Homewrecker “Other Woman” Sienna Miller Is Also A Cheater

Sienna Miller BraA few years ago, it came out that one of the biggest newspapers in Great Britain, The News of the World, were hacking the phones and emails of different celebrities and politicians.? This is a big no no because of some crap called “privacy” or something.? One celebrity that totally had all his shit exposed was Jude Law and he is currently involved in the trail case against the publication.

Because of all the dirt digging into Law’s life, it has now?come out that his trampy ex fianc?e, Sienna Miller, not only was the other woman in a bunch of relationships, but also stepped out on Law.?? Which another famous actor who had a serious girlfriend at the time, too.? Miller really rocks the? homewrecking queen status.

So Jude Law is in court talking about everything that went down when his private life kept getting “leaked” to The News of Tte World.? Turns out it was some of his employees and a close family friend selling stories for dollars, because that’s what trustworthy people do. A massive nugget of juice that was spilled was about the time a story came out that former girlfriend (and at one point fianc?e) Sienna Miller cheated on law with the way sexier fellow Englishman, Daniel Craig.

Seems Sienna and Craig, who costarred in the movie Layer Cake apparently didn’t get enough of bumping their privates together during filming, and started getting it on in private.? Getting all 007, former reporter for World Dan Evans hacked into Daniel’s voicemail box and heard a message left by a female.

?Hi, it?s me. Cannot speak. I?m at the Groucho (Club) with Jude. I love you.?

When the report came out exposing the affair, Jude was pissed.? Not only because Sienna was giving away the milk, but because he and Craig were friends.

He said he immediately rang Craig, who was in Baltimore, to question him about it. ?No doubt you expressed your views?? asked defence counsel Timothy Langdale QC. ?I did, yes,? Law replied. ?Did you make any reference to his then-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell?? asked the QC, who is representing former NoW editor Andy Coulson.

Law said: ?I don?t remember if that was her name, but more than likely yes. We had known each other for many, many years, so the conversation took all sorts of turns.?

Mr Langdale asked: ?Were you indicating to him that he ought to tell her about this?? Law replied: ?Yes, I think that?s correct, I did.?

You know this was just a verbal fight because Craig would kick the shit out of Jude and probably yank out what little hair Law has left.? Seriously Jude, have you seen the commercials for Bosley?? Look what it did for Joey Fatone.? There is really no excuse for anyone with money to look like a busted up Bobo the Clown in the follicle department.

Craig at the time was in a long term relationship with Satsuki Michelle, a Hollywood producer who he kept dangling on a string for about 6 years.? Apparently cheating wasn’t enough of a reason for Michelle to walk away from those abs or that money, and she stayed with Craig for another couple of years, getting a ring but never the true commitment.? (Fun fact, within months of dumping Michelle, Craig ran off and married Rachel Weisz, who dumped her boyfriend of 9 years for him.? How lovely).

Sienna Miller doesn’t exactly have the reputation of a lady with class who keeps her legs closed.? She also has no issues if the man she wants to bone has a girlfriend, or even wife (Or a pregnant wife.? Hello Balthazar Getty!).?? She doesn’t care about being the other woman, and it’s been rumored Law and she were banging while he was still married to his ex wife.? Homegirl has got to do what she’s got to do to stay satisfied.?? So it isn’t really shocking that she’d cheat on Law, even if he was the Dick to her Liz.

I am hoping some other super yummy shit comes tumbling out.? Another name mentioned that had been hacked is Simon Cowell. What I would give for some dirt on my girl, the crazy ass Paula Abdul.? You know Cowell tapped that Valium riddled ass.


  1. Sassy says

    Oh please, who would want to stare at Daniel Craig’s pinched up puss, especially during the big O???? I’ve never found the appeal of this crabby man in the least, I don’t give a flip what his “abs” look like. Jude Law is beautiful (hair treatments don’t work for everyone, genius, else John Travolta wouldn’t be spray painting it on), and is aging gracefully without plugs (that are ugly and obvious) and botox (side-eyeing Keith Urban) because he’s a man confident and comfortable in his own skin. He’s also a wonderful father and his co-workers gush about him. Heck, he even won over his Sadie’s ex-husband as a friend, who said he wanted to dislike him but couldn’t because he was so likeable and great with his son. Wish I could see him in Henry V, he was awesome on stage as Hamlet. Oh, and also, when he and Miller met on the set of Alfie, his divorce was almost final and Sadie had already moved her boytoy in. Sadie, however, did cheat on her first husband, then divorced him and took off with their baby. So there you go. You can keep Daniel Craig forever and always. Have a nice day.