Justin Bieber, Canada’s More Prissy Charlie Sheen

justin bieber shirtlessJust when you think Justin Bieber can’t get more disgusting, he manages to make you retch up your breakfast once again.? Bieber has gone from a slow roll down the hill of WTF, to a full blown avalanche, in a very short period of time.?

Maybe it’s the steroids, maybe it’s finally breaking up with the way too good for him Selena Gomez, maybe it’s his friends.? There doesn’t seem to be one set thing to put the blame on, but you can’t help but now root for his total destruction.

Bieber’s latest nausea inducing stunt takes the hooker rumors from last week to a lower, much more confirmed level.? Because nothing says “I am totally fine” like banging foreign prostitutes from a whore house.

Justin Bieber is still on tour, currently in countries where a lot of the rules are much less lax than countries like the United States or his homeland of Canada.? So far there have been rumors of him hiring a hooker in Panama, heavily using drugs and alcohol, and he was seen doing graffiti art supporting the other current hot mess singer, Chris Brown.? However, his antics this past weekend in Brazil take the revolting cake.

On Friday night, Bieber was caught leaving a very well known brothel, Centauros,?after spending 3 hours there.? A brothel.? As in a whore house where men come in, pay for some really loose vagina, do it on a?mattress infested with bed bugs, and then leave.

The kind of place no self respecting man should ever enter.? Not only because of the high rate of abused and trafficked girls who get forced into this kind of lifestyle, but because it’s fucking disgusting.? Bieber has more females willing to sleep with him than he has brain cells, so there is really no reason to risk herpes like this.

justin bieber brazil

Bieber tried to sneak out of course, but while he covered most of his body, he left his stupid ass arm tattoos exposed.? His bodyguards tried to bring the party antic outside by making it rain on the paparazzi’s faces (thankfully with water and not crab juice like inside), but it didn’t deter anyone.??? Shortly after Bieber’s driver pulled off, another car followed with 2 ladies of the night in tow.

justin bieber hookers

Apparently the hotel Bieber and crew were staying in became tired of the bullshit, and a few hours later kicked them all out.? Bieber’s team tried to say they left because of security issues, but let’s be honest.? You let your star money maker act like a total douchebag, run around all willy nilly, and stick his tiny wiener in dirty no no zones, and now you want to try and pull the “safety issue” card?? Denied.? If you really gave two shits about Justin’s safety, you’d tell him to put some damn pajamas on and go to bed at a reasonable hour because he has work in the damn morning.

The following night, Bieber continued to act like an arrogant asshole by showing up late for his concert, and making people who paid way too much money for a meet and greet wait 3 hours for Her Highness to arrive.? Then, toward the end of his concert, he threw a total tantrum because someone threw a water bottle at him, hitting his poor delicate fingers.? Instead of being a professional, he stomped his feet, crossed his arms, and ran offstage.? He left fans just sitting there, never coming back out to finish or apologize.

Bieber seems to think he’s invincible.? That he can do whatever he wants, fuck everything up both personally and professionally, and yet come out unscathed.? Yes, that’s kind of behavior did wonders for the careers of Lindsay Lohan, DMX, Mischa Barton.? Shit even Braveheart himself,?Mel Gibson, will never be able to get?his career back to the level it had been pre his I HATE JEWS?explosion.

News flash Justin-you are not that talented.? You are not that good looking.? You are not that innovative or creative or revolutionary.? You are a child that has been given too much, with no fear of consequences or repercussions for your actions.? Sooner or later, you will blow it all and you will end up with a shitty reality show on Oxygen trying to revamp your ruined career and doing duets with Brooke Hogan.

Now go get yourself tested, because there is a good chance one of those hookers you banged also fucked a donkey at some point in her career, and you now have some furry STD.


  1. jd says

    ugh…this lame ass poser wants to be a rock star but lacks the talent, he is just using all this crap to get attention, don’t buy into the bullshit people.