4 Music Videos With Incredibly Uncomfortable Acting

?Owl CityThere are plenty of terrible music videos out there. Just take a look at any indie band’s YouTube channel, and you’ll see the video for their latest single; featuring them performing in a desolate field. I’m not going to concern myself with hacky, poor quality output though. I’m much more interested in videos where artists look extremely uncomfortable.

There are many reasons for a music video to appear awkward. Maybe the artist is forced to act; even though they are incapable of doing so. Maybe the artist looks like they have no interest in being in the video. Whatever the reason, all I know is that these videos are so awkward that they are a joy to watch. Don’t let me tell you, have a look at these and judge for yourself:

“Good Time”, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

The first time I watched this video, I wasn’t sure it was real. I thought I was dreaming, in some kind of ‘too good to be true’ situation. I feel sorry Owl City. Who the fuck had the idea to put Owl City, who has Asperger’s, in a party scene? He looks so uncomfortable as he sings to the camera; and not unlike a serial killer. And are we supposed to be under the impression that him and Call Me Maybe are in some kind of relationship? Honestly, I think her and the gay guy from her video would be a more realistic couple.

I want to make it clear that I’m not making fun of Mr City; I actually relate to him. He obviously felt completely anxious while making that video. It’s all over his face. I am no stranger to awkward situations myself. The other day I had to speak in front of a large group of people. While I was doing so, my pen fell out of my hand. Twice.

“What The Hell”, Avril Lavigne

Remember when Avril Lavigne was cool? Was she ever cool? She seemed pretty funky to me in the “Complicated/Sk8r Boi”-era, with her baggy jeans and heavy eyeliner. Since then, however, she has become something of an embarrassment. With her blonde hair and short skirts, she has become the very thing she was supposed to be the subversion of.

This video, in particular, showcases how annoying Avril is. She parades around the video as a walking advertisement for her products. She puts on her own perfume and peruses items from her own clothing line. The only problem is, she may be the worst actor to have ever set foot on a music video set. She seems to try and push herself through by rolling her eyes a lot. It doesn’t work; to the point that the whole thing becomes extremely addictive in its horribleness.

“Vegas Girl”, Conor Maynard

If you don’t have enough time to watch that full video, just tune in to the first 30 seconds. These two thespians do an amazing job of awkwardly working their way though some extremely simple dialogue; all while trying to create the mystery of sexual tension. It doesn’t work

Conor Maynard is 19, but he looks a lot younger. That’s what makes his lyrics a little iffy. It’s not nice hearing the lyrics: “This is for the girl that can get down low/The whole club wanna see you go” coming out of his mouth; especially when combined with his ‘sexy’ dance moves. I don’t know the guy, but I can assure that – when he does have sex – he will cry before; during; and after.

The X Factor Charity Singles (2008 – )

Nothing is as delicious as the amazing charity singles that?The X Factor?puts out every year. The songs themselves are terrible; but the videos are beautiful in their uncomfortableness. Every act takes their part way to seriously; and most of them have long since faded into uber-obscurity.

The basic narrative is the same every year. The video opens with various shots of people in pain from various diseases/awful situations. By the end of the video, everyone is happy and the world is an amazing place again. Trust Simon Cowell to oversee a music video that makes it seem like a group of above-average singers have the ability to transform people’s lives through the power of song.


  1. Kirsten says

    OMG all those people do not look uncomfrontable, they are singers and have to act through everyday life. Don’t look down on them. AVRIL LAVIGNE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Charlie says

    omg you are one mean person.
    you simply picked on avril lavigne as she’s an easy target seeing how she’s grown up over the 10 YEARS she’s been in the public eye.
    fair enough she did flaunt her products but she has a whole management team behind her and has been know to be overpowered by them. if it was up to her completely she wouldn’t of even released the song ‘what the hell’ and for your information the acting was pretty damn good. she’s a performer.
    her music saves lives and for you to chose (and i agree) not her most pleasant song and pick on it is false advertisement and cruel.
    her mom was in that music video, as well as her best friends and brother who have appeared in several (evan taubenfeld being one, who she took on as her lead guitarist and thanks to avrils status now has a solo career).
    fair enough you find her annoying but do you know her personally, or have you judged her on what negative publicity sees her to be?
    if its her music you don’t like, then perhaps her charity work/own charity will change your perspective on her. she supports sick children with disabilities out of her own good will though donation, fun days and benefit concerts. she’s an absolute angel and no she is not an embarrassment, you are.
    everything i have just said is fact. so fuck you and you shitty opinion. amen.

  3. Nelani says

    ROTFLMAO!!! Wow, reading the dumbass comments on these blogs is more entertaining than reading the articles themselves. I hope to god you are under 13 years old, otherwise this is really sad. Grow up and throw some of that fire at REAL, IMPORTANT issues in the world. <>

    Oh and, PS: When you tell someone to fuck off and then say Amen, an angel loses it’s wings. 😉