20 Easy Ways To Use Instagram Like A Celeb

kim-kardashian-instagramBetween all of the style shoots, press tours, photo ops with fans, and armies of insatiable paparazzi chasing them down, you?d think celebs would tire of a camera constantly being in their face. However, to assume that would be to ignore the main draw of why one opts to become a star at all?complete and utter narcissism.

Despite the countless tirades and sometimes physical altercations that occur when a celebrity?s picture is snapped, most of Hollywood?s elite seem to have no issue capturing their own private and ?candid? moments, which they, in turn, share with the same viewing public. It?s as true sign as any that we are in the golden age of vanity– a Kardashian-esque pandemic of sorts– and what better tool is there to feed the ego than Instagram?

While you are busy filtering photos of the questionable breakfast your boy/girlfriend made for you with a ?<3 somebody loves me? caption, celebs are busy upping their Insta-game with filtered stills of their everyday life that would put yours to shame.

It?s not to say you are any less self-absorbed than these celebs, it?s just that they are so much more interesting that it?d probably embarrass them that you even try.

Your showing off tickets to a concert, perhaps split screened with a shot of the stage from a good seat, might draw a few ?wow, so jealous comments? from your just as pathetic friends, but a backstage upload of the candy bowl that meets that pop star?s specifications screams ?boss? and garners about a thousand times more likes.

So, considering you probably aren?t talented or good looking enough to ever become famous, here are some tips directly from the stars to at least fool your Instagram followers into thinking you live like one.


1. Make sure you can take as many pictures with other celebrities as possible. In fact, make sure you are only ever pictured with other celebrities. Celeb-commoner pics are reserved for plebeian feeds.

nicki minaj instagram


2. IMPORTANT: When taking a pic with another celeb, act casual or make a funny face. You want people to know this is just another day for you. Use nicknames or insert an inside joke if possible.

sofia vergara instagram


3. If you somehow miss a spray tan, just throw on Kelvin. Instant orange goddess. Celebs only get pasty for high-paying roles, not in real life.

jenny mccarthy instagram


4. Act like you?re angry that you?re taking your own picture. It makes you look sexy. And fierce.

Rihanna instagram


5. Pro Tip: Make your selfies look a lil less narcissistic by acting like you don’t even realize you’re taking you’re own picture.

jeremy piven instagram


6. Maybe act like you caught yourself off guard, even.

tyra banks instagram


7. Constantly yet casually take pics of the things you have that most other people could never afford.

kim kardashian Giuseppe Zanotti heels


8. If you have multiple things, try to line them all up in the same shot when possible.

ludacris instagram


9. When trying to downplay drastic plastic surgery, try to take photos next to someone with more work done.

kathy griffin instagram


10. Want to rep your team? Don?t let a jersey ruin your main selling point, and don?t let the team brand you– you brand the team. Celeb Instagram has a strictly ?shirts optional? policy. Exercise that whenever possible.

trey songz instagram


11. REMEMBER: No matter the circumstance, there is no space too small that you can’t dodge fat arm. It?s not awkward, it?s slenderizing.

jaime king instagram


12. Prove you eat. A pic of you posing taking a bite of a sweet is legitimate proof you eat whatever you want.

hayden eva longoria instagram


13. Prove you read. What good is reading a book if no one else knows you?re reading it? Wear glasses for authenticity?s sake.

miranda kerr instagram


14. Use Instagram to prove a point. If someone tells you your jeans are too baggy, borrow a Victoria secret model?s pants and snap a pic. It?ll show the haters and prove just how much you clearly don?t care.

justin bieber instagram


15. 4>1 The intersection of math and vanity.



16. Show backstage/prep pics

Julianne Hough instagram


17. Not only does it show that you work, it shows how much better your job is.

pink instagram


18. Don?t be afraid to use filters to the point where the other person in the photo is rendered featureless. This isn?t about them.

Ashley Tisdale instagram


19. Don?t miss the opportunity to snap a ?candid? right before you?re about to go workout. This is a way to announce that even at your ?worst,? you look better than most people ever will. It?s also extremely relevant to other people?s life and they will appreciate that.

Kim Kardashian workout instagram


20. Since it?s all only a narcissistic means to an end anyway, why not throw up your POS artwork and let your fans lavish you with praise?

chris brown artwork instagram


So there you have it, 20 tips on how to Instagram like a celeb. If you can follow those, and try to use filters that obscure most of your facial features, you might have a shot at Instagram stardom.




  2. Haley says

    This is absolutely idiotic. Anyone who actually follows this, is probably an imbecile.

  3. Ann says

    Hayley, you are missing the point totally, lol, then again, so is Simona… Stop the world, I want to get off…. lol.

  4. Stine says

    Emily, I was feeling VERY different things on every scale and the whole spectrum of emotions, going from crying from laughter to suddenly be hit by an embarrassing self-discovery, that I’ve never admitted to anyone, until now, when I realized how normal, and how many of us that actually, to be honest, are feeling the same severe envy/jalousi, everytime we open up Magazine and are bombarded with nothing but how flawless, fat-free, excess-like, and of course hilarious World famous women live on a daily basis….seigh
    This is the moment where Im suppose to say that, yes they have everything, but money cant buh you happiness blah blah blah!!! But trust me: its definitly more cool and fun, crying in the back-seat of a limousine then of a back-seat of your inherited 60′ car where the passenger door cant open and so on… Just a thougt from Denmark
    Im rooting for you, Emily ????