Kristin Kreuk Without Makeup

kristin kreuk

Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian actress who started building her career up north and then made a name for herself on the American TV series, “Smallville”.

Her ethnically-ambiguous good looks make her perfect for casting in numerous roles, as well as serving as a fresh-faced spokesmodel. But what happens when the makeup team and the hair stylists take a break and Kristin is left to her own devices? Is she as stunning and fresh-faced as ever or does wiping her foundation away reveal that she’s got the looks of the Crypt Keeper? What does Kristin Kreuk look like once her makeup comes off?

Kristin Kreuk No MakeupIt is truly hard to distinguish a photo of Kristin Kreuk with makeup from one of her without makeup. It is highly possible that they simply do no exist,? in which case, some days she just slathers it on more heavily than others.

Either way, this woman does not take a bad photo (the one above featuring the atrocious hair mishap being the one exception). Even when she cuts off all of her hair, rendering disastrous, truly unflattering results, the photo of the unfortunate haircut isn’t even all that bad. No, even in spite of her poor judgement, she’s still one good lookin’ lady.kristin kreuk without makeup

In this photo, taken well before she started cutting her own hair, it appears that Kristin is not wearing any makeup. Yet, there is not much that can be said about this picture: she has eyebrows, color in her cheeks, it looks like she’s slept in the past week.

Somehow, she pulls off the natural look more successfully than some of the bigger stars I’ve taken to task. If Hollywood is such a superficial business, then why isn’t Kristin Kreuk a household name? Production companies would save a fortune in airbrushing! I suppose, though, that wigs are expensive and that wispy, pixie cut just won’t do in the next installment of the “Ocean’s” franchise.


  1. lakersupbyten says

    Kristin is one of those rare actresses that has no idea how gorgeous they are and are totally down to earth. And yes she should be on the cover of Vogue by now at least 10 times. Here’s hoping for better things in the future for this girl. And congrats on a season 2 for her show.

  2. Lee hill says

    I think Kristen is just such a natural beauty that when makeup hits her face it could only intensify her beauty ten fold I’m really into this young actress and have seen her in a few different roles as her career goes on I hope to see much more of this young woman in her roles! Much respect to Kristen!

  3. Lana says

    Kristin kreuk is seriously the best actress in the world to me. She is my inspiration gosh I just wish she knew how beautiful she is!!!

  4. Trista says

    Kristin kreuk is the best. Like seriously she is really beautiful. She is like one of the best faces on TV!!

  5. hugo says

    Veo la serie Beauty and the Beast solo por Kristin donde es personaje principal.
    Ella tiene las 3 gracias belleza, alegria y encanto.

  6. shar says

    I adore kristin so much and i kinda relate with her in many things.She has taught me quite a number of virtues in this world.If i retrosect i feel like i made the best decision by making her my role model.I wish i could meet her and tell her all this.She makes me want to become a better person.THANKYOU Ms KRISTIN…*much respect here.

  7. Jonathan says

    You know I have seen her play Smallville and beauty and the beast and more and I feel like she should have played in more films and shows. And she is just all around beautiful whether she has makeup or no makeup. I’ve always wanted to meet her

  8. Alice says

    She used to be super duper gorgeous in the early seasons of Smallville, the most beautiful face on television. I’ve seen pictures of her in the past without makeup and she still looked as dazzling as with it. But then she lost a lot of weight, thus making her face gaunt and less appealing (in my opinion), like the pic where her hair was short. :( Makes me sad. It’s not the makeup that made her look different, it’s the weight loss (I miss her cute & chubby cheeks).

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