Jada Pinkett-Smith Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of Divorce

The murky swamp of celebrity gossip has been threatening to drown Jada Pinkett-Smith or, at the very least, feed her to a float of hungry crocodiles with an agenda against the Wachowski Brothers.

After rumours emerged that her fame is almost completely linked to being Will Smith’s wife, Pinkett-Smith was under close scrutiny to prove that she could still get work without water-skiing the afore-mentioned swamp, using Mr Smith’s coattails to keep herself upright.

Pinkett-Smith, currently appearing in the widely panned but yet renewed TNT series ‘Hawthorne’, has said that she is grateful for the support of her husband.

The actress had been romantically linked to her co-star Marc Anthony despite the man looking like an interrupted child’s claymation representation of what a human being should look like. These rumours were strongly denied by both Anthony and Pinkett-Smith but then, if you were having an affair, you would deny rumours like that.

Of course, Jada doesn’t understand some really simple concepts surrounding marriage and therefore, one would imagine, she’s incapable of carrying on an affair with anyone without announcing it on a billboard.

It seems that one of Jada’s primary worries about divorce is having to raise the two kids- Jaden & Willow- on her own. We’re not sure if the star of “The Matrix films that no-one likes” has fully understood the concept of a divorce to be honest. In a recent interview with Bang, she said:

“Thank goodness they have a father and I don’t have to raise them alone. Having been raised by a single mother I’m very clear on what the difficulties of being raised by a single mother are.”

That’s fine, yeah. The kids do have a father. The two of them getting a divorce wouldn’t act as a magical child-repellant on Will Smith, making him forget about his responsibilities as a father and returning to Miami to get ‘jiggy wid it’ with a bevvy of attractive women in fluorescent bikinis. This isn’t the 90s!

“It’s very hard when you don’t have a male component?in the home to create balance and help in the decision-making. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just pass the ball, like, ‘Tag, you’re it, you got this one’.”

Again we feel compelled to point out that divorce isn’t the same as not having a father. Given that the kids seem to have fledgling acting and music careers thanks to the connections of their Dad, it seems that somebody might be trying to lay the groundwork for a custody battle. Probably someone doing interviews at Bang Showbiz.

Shit-stirring. We like that.