Jim Morrison Pardoned For Whipping His Pee-Pee Out?

Jim Morrison Pardoned Indecent Exposure Penis The DoorsIf you had to write a list of all the accomplishments of Jim Morrison from The Doors, chances are you'd struggle after 'doing that Apocalypse Now song,' 'having a crappy chain of supermarkets named after him' and 'getting his cock out in Florida once.'

And now some fans don't even believe that Jim Morrison should be remembered for that last one any more. Two fans of The Doors are pushing for Jim Morrison to be pardoned for his 1969 arrest after he exposed himself onstage in Florida in 1969. However, it's thought that being pardoned for an arrest that took place 38 years ago won't go down too well with Jim Morrison – in fact it's probably the least of his problems, what with him being dead for the last 36 years and all.

We've never made such a fuss of Jim Morrison here at hecklerspray. That's partly because the only Jim Morrison-related thing to have happened over the course of the last few years is when one of his poems couldn't get sold at auction, and partly because Jim Morrison was the chubby-faced pretend mystic who is directly responsible for a) arsehole students who think they're deeper and more clever than they really are, b) anyone ever wearing any leather trousers ever and c) Will Young's cover version of Light My Fire.

But, hey, let's not forget that Jim Morrison also invented taking your penis out of your trousers during a concert and getting arrested for it. That's what happened to Jim Morrison during a Coconut Grove concert in Florida in 1969, anyway, and now two fans of The Doors want the singer pardoned, as Reuters reports:

The two men, Kerry Humpherys of Utah and David Diamond of Ohio, sent a letter to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist last month asking him to issue a full pardon to Morrison on two misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure and using profanity. "I'm a big Doors fan. There are thousands of Doors fans out there who look up to Jim Morrison. It was all trumped up and he shouldn't have this hanging over him," said Humpherys, who runs a Doors fan magazine.

Had Jim Morrison not died of heart failure or tuberculosis or a drug overdose in his bathtub in 1971, there's a chance that he would have spent six months in prison for exposing himself. But Morrison receiving a pardon wouldn't be all that unusual – last summer the Governor of Arkansas pardoned Keith Richards for driving like a bastard three decades earlier. Full marks to Florida Governor Charlie Crist, though – he sounds like a nutter. This is what happened when the press got in touch with him:

The Miami Herald noted that both Morrison and Crist attended Florida State University, where sports teams are nicknamed the Seminoles. "He's a 'Nole? Well, given that fact, I'm certainly willing to review it," Crist was quoted as saying in Tuesday's Herald. The newspaper said Crist then sang a few lines of "Light My Fire."

In a way, though, we hope Jim Morrison doesn't get a pardon for his indecent exposure arrest; by getting his penis out and showing it around indiscriminately, Jim Morrison put himself in the pantheon of greats like Harry Potter and that bloke who used to be on Desperate Housewives. Without that, Jim Morrison would be nothing.

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  1. Shiver says

    I went to Florida State. I wonder if Crist will pardon me for that time I beat up all those little old ladies using small children as my weapon… OK, that never happened. But I did go to Florida State.

  2. Cheri Woods says

    “Had Jim Morrison not been arrested in the 1st place, he wouldn’t have faked his death in Paris with the help of the FBI,” according to Cheri Woods, ex-Hollywood Madam, wife of another International recording artist, and current owner of “JIM MORRISON’S LAST KNOWN U.S. RESIDENCE.”
    The “DEATH ROW MADAM” author applied for a pardon last year herself, but was denied by Governor Arnold Schwartzeneggar. Quite ironic, since the actor-turned-Governor himself committed the same indecent exposure act that Jim Morrison was arrested for, while putting on a weightlifting demonstration, using one of the Manson murderers as his onstage assistant, at the California prison where the former Death Row Madam was incarcerated on death row for simply arranging a blind date.
    To learn more, go to: myspace.com/cheriwoods
    or google: jim morrison cheri woods

  3. kyle says

    jim morrison is amazing what is your problem with him you probably like that gay rap music