Kacey Jordan In Attempted Suicide Attempt, Which Is Crashingly Unfunny

While Charlie Sheen may prepare for his overdoses, his former girlfriend Kacey Jordan, is a very different kettle of fish. A rather distressing kettle of fish actually as she’s been hospitalised after an alleged suicide attempt.


Law enforcement folks have confirmed that members of the Chicago Police Department were needed to responded to calls from Jordan after she posted several messages on Twitter which suggested she was self harming and overdosing.

Kacey tweeted that she’d “snorted a fat line” before admitting that she could well be in physical danger.

She wrote:

“i’ve over done it… the more i do…i keep passing out… i just pray i wake up each time.”

Authorities reportedly entered the room Jordan was staying in and found the adult actress with cuts on her arms, surrounded by broken glass and prescription pill bottles.

She was then transported to a nearby hospital for observation and filed the incident as a non-criminal suicide attempt.

Later, she went on to thank her twitter followers for alerting the hotel staff to her condition:

“for over a hundred people calling my hotel…thanks. i made a deal with the hotel. i’m not doing an intervention with the staff.”

It seems we have a casualty in Sheen’s bug-eyed life, all the more depressing if rumours that Jordan is pregnant, as announced in a text message to Sheen.

Sorry. No jokes here.

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