Jessie J Loses Her Rag About Twitter Users… On Twitter

Jessie J has torn a strip or two off all those people who dared to question the quality on prime time TV’s second favourite show, The X Factor. On which she was awful. Not even a tiny bit awful like this week’s reject, Janet Devlin.

It was worse than if Whitney Houston’s coked almost of existence performance had sexy love bumps with Robbie Williams’ X Factor attempt, died and made Britney Spears’ Womanizer performance its legal guardian.

It was that bad.

Still, you’re not allowed to criticise the J-Meister, especially not if you’re totes famous like she apparently is.?On Twitter, she launched a “stinging” tirade:

“It’s funny that people that follow you tweet you don’t @ you when there slagging you off. I WAS pitchy last night and it’s the first thing I said when I came off stage. The track was so low in my ears I couldn’t hardly hear it. I am a realist and I’m NOT perfect. I’m growing and learning and I’d rate half the artists more if they had the guts to say shit to my face…”

Which is quite a rant and definitely more than 140 characters, although Jessie is known for singing more notes than are necessary, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. She popped on a leotard before continuing:

“I over sang at points yes I wasn’t in tune the whole song yes and I’m confident to put that out there. It’s important to know your qualities but also know where things can be improved. I don’t wanna be an artist put in a bubble.”

Which is good because having a chin as sharp as hers will be a definite downside in a bubble.

So there you have it: Jessie J wants you to slag her off to her face, and she is able to say a sentence that has nothing to do with her broken foot. It’s like an early Christmas miracle isn’t it?

Give her all that you’ve got. She clearly wants to hear it.


  1. pwe says

    You’re a nob head. It was a stunning performance, slightly out first chorus, yes, no trademark 6 second sustained note on the lyric, a smile, that