Jennifer Lawrence Refuses to Shed Endearing Baby Fat

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence is?a badass. Oscar-nominated at age 20 for Winter’s Bone and the highest-grossing action heroine of all time for her role in the Hunger Games (fuck you, Lara Croft), the gorgeous 22-year old seems to have the world on a string.

However, in an industry dominated by scrawny bitches with tits like twin baseballs super-glued to their rib cages,?Jennifer stands out …?and apparently?not?in a good way. In Elle magazine’s December issue, she openly discusses her size and the obstacles it has mounted in her career.

?In Hollywood, I?m obese. I?m considered a fat actress, I?m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach.”

First, it’s charming that someone her age remembers that whale-like Val Kilmer picture. Beyond that it’s truly pathetic that she should have to deal with such absurd standards of beauty.?She hardly has anything approaching a?Kim Kardashian badonkadonk … far from it … and everyone loves Kim K’s giant ass anyway, don’t they? Jennifer has a healthy body with more natural T&A than Hollywood can manage …?and,?perhaps more importantly, a healthy body image to accompany it.

Jennifer’s casting in the Hunger Games was criticized because of her zaftig figure. On one hand, I can understand it because her character?Katniss was living in an environment where people struggled to find enough?to eat. On the other hand, Jennifer was hardly fat, not even chubby. Were there no big-boned bitches in Panem? Come on.

Also, Jennifer?doesn’t have that persistent bitchy sneer that many young stars have. In real life, she actually seems very good-natured, down-to-earth, and even happy …?which?can very likely be attributed?to the fact that she’s?not starving all the time.

?I eat like a caveman, I?ll be the only actress who doesn?t have anorexia rumors.”

I’m not sure how cavemen ate and?it doesn’t sound very ladylike, but?maybe that’s?precisely why she ruled as Katniss. That little bit of gusto or brawn or extra weight, if you want to look at it that way, gave her that extra oomph. Mila Kunis would have died of consumption within a day in that arena. And Jennifer’s acceptance of her position as a role model based on her chosen career is refreshingly healthy and sadly uncommon.

“I’m never going to starve myself for a part…I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner'”

This chick should not be panned because she actually digests her food. Jennifer Lawrence is a formidable actress and, if you keep picking on her, she will sit on you.


  1. bBb says

    I think so looks hot as hell!

    Plus it seems like she’s smart enough to realize being called fat at her size is proposterous at best. Her and Scarlette Johannssen are the hottest things on the planet and/because they don’t sport any jagged edges

  2. Anja Syrstad says

    I love Jennifer Lawrence! She is so laid back and down to earth, but super cool at the same time! I am so proud that she ain’t giving away her stunning body, in exchange of a shell of a body, like the majority of the actors, and stars have! She is a good role model for young girls, I think!

  3. David says

    Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite actress she inspired me to become an acter. She is probably the most atractive girl on this planet. Besides who the hell likes girls that look like you stick them in your finger sandwiches anyway? She should be the role model to all young actresses out there.

  4. JAMES says

    J. Lawrence, S. Johanson, and my girl K. Heigel are the hottest actress in Hollywood, and it’s all because they don’t look like sticks with big heads. Jessica Biel used to be argubly the finest when she was in movies like Next and especially in I Now Pornounce You Chuck & Larry, but know she dropped all her weight and she looks like another big head on a stick. Don’t women know that loosing that much weight changes you face also? I mean look at Cameron Diez, Demi Moore, and sorry to say but Angielina Jolie…WHY!!!

  5. Annie says

    bitches please, in what part of Jen you can see fat ? she’s not fat, not chubby and not even big-boned. seriously she’s just completely normal and if people think that she is fat they must have anorexia..