Karrueche Tran Continues To Be a Total Idiot


Karrueche Tran is the type of girl that should wake up every morning, drive her ass to church, get down on her knees at the alter, and thank the fucking Lord that she’s so good looking, because the girl has got about as much sense in her head as my goddamn dog, who spends the majority of the day licking her own asshole and trying to eat her own shit.?

I take that back, even my dog wouldn’t go back to Chris Brown, but that’s neither here nor there right now. Aside from the fact that, yes, it seems like she’s back with Chris Brown for the millionth fucking time, this past weekend Karrueche also did the stupidest thing someone on the face of this planet can do: she got on the bad side of Beyonce fans.

Karrueche got famous enough off riding Chris Brown’s curved dick to get a gig on BET’s 106 and Park, and on Sunday night, they did their annual VMAs wrap up show.

Now, in case you missed the VMAs, Beyonce fucking owned that shit. She performed for 15 minutes, brought the house down, then got presented the lifetime achievement award by Jay Z and music’s holy messiah, Blue Ivy.

Well, after the show, 106 and Park decided to do a list of “The Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought About The VMAs?, for which Karrueche said:

‘I really did wake up like this because my parents never combed my hair.? Sorry, Blue! I love you!

And with that, Karrueche once again stole something from Rihanna. First: Chris Brown, now: the absolute hatred of the Beyhive.

Bitch started getting so many threats that she became scared for her life, which says a lot since she goes out with Chris fucking Brown.

Karrueche claims she was just reading what was written for her and released the following statement:

Past two days have been extremely draining.. As I geared up for a big day for myself ? hosting a live show.. I never expected things to turn out this way.. I apologize to any and everyone who felt offended in any way by the comments made by BET executed through me.. I would never disrespect anyone?s child in any way and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Beyonc?. My comments have been in complete shambles.. yes I am human too and yes I do make mistakes.. But all this negativity and death wishes are quite a lot.. Definitely a lesson learned from here forth.. Again, on behalf of MYSELF, my sincerest apologies #BeyHive

First of all, it was a stupid fucking joke for anyone to write because who makes fun of a two year old girl’s afro? And secondly, we should really knock off all the Karrueche hate because it’s pretty fucking clear that the girl is dumb as rocks and isn’t having to constantly suck Chris Brown’s wandering dick punishment enough?

Plus, let’s be real, I highly doubt Blue Ivy gives any fucks what Chris Brown’s hoe thinks of her hair.



  1. CDD says


  2. Toy says

    I think she’s smart. Smart enough to know how to use others to gain fame. She used CB to come up and she’s using Blue Ivy to gain followers. She knew there would be backlash for what she said and she’s been everywhere since. She may not have written it but she chose to say it. Had the joke been about CB being a woman beater she would have chose not to say it. I don’t know why her supporters are suggesting that people are jealous of her being with CB but the fact is she’s a doormat and he’s only with her because he can’t be with RiRi. He knows that he can treat her like a dog because without him she’s nothing. She’s known for two things being a doormat and insulting Blue nothing else!!!!

  3. Vanessa James says


  4. Whitney says

    Wow it’s so pathetic to just continue to pick on Karrueche. She never got a fair chance when she started dating Chris Brown and everything she does in life gets scrutinized. If I was her I wouldn’t apologize or give two fucks for how people feel about her because seems like to me everyone jealous and wish they could be her grow up. Who gives a fuck what she does if people hate her so much stop following up on her unless she has something you guys want. Hell everyone on this earth fucked up at least once in their life they just don’t have anyone always bringing it up. Furthermore Chris Brown and her they’re in love people have done stupid stuff when their in love hell people give their first love chances after chances hoping to make it work, she is human. Plus the BET comment she did her job had she not read it people would’ve said she is a bad host and trying to be famous and possibly saying she is illiterate she apologized BET apologized yet no one is talking about the person who wrote the script who should take full blame. But I finally learned ignorance seem airborne common sense is loss.

  5. dee dee says

    I just had to said everything you said about her is so true.i am so glad that you put Karruche in her place.

  6. Kenny says

    Your sentiments come off as if you are an idiot. Karrueche is actually pretty amazing. Get a life and point the blame where it should be — with the writer and the approving producer of the network. #TeamKae

  7. Ms.Appalled says

    I couldn’t wait to finish reading this article, only to get the comment section. Forget about the subject here, as Bey, Blue, Jey, and Karrueche are all human. Mistakes are made and this will soon blow over. But, the fact that you wrote so many derogatory, cursing words in the same sentence with the Lord, is sickening! You have the nerve to tell her to go to church so obviously you believe in God, but I guess you just have no respect for him. And in the same breath, you’re upset about a comment made about another HUMAN being. I like Beyonce and I think Blue is adorable, and there is truly nothing wrong with her hair on its natural state. And we have to respect that. But Beyonce is human guys. She’s puts out great music as she is extremely talented but she bleeds, eats, hurts, cries, laughs, and breathes just as we all do.

  8. Sweet Pea says

    I think it’s sick a young immature girl don’t have nothing to talk about do do. Than talk about a innocent little child. Tran, is a want a be sucking Brown’s ass. She will never ever be more than what she is now. She is for convenience straight up. Girl get a life, I don’t know one young lady who would want to be in your shoes. Because there’s nothing to fill being a dumb ass chick. Deal with someone your own age and back off the baby dumb ass. Deal with the ladies your suppose to be man hooking up with. Then say something.

  9. iluvkarrueche says

    Lol how did you know chris brown dick is Curved did rihanna pay you?or have you slept with chris and he dump you that why you mad and disrepect karrueche. You wish you are in her place tho. Teamkarrueche

  10. Allure searles says

    Krysta Fitzgerald I think that what you said about karrueche tran was very disrespectful how dare you call her a bitch you don’t know her like that she is a very sweet person she would never talk badly about blue ivy someone had wrote it on the promoter so she had to read it I think it should have not been on there period but do not judge karrueche tran no one is perfect neither are you and the article that you just wrote was poor grammar and inappropriate it should be taken down.

  11. MsPrediction says

    Yall can say what you like….The writer did good. Everyone should be hip to Kleechie game. She is going to hang in there as long as it takes to get some marriage rings and or a house full of babies. And then she is going to bring Chris Brown whorish azz to through the mark-it. She don’t even really like him for doing her the way he does. She is waiting him out for the big payout. A tratagy that will surely pay off in the end. Tiger Woods got played the similar way. Rick James got played this similar way. I do my research. KAE KNOW SHE IS JUST HIS PLAY THING. SHE CAN OPTION OUT NOW AND END OF WITH LITTLE OR NOTHING. She is praying alright. That Rihanna don’t take Chris back…..be coz then it would get real ugly. Stay tuned to this Rebound chick end of story. And Chris Brown….trying to continue to hurt Rihanna by being with Kae will play right into this Kae hands. Stay tuned.

  12. Mark says

    In case you missed it. BET’s 106 and Park fired the writers from the show for putting those words on the teleprompter for Ms. Karrueche Tran to read. Now she may be stupid but apparently she was not lying.

  13. Patricia says

    Okay Karrueche made a huge mistake for not refusing 2 repeat such a cruel joke even if it IS true. Hell braid the child’s hair so it doesn’t stand up like a disaster on top her head. Is that asking 2 much??? Old folks say do NOT cut child’s hair til they reach 5 but nothing against braids. Now that Kae know she can speak up w/o jeopardizing her job comes as a breath of fresh air. As 4 Chris being such a bad person “then what is Rhianna 4 throwing his car keys out window behind his dick & another woman??? If she was on block girl would b still get face reconstructive surgery so sis you got off lightly. 2 all those Kae haters who secretly prayed 4 her disappearance &/or death, Chris isn’t letting her go unfortunately!!!!!!!