Marc Anthony Singing God Bless America Suddenly Makes People Racist

marc anthonyMarc Anthony apparently gave such a memorable performance at the MLB All-Star game that he actually made thousands of people forget what country New York is in.?

He belted out “God Bless America”, and apparently did it very well. It’s his job, after all. But that didn’t stop some baseball fans from becoming outraged and confused at the sight of a non-white guy acting all patriotic towards their precious country. How dare he show pride in his homeland!

Marc was born and raised in New York, and his parents are both from Puerto Rico, which falls under United States territory, not that any of the peopel who were outraged by this had the brain cells to research it before venting. Thanks to the miracle that is social media, we have quick and easy access to people’s stupidity via Twitter – and some of them are doozies.

marc anthony twitter1

#getoutmycountry was exactly what the Native Americans tweeted when your ancestors set up camp. Probably.

marc anthony twitter2

The real disgrace here is that in the time it took you to write that tweet, you could have brought up his Wikipedia page and saved yourself all the embarrassment.

marc anthony twitter3

Spanish, Puerto Rican, what’s the difference, really? Aside from the fact that they are 4000 miles apart and are in completely different continents. Figure out your geography, America.

marc anthony twitter4

The US shouldn’t have to deal with the shame of people speaking another country’s language within it’s borders. That’s why all true Americans speak the American language…Oh wait, that’s not right.

Marc anthony twitter5 castro

Well they did try to book him, but apparently he was too busy being Cuban. Plus, he couldn’t hold a tune half as well as Marc could.

If you don’t feel enraged enough by this point, there are more unashamedly racist tweets on Public Shaming. Have fun taking solace in the fact that you’re probably about 236% more intelligent than these people. The man himself responding by saying:

“There were some statements made that people were upset that they would have someone from another country sing the national anthem. Let?s get this straight. I was born and raised in New York. You can?t get more New York than me.”

You know the only thing more New York than Marc Anthony? Marc Anthony wearing one of those Statue of Liberty crowns and eating cheesecake.


  1. Luis says

    This is incredible, why is it that we still behave like this?
    It’s not only an insult to Marc but to all other ethnic groups
    That form this great nation.
    It shows a level of ignorance that makes me think were is this
    Country headed to!
    What if we would swap marc for christina aguilera would that make them
    More comfortable? She still from hispanic background.

  2. Rob Lott says

    The idiots are taking over this country. We make the third world countries look advanced these days.

  3. Lavette Sapp says

    This is what the Entitle and Privileged feel all day. Why is this a surprise? Unless you are non-white you don’t really know what goes on day to day as far as remarks of THIER AMERICAN Authenticity. This is no surprise.

  4. jose says

    just goes to show you how America really is.. if your not pure white your not right!! sad case. and what makes white ppl think they are the most beautiful and precious things in the world?? last time I check most white guys flock on Hispanic and Black girls while openly to their own women they try to degrade them so they won’t mess with you!!! America is one of the most racist if not the racist country in the world.

  5. ReDDs says

    And this is what we have to live with in a daily basis I wonder how they felt when he sung in Spanish in American Idol

  6. gbh1978 says

    Let me get this straight….. Finding a handful of jackasses with jackass opinions somehow paints a picture of a large section of of our country. Not that I expect any integrity or honesty but this garbage is low even for a third rate site such as this. (This alleged article is a perfect example of something known as the apex bias. Feel free to look it up if interested.)

  7. Keston Ferreira says

    That’s the problem with a lot of Americans these days,they’re uneducated. They prefer to make stupid comments like that without even getting some info on the guy. And on top of that, so what if he is of Latin descent, he is an American citizen and should be proud of that fact, and not have to face the bigotry and borderline oppressive nature of (dare i say it) white people who clearly don’t even know their own history otherwise they won’t be so judgmental, because if it wasn’t for the Spanish, the African, the Chinese, the Indian, the Mexicans, who worked day in, day out, building the railroads, building the roads, building the bridges, building the houses and buildings, creating the America in which you have the freedom to say such stupid remarks. but i digress……….

  8. wayten says

    Third world countries may not be rich and boast the prosperity like that of the first world countries but they sure have very bright, scholastic and intelligent individuals that far exceed those of the developed countries and would be able to do much more than what the brightest individuals of developed countries are doing if given the same resources. But, hey, life is never fair.

  9. Jay Rasheed says

    This right here only goes to show that no matter how “AMERICAN” you are your still not an American in THEIR eyes..not blamin all whites but the majority of people who think and said those remarks about the man were white..and racist as hell

  10. brice says

    all the racist comments are of course white people lol when will Caucasians learn to keep their racist comments to themselves? and then the ones who made the racist comment are stupid just because he is hispanic yall assume that he is supposed to be foreigner ?thats just plain ignorance Didnt your parents teach you if you didnt have anything nice to say then shut the hell up lol

  11. Jane says

    They should be honored that Marc Anthony graced them with his voice. I truly love Marc Anthony, I’m one if his biggest fans have all his albums & I’m appalled by these comments. America is known as the melting pot all cultures & races are welcomed not only Caucasian are welcomed to this great country we call America. If you knew your history we are all immigrants unless you are Native American!!!!

  12. Mason says

    From the pics it looks like most of these people are white. They think they own this country. It’s a shame.

  13. James says

    Who exactly are the “illegal” aliens that were playing in the MLB All Star game.

    Name one?

  14. LD says

    The stupid crap people say.
    I absolutely agree with everything this article says, every single thing….but oh! to the people that tweeted and were too busy hating on the fact that Marc Anthony sang the national anthem, don’t forget that the MLB and your precious baseball game are made up MOSTLY of FOREIGN players…how quickly you forget…

  15. Che says

    Wasn’t Christopher Columbus, the “discoverer” of America, an Italian who sailed here from Spain? The English and norther Europeans came centuries later, so who has more right to be here? I think Marc Anthony is more American in many ways than most of the ignoramuses tweet/flappin’ their lips. Read up on your own history goofies! (dang, were they asleep in elementary school??)

  16. CPG718 says

    yet…… Puerto Ricans will STILL insist on kissing white ass as though they are one and the same……. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ajthemyth says

    Ignorant at it’s finest. Any reason to be ignorant and hateful fuel these people….mad if he sings the national anthem…more upset if he would have refused to sing it…..if he didn’t salute the flag or stand for the national anthem the same people would be saying he disrespecting america yet they still have a problem when he’s singing god bless America

  18. Mary says

    Where did you get that information from? I know you ain’t using us to further your racist bullshit. We are Americans !!! And if Dumb ass White people don’t get that,then I suggest you read a HISTORY freaking book..Leave us out you racist bullshit..This isn’t about’s about dumb ass whites who spit hate based on color