’m guessing you’re like those spelling nazis that troll the net jumping on every mispelled word, you taught yourself words like erudite in order to sound smart to the anonymous folks on the interwebs. Do you speak to people using these words or is it just a net thing? I bet it’s just a web thing. Oh and you should go for a little look-see around this website, lets see if you can figure out that the ENTIRE point of this website is to talk shit. So who is really the ignorant fuck? The author of this article, or the person who completely missed the point of this website in the first place? You don’t have to like it, just don’t be an arrogant ass about it. Nothing worse than someone who tries to use big words and fails, of all the words you choose illiterate, the one thing the author isn’t, fucking really lizzie? FUCKING REALLY??

  5. Creams says

    Whoever wrote this is a bit silly ain’t they…. I don’t get involved in gossip and was about to pass on reading this but damn the author just wanted viewers on his website.

  6. Freefinger says

    Ok.. Seriously friend of a friend is someone who basically goes out on tours and vacations with her and does her body spray tan.. From what I heard.. While Mariah is being called a b*tch and all by everyone on these kind of sites or “losing it” .. And “looks half drunk” ect clearly have issues with some celebrities getting the fame instead of themselves.

    She is good to people who are in her circle and may seem rude or something else to others, but when you have that kind of fame, you need to protect yourself from a-holes who only want to grab your money and run or get something out of being with you.

    You also need to understand that as per Kevin Smith once said about Prince, some celebrities have lived in their life a little too much and become somewhat weird for normal people.

    As Smith once told an entire audience, Prince had ordered a Camel at one point.. While he was in Minnesota.. At like 3 am.. Winter time… Mid freaking blizzard.. He wasn’t being a douche bag.. He just wanted a damn Camel in his backyard.. His people had to talk some “real world” sense into him t explain that it was unrealistic to have a camel brought to his house.. At like 3 am.. Winter time… Mid freaking blizzard.. in Minnesota..

    Carey has been given, fetched and obeyed for so long, that for her, it’s normal to ask and receive as per her wishes. Hence, she might look like a b*tch to some.. Understood by her circle.

    While alcohol might be in play in her pics, you need to ask yourself.. When are most of the pics taken? When she goes out.. When she’s having fun, when she’s doing something else than just sit around the house and watch tv.. I have seen the same kind of pic about the piano from me with my wife.. I wasn’t saying “Someone get this drunk ass chick off my shoulder!!” I was actually listening to someone talk across the room from us.. Hence the kinda blank look on my face at that time.. How can you even guess what Canon was thinking at that time??

    I am in no means even a damn fan of hers.. Birthday, Anniversary, F*cking My Day.. Who cares!..

  7. sheila evans says

    As you can see. you dont really have the authority or the expertise to tell ppl when a married woman at home with her hubby can or can not have a lil fun ..okay ? so ……stop HATIN

  8. Taneshia Hazard says

    No matter what people say she is still holding it down!!!!! She’s a great mom, and has alot of support from her husband!!!! So what she get’s her drink on…………at least she isn’t in jail like Lindsey Lohan!!!!!!!! And that’s wassup!!!!!!!!

  9. Mary Rivera says

    How the hell does anyone commenting know if this bimbo is such a great mother? You damn sure don’t know what goes on behind her closed doors!! And truthfully it is probably Nick that takes care of everything.Including wiping Mariah’s ass..ya know damn well she don’t take care of all of a wifes & mothers duties by herself cuz she is just tooooooooooooo good for that type of life. She probably has a nanny – a maid- a chef – & someone to sit & listen to her whine 24-7 when Nick is not around.She has let her failed marriages & fame go to her pea brain..So what she knows how to sing, that don’t make her a woman- a mom-a wife. And who gets married only 1 month after dating a man? A desperate horny depressed ho’. Don’t bother making remarks to my comment cuz I said what I said & can care less of what you have to say to defend this bimbo…

  10. sugee69 says

    How the fuck do you know shit about her? Do you fucking know her personally? I doubt it. She is to good for the likes of you and your stupid opinions. You are making stupid comments about someone you don’t even know. If anyone on here believes all the crap other people write about, you are all fools. Someone told me once, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. So what the woman has a drink in her hand. That doesn’t tell her story even for a minute. She or anyone is allowed to have a drink. What if someone took a picture of you having a drink? Should you be called a fucking bimbo? NO. No one has a right to judge her unless they have been in her shoes, and you couldn’t get so lucky. You sound like one really unhappy person who enjoys lashing out at those who are doing way better than you. Envy shouldn’t make you sound so hateful as you do. Get your own life so you don’t go off about someone wish you could be. You know nothing about her, and to say all the negative things you have said her is just the talk of a crazy self pitting loser.

  11. sugee69 says

    Who cares about what you have heard. It is all hearsay and has no value except to some fool like you. If people were on here talking crap about you, you would be so pist, yet you do it to someone you know nothing about except what you hear. People talk shit because they don’t have a brain in their heads. They envy her and can’t except their own fucked up world. The world you have control of but want to blame everything and everyone except yourself. All the bullshit talk about others will not heal what is wrong in your own life. Focus on your life and maybe you will not need to trash others.

  12. tucaronick says

    really?!! let her live the liFe she wants……pick on some less talented wanna be that is in the middle of attention right now…..Mariah has won her rights to live it as she pleases……iam just so sorry that its another nick. But, as nicks go…..right on bro.!!! even when you get used to it, remember, she is still, MARIAH CAREY……..

  13. heidi says

    I agree, gossip mags and writers like this have no clue. how do you know what they do and don’t do? none of us know. Write about your neighbor (I am sure you know them better) but then again, who would click on your neighbor. Point is would anyone read the garbage out there on peons? No, of course not. So, WE DONT CARE, let them be and live their lives the way they want, and a big oops for clicking on this and reading filthy trash talk.

  14. vnsa says

    she reminds me of Kathie Lee? but they both got way mo money than me so obviously I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

  15. Michael says

    What a bunch of ass kissing suck ups commenting. Its been well known for some time that Mariah is batshit crazy and a drunk. Lets not forget the jeeter era when she had a full on mental break down. Now she just continues to self medicate.

  16. Derek Allen says

    Mariah is the best selling rtist of alllllll time!!!!!!!!! if i had that to my name trust i would drink and enjoy my life 100% ….. looks like thats whats shes doing … she should . nd who the fuck r u again?? oooo thats right …. no one lol get a life … kind of like what she has already done right ?

  17. PRD says

    I am truly sorry for your vocabulary. Do you think that repeatedly using the word fuck adds to your communication skills. I will avoid polysyllabic words so that you won’t make fun of me and say I didn’t get the point of the “website. ” In my opinion, the article would have better served trashing another celebrity. You disrespected the American-English like so many of the semi-illiterate. Get an education and don’t fear correct usage of said education.

  18. eelco says

    What’s the name again? Chris Chambers? You like writing total crap about people in the spotlights?
    Attention whore…I think that applies to you sir.

  19. charlene songer says

    This person is a complete idiot….i hope they feel better now that theyve gotten celebrity bashing off their chest. Mariah carey is and always has been my idol. She is a success story. I feel sorry for you.

  20. coby says

    Lol. A New Year’s pic, an Easter pic, a birthday pic and an example of shit writing and poor ‘journalism’.

  21. bob says

    You seem to have totally missed the point that he was standing up for Carey.
    But speaking of,as you say,”fucked up worlds”,how about the time that she showed up at a restaurant with 17 people,just before closing,kept the place open late to cater to her posse,and then not 1 of them left a tip?
    Go to any “worst tippers” site,she’s on their list.

  22. Your mom says

    The writer of this article is delusional and petty lol what a damn hater thumbs way down

  23. Reverend Flash says

    I’m not even a fan of Mariah Carey’s, and I can tell there’s nothing wrong with these pictures. This author is one of the many hacks who claim to be a journalist because they manage to get their scrawl on a webpage somewhere.

  24. TTOKKYO says

    The author of this article is a plain hater. I’m not a fan of the way Mariah acts in public but seriously…whoever gave you the job to write articles for this site should fire you. You have talent as a writer than Mariah does as an actress.

  25. Andrew says

    I think all that matters is that she’s living a happy life with her family.
    the person who wrote this report must hate her in some way

  26. THOMAS says

    I love Mariah! Yet these days we have no respect for icons who have done wonderful things for charities and maybe we could let people live their successful lives. These days people like the Kardashians make millions for having absolutely NO talent except taking their clothes off and making videos.Maybe its just poor people revenge.Leave Mariah and Nick alone they work and make a great living—isnt that still considered the american dream.

  27. JJR says

    Excuse me Michael, let’s say you are right and Mariah Carey is a drunk, what does it have to do with you or even with the illiterate writer of this article? You ain’t got nothing on her, she is the most talented vocalist ever and the best selling female artist of all time…..And what did you do in your life?

  28. Sith Lord Darth Kenyan says

    Not even ONE of your ungracious comments is borne out by the photos.

    You’re just HATER. Seek professional help before you go off like the Sandy Hook shooter. You’re fukked up.

  29. El Diablo says

    the only question i have is while eveybody is either trashing her or defending her do ya’ll ever stop to think that while everybody is argueing about one famous person i’ll bet you my top dollar(for non-southern folk that means something really expensive) that you will never get so much as a thank you or a fuck you from her personally. so whats the true point in all this childish bickering?

  30. wayno says

    there’s just sooooo much excrement to step in on the internet sidewalk, isn’t there? I’m gonna print and frame this particular example so when i have a moment of self doubt, I can reassure myself i ain’t so bad after all, just look at this poor prick!!

  31. annais says

    wow people! war IS the answer!!!!!!!! ok? and stop saying the opposite! look at this comments! so the writer is not flattering to a famous star…WAHHH what you want EVERY damn stupid magazine kissing celebs a—-? every other stupid mag is praising most celebs…so i’m glad these guys are dismissive of this spoiled brat uneducated 1% lol…we don’t know anything about them? uh? maybe YOU don’t we do, and most crap gets printed cuz these are famous rich people doing stupid stuff which becomes public..i read the critique doesn’t sound like envious bitter losers to me, THAT’s the voice of MOST people in the country! specially YOUNGER people! most young people don’t like these aging arrogan living like queens and kings celebs! you can’t judge? since when that’s illegal? we’re gonna judge, and most ppl CAN tell she’s a bimbo! the way she dresses, posses, her videos?? dresses like a prosti stripper and we can say she’s a bimbo? lol you’re funny! love the article, very funny!

  32. annais says

    dude people commenting are PEOPLE, commenting, what’s the point saying OH you’re not famous, you don’t have a life?! we’re opining on a famous rich B what’s YOUR problem! lolololololo i mean, lighten up! you think she’ll defend YOU? lol what are you her mom or dad or…nobody denied she’s a big selling artist..please! there have been many..and so? they are still stupid bimbos on drugs or drunk, (including her imitating Marilyn Monroe with the always glass of champagne in her hand) precisely cuz they are bored, they are gonna get addicted to something..and we’re gonna opine! the PEOPLE who are “nobodies” are the ones who made her and all the others stars, by BUYING their silly records…(i loved her first cd, and love her Xmas song, “All I Want For Christmas”..which she wrote..i still think she’s a dumbo, since her relationship with Luis Miguel and i know him personally..oh boy!

  33. Ms. O says

    Disrespected: past participle, past tense of disrespect; which is a lack of respect for something or someone…. I would know, I am a speech therapist after all… shouldn’t criticize someone’s grammatical errors without consulting your Webster dictionary first…. Failed attempt to be a grammar Nazi….sorry Bob…good luck next time.

  34. schevonne says

    i agree totally annais! mariah is the best selling artist and yes, she is an amazing vocalist!

  35. Indigo says

    Dear Chris Chambers,
    You write about Mariah and Nick so arrogantly and angry. Geez, you sound like a jealous bitch! So what she likes a little drinky drink…and? it’s not with your money. And for the record Nick is no slouch, he has his own money, look it up. He has investments with top entertainers. So don’t talk shit.

  36. Steve says

    I think she’s bipolar. And she’s nowhere near as good looking as she thinks she is. She also has a fat little body, regardless of how she and the commercials she’s in try to make you think she’s fit and got a hard body. I don’t think so.

    She does have a very nice voice. But, like most successful people, the great talent and perseverance that takes one to the top often indicates a lack in some other area of their lives.

    I don’t know what Nick Cannon was thinking, aside from his internal dialogue repeating the “man, I really need to hand the deed to my balls to some woman so I can be okay.” He did set himself up on the down side of that marriage to Mariah Carey equation. Oh well. It takes all kinds.

    Carey had a bipolar-seeming spell a year or two ago, maybe longer, that was odd, sort of like what Amanda Bynes is going through now. Bynes is almost certainly a bipolar personality without the benefit of a doctor’s care. It’s a shame. Also, Lindsey Lohan seems to have a self-destructive streak that will not quit.

  37. Dignified Human Being says

    Chris Chambers, Heckler Spray. I will never read again. Vulgar language. Bye bye.

  38. mia twist says

    Wow – tiny bit judgemental are you? And what medical college is your degree from? It must be physically painful to be so perfect, how do you manage the burden of being you?

  39. r7b says

    Mariah has always seemed like a twit to me and over grown twit with apple cheeks and a big forehead . Nothing sexy , nothing intelligent. Just a women who is fake and demanding and thinks she is more than she is because some dumb ass told her she was good.

  40. mrs.savage says

    She is a drunk slut on pills and booze. I will bet everything i own this bitch is gone,she is so smashed and she twitches,with her sunglasses on to hide her ugly fat face,this bitch needs therapy 101.By the way was it not long ago she had a mental breakdown,i wonder how much cps is in her pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!