Lady Gaga Promotes Weed to Millions of Teens

Lady Gaga lighting up a spliff in concert in Amsterdam

You know the phrase “When in Rome”? It works in other places too. When in London, eat fish and chips and harass a beefeater! When in Paris, shrug your shoulders and quaff wine! When in Amsterdam, smoke a shitton of weed!

Lady Gaga certainly adheres to that rule, judging by the way she stopped her concert in Amsterdam on Wednesday to light up a spliff helpfully handed to her from the crowd.It might not’ve been the smartest move. Yes, we all know that Gaga is a little, well, gaga. We all also know that Stephani Germanotta, as her real name is, has spoken before about how she uses weed to help her come up with the weird music she is known for. But there’s a difference between smoking a joint in the comfort of your own home, and doing so on a stage in front of thousands of (often pre-teen) fans.

Lady Gaga

The shitstorm was quick and predictable. Here’s The Daily Mail, known as ever for its tact and even-handedness:

On stage in an unflattering pair of fishnets from which her posterior bulged alarmingly, at 26 she looked like a woman whose prime was fading fast. What had happened to the immaculate Gaga of old? In her place was a ratty-haired creature with a billowing muffin top.

And so in the middle of a concert which critics noted was both bland and shrill, she resorted to that old favourite of publicity seekers ? smoking dope, or at least appearing to.

When history comes to judge this piece of ?bravery?, then the fact that she was in Amsterdam, where smoking marijuana is effectively decriminalised, should be noted.

Lady Gaga in AmsterdamThe outrage was to be expected. You can’t really promote a drug to fans who really are way too young to be experimenting with marijuana. I’m not going to get all high and mighty here (pun intended): I have been known to occasionally partake in something similar to what Lady Gaga did, albeit infrequently. But really, blazing up in front of cameras is stupid. It’s kind of irresponsible. Essentially, what’s happened is a bunch of kids went to what they thought was a rock show – yes, haters, I’m aware that there is no way manufactured pop is rock, but let’s get into the 11-year old mindset here – and saw their idol do something cool that they now want to do. You’ll have little Kelsey and tiny Joel going home and asking their parents for a THC hit.

What is funny is the way that The Daily Mail expressed their outrage. They could’ve left it at “Lady Gaga is a tool for promoting weed to youngsters”. But no – they had to get their claws out.

LADY GAGA IS FAT. Buuuuuuurn.

All I see is her doing what many stoned people do: relaxing the fuck out. You don’t like clothes when you’re high: you want to get back to basics, and pretend that you’re a caveman who didn’t have any shame about himself. You get naked. You get sloppy and naked.

In fact, though she shouldn’t have done it in the first place, I’m kind of glad that Gaga lit up on stage. Because what happened after that was she became a sloppy shitstorm of a buzzkill, going insane, looking weird, and generally grossing people out. She’s the best anti-drug advert there is out there.


  1. sara says

    Fishnet pictures: I’m a 113 lb. en pointe ballerina with a BMI of 19.4. If my tights roll while dancing, the waistband will give me a “fat” effect. The elastic in professional grade fishnets/ tights are serious business. Made with durable materials to prevent ripping and tight thick elastic to accommodate stretching after using them for months, or sometimes years before having to buying new ones. They can be so tight they have left marks and indents on my hips and waist for hours, and I’ve even woken up with them the next morning

  2. rachel says

    kids shouls smoke. its helps them grow up to be non-assholes and non-comforming kiss asses.