Lindsay Lohan Might Have Finally Kicked Her Mom’s Ass

Dina Lohan PartyingI actually kind of began to feel sorry for the hot mess that has become Lindsay Lohan after seeing her mom’s recent interview with Dr. Phil. After all, how is it possible to grow up not completely fucked up with a mom like that?

Parents serve as a child’s representation of the world, and when your representation is essentially a fifty year-old, drunk sorority sister, you’re gonna have problems.

How these two have gotten along so chummily?even to the point of becoming clubbing buddies?over the years is beyond me. Dina Lohan has been so overt in pimping out her daughter and trying to live off of her infamy, that I have no idea how Lindsay doesn’t attack a bitch. Well, apparently, she finally did. Maybe.

Cops were called to Dina’s Long Island home early Wednesday morning. Officer Eloise Abdullah, a spokeswoman for Long Island’s Nassau County police department, released the following statement:

“It was an argument between Lindsay Lohan and her mother. The police responded, and no further police action was taken.”

Apparently, the fight did get somewhat physical, though. TMZ reports: “cops took a Domestic Incident Report.” According to a source, Dina was “wasted” after the two were partying at a New York nightclub. Dina and Lindsay were arguing over whether to stay at a Manhattan hotel or take a cab back to Dina’s home.

Another source adds that Lindsay was upset about a $40,000 loan she gave her mom. Either way, shit hit the fan, things got physical, and during the fight, Lindsay reportedly suffered a cut on her leg after her diamond bracelet broke. First world problems.

And guess who called the cops? Yup, Michael Lohan. He’s always so helpful. Lindsay called her dad around 7:30 am, giving him all the ugly details, and he made the executive decision to get the police involved.

“Dad, she’s on cocaine,” Lindsay is heard saying in audio, obtained by TMZ. “She’s like, touching her neck and shit.”

The phone conversation continued: “She’s saying disgusting things to me?I’m dead to her now.” Lindsay then says to her mother: “This is what you do. You ruin people.”

Sad, but oh, so true.

Lindsay Lohan With Dina Lohan

From there, Lindsay tells her dad she has a gash on her leg and then calls her mom “the fucking devil.”

“It was closed out,” the officer continued. “There were no injuries and no complaints followed. There is nothing else we can do.”

As hard as we are on Lindsay Lohan, she’s doing pretty good for having Dina Lohan as a parental unit.

Oh, and this is kind of funny. Dina once said:

“I don’t party with Lindsay.”

To be fair, she did add that, during Lindsay’s early years, she would accompany her daughter to nightclubs to “see who her enablers were.”

Look in a mirror, lady.


  1. Oh really says

    In NYC we call them South Shore Trash…why anybody lives on that vapid wasteland called Long Island is beyond me.