Kat Von D Without Makeup

Kat Von D hot

Tattoo artist Kat Von D owns tattoo shop High Voltage in LA where her reality show LA Ink was filmed for TLC. She first hit the screens tattooing on show Miami Ink before being fired for butting heads with the owner. ?Chances are if you are anywhere in California and overhear a very pale and very tattooed woman calling absolutely everything ?so rad?, its Kat Von D.

Her popularity surged after her shows and a talented Kat has since launched her own makeup line with Sephora and enjoyed success with her tattoo compilation books. You would be forgiven for only learning of her after a highly publicized romance with Jesse James, Sandra Bullocks adulterous ex husband. To no-ones surprise he cheated on Kat adding his name (well in this case, his face) to her long list of ex?s etched in ink to her body which reads like a weird to do list.

Her makeup is so perfectly and artistically applied that you may wonder, what does Kat Von D without makeup look like?

Kat Von D without makeup

Here she is in a still from an LA Ink episode. For a gal who wears so much makeup day in day out, she is surprisingly recognizable without. It could be all those tattooed stars decorating the side of her face making her seem like regular old Kat although she looks more whitewashed and less glamorous. Her skin looks slightly drawn out but it blemish free.

Kat at the beach is sporting a bare faced look and without her usual brightly colored lips. She is plainer but looking as good as anyone can in those ratty hair extensions. Kat is rarely seen without cosmetics plastered across her face and we aren’t complaining because not surprisingly for an artist, it is always immaculately applied and fun to check out.

Kat Von D no makeup



  1. Jenni says

    The so-called clean faced beach look is an OLD shot, she hardly has as many tattoos… and older without make-up she still looks like a washed out porn star.

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