Kim Kardashian is Legit Releasing a Selfie Book


So, if you’ve been watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, which I obviously have been, you know that Kim Kardashian, while in Thailand, started putting together a book of selfies for Kanye West. And no, I don’t mean she’s giving Kanye a book of his own selfies (which he would like more, I’m sure), she just took a million fucking picture of herself.

Of course, by a million, I mean 1200. Yep, Kim Kardashian took 1200 selfies while in Thailand, which puts me to total fucking shame. However, while the selfies were initially just for Kanye, Kim has decided to share some of them with the entire world. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Selfish by Kim Kardashian. Yeah, it’s a thing.

Rizzoli publishing got wind of Kim’s shit show of a selfie book and decided that this was something they really wanted to make happen. So,?Kim Kardashian Selfish, the collection of her less risqu? selfies, will be available to grace your coffee table for only $19.95.

Kim said in a recent episode of KUWTK that she got inspired to make this stupid selfie book when she couldn’t think of anything to get Kanye for Valentine’s Day:

“I couldn’t think of what to get Kanye [for Valentine’s Day] and so I was like, ‘All guys love it when a girl sends them sexy pics’. So I had Stephanie [her assistant] get a Polaroid and we were taking photos around the entire house ? making this cool book and it ended up turning out so cool we came up with this idea to do a selfie book so I’m going to make some super racy.”

Of course, I wouldn’t expect the racier ones to end up in the official book released to the public, because now that Kim is Mrs. West, she’s essentially a demure angel who’s been blessed by Anna Wintour and would never again show her coochie for profit unless Karl Lagerfield shot it.?