Justin Bieber Can Now Officially Be Crowned The King Of Douche

Justin Bieber Deposition WinkJustin Bieber has gone so quickly from cute teen singer with a bit of a lesbian face to a total piece of shit in pretty record time.? As if all of his antics pissing in mop buckets, banging hookers in South America, doing crappy graffiti all over the place, wasn’t enough to make you hate him, he had made sure to take away that little nugget of hope you still had for him by being a total asshole during a recent deposition.

So take every jackass celebrity you can think of.? Your Shia LaBeouf, your Alec Baldwin, your Robin Thicke.? Take them all, add some of Marky Mark’s style from 1992, throw in a cup of?crappy tattoos, put them in a Vitamix blender, and voila!? You have Justin Bieber.???Thanks again, Canada.

Justin Bieber recently had to do a deposition in a case where he is getting his ass sued by a paparazzi who claims Bieber sic’d his bodyguard on him.? Of course, we all know that probably happened because Bieber is all steroid and sizzurp talk, but way too much of a bitch to ever actually fight anyone. And his whole sit down is just chock full of video proof that Justin most definitely the King of the Douches (Sorry, Shia).

Some of the highlights include:

1) Justin acting like a petulant child and “falling asleep” every time there is a question he doesn’t feel like answering.

2) Losing his shit when asked about Selena Gomez.?? Starts throwing a tantrum and whining “Don’t ask me about her again!”

3) Giving the lawyer questioning him the hardest time, calling him Katie Couric, and telling him that he doesn’t have to listen to him.? See, he even uses phrases that a petulant toddler does.

4) Mugs for the camera, winking and fixing his collar.

5) Justin gets hung up on the fact that the lawyer calls the footage of the paparazzi a “film” and keeps repeating “Is this a film?? You call this a film?” so much that no one actually can watching anything.? That one’s?not Justin’s fault.? I mean, when the only films you have seen are “Elmo’s Potty World” and “Finding Nemo” it can be very confusing to hear the word film associated with something that isn’t a cartoon.

But the best, and I mean BEST part of the entire fucking thing was when the lawyer asked Justin about Usher.? When asked if Bieber knows him, the toolbag has to be a little sarcastic dick and say “Yes, Usher, that sounds familiar.”? But the amazing part comes when the lawyer asks if Bieber feels Usher was instrumental to Justin’s career.

?I was found on YouTube, I think that I was detrimental to my own career.”

Truer words were never spoken from your herpes infested lips, Justin.? You fucking idiot.

Here is a compilation of some of the funnier moments if you have 6 minutes of your life to waste.



  1. Christina says

    He said he was detrimental to his own career when he meant instrumental! But his statement was still true. He douched it up all on his own.