Lana del Rey Without Makeup

Lana del Rey Looking Good

Lana del Rey was without a doubt the worst SNL musical guest ever (except for Ashley Simpson). Despite her mediocre singing talent and complete lack of stage presence, the retro glam singer does have an impressive fan base and was even recently named British GQ?s Woman of the Year, a mystifying and undeserved honor.

While the sultry songbird and new face of H&M has an undeniably distinctive vibe, it is surprising is how very unspectacular Lana del Rey without makeup looks.

Lana del Rey Without Makeup?

In the first photo, the 26-year old singer looks young and fresh-faced and nothing at all like her sexed-up public persona. She looks regular, nothing special (unless you count her especially enormous forehead and over-inflated lips). The only thing that gives away her identity is that perpetually half-asleep/slightly stoned look.

In the next photo, I can?t get past her fingernails. They are truly horrifying (and is she signing a microphone?). Otherwise, again, she looks fine: not great, not terrible. Her teeth are nice and white and a bit too perfect, and that forehead is still gigantic, but she?s not pouting and that?s something to be thankful for.

Lana del Rey Without Makeup


  1. cat says

    These are the most stupid comments that I’ve read. The person who has written this is pathetic, I pity you. Lana del Rey has an amazing voice and her choice of fashion is not even half bad compared with the likes of troll dolls like Nicky Minaj etc.

    Disgusting page.

  2. Linda Sparks says

    This is beyond stupid. Lana Del Rey is an extremely talented as well as beautiful woman, and you are being a bit too critical. @ChrisChambers, this is one of the most ridiculous reviews I have read. Why would you criticize suck a masterful and successful lady? I HATE this website and I especially HATE these comments.

    Terrible, just terrible.

  3. Shambodie says

    I like the pictures but the comments are a wee bit too critical. I think her forehead is just fine. We do need to see her without makeup to ascertain how much of that beauty is makeup. Makeup is OK, as long as people know it is there. Her song about will the guy still like her after the beauty is gone is apropos and redeems her since most of her lyrics are vapid and mindless. Her voice is exquisite and she is a very classy woman with a kind, gentle heart and humble spirit, which is extremely rare these days. Does she have a pure soul? Only God knows and that applies to all of us reading,too.

  4. Shambodie says

    I love the long fingernails. Women today have man hands. Fingernails add an elegance and femininity that is dearly needed these days. Long fingernails are very sexy and timeless. Somewhere over the last 20 years women just stopped growing their nails long, as if doing it for a few thousand years got boring.

  5. Shambodie says

    “The only thing that gives away her identity is that perpetually half-asleep/slightly stoned look.” Well, listen to her songs. They are quite hopeless and depressing and cynical. If you had those views in your mind, you would look half-asleep/slightly stoned, too. That is how depression is.

  6. lana is perfect and you all are irrelevant says

    lana is not ugly without make up… and her singing is really good. whoever wrote this is just jealous. and I agree with both of you ^

  7. seriously? says

    Chris Chambers is an idiotic troll. Big forehead, really? How superficially can this guy get. Lana is beautiful just the way she is, everybody is. People like this Chambers guy is the reason why society is failing today.

  8. Tsadi Waw Mem Taw says

    How very disinterested. After all, it’s not like you are in the same category of human being as she and thus, likely to be judged according to the same standard with regard to natural appearance. She is not beautiful without makeup. She certainly should not feel justified in any way in judging any man on the basis of looks.

  9. Lana is a perfect fucking goddess says

    Lana is life. This article is BS, nuff said. She is gorgeous either way, point black fucking period.

  10. Heather says

    Lana is a queen. She has the most amazing vocal range I have ever herd. She is beyond beautiful with or without make up And as you can see by the comments, no one agrees with this article.

  11. Reina Marie Croce says

    FUCK YOU to who ever wrote this. Lana is gorgeous and beautiful. You don’t even show your face. Who the hell are you to judge? No one has the right to judge someone else. She is also an amazing singer. Do something with your life instead of criticizing others’ lives.

  12. Are you kidding me? says

    Are you fucking serious? “Mediocre singing talent” “undeserved honor”? Lana Del Rey has a beautiful voice and much more than “mediocre”. Lana is beautiful with or without make up. She is perfect tha way she is. I am not saying everyone likes Lana or should like Lana but “without a doubt the worst SNL singing guest by far”? That’s just horrible. Lana Del Rey is proably the Best Artist signed to SNL. Even if you do not like Lana Del Rey you shouldn’t say horrible things about her.

    This page disgusts me.

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