Harry Styles Isn’t The Only One Direction Member Who Sleeps Around

Zayn Malik

You may be forgiven for thinking that One Direction is literally a one-man band. “Harry Styles this, Harry Styles that” seems to be all that we hear in newspapers daily. And yes, we know about Harry’s activity between the sheets. We’ve had the long list of girlfriends that have become little more than notches in his bedpost. But did you know that he’s not the only one to be getting up to that kind of behavior in the band?!

That’s right. Come on down, Zayn Malik!

Perrie Edwards

The teenaged pop star is alleged to have bedded an Australian waitress on tour – which is obviously news to his girlfriend, Little Mix minx Perrie Edwards.

What’s worse than anything is that when Malik flew back to the UK from France to hold what were called “crisis” talks over the affair with a woman called CJ, Edwards seems to have gone… “ok.”

Which I don’t understand. Far be it from me to comment on how people should carry out their relationships, not least pop stars, who really inhabit a world of their own, but surely you’d actually go “I am really rich and famous, and a whole calvalcade of guys are waiting to date me, so maybe not babes”?

“Things are far from over between Zayn and Perrie. He came and stayed in the Little Mix hotel, where Perrie was booked in with her bandmates,” a ‘source’ told the Daily Mail. Which seems to me like an indication that they’re back together.

But Zayn’s meant to have cheated on Perrie Edwards with another person, which just messes things up even further. Another waitress, in London, called Courtney Webb, told The Sun that Malik is “an absolute shit.”

How dare he – not only to me but to Perrie? I definitely don’t think it’s the first time he’s done this. I feel sorry for Perrie – she doesn’t know this is going on. It’s wrong and it has to stop.

Hilariously, Webb realised the morning after – while Malik was still asleep – that she’d somehow become the other woman, and got her revenge in the most 21st century way possible. She wapped out her phone and took a bunch of pictures of the sleeping Malik.

Zayn Malik

Oh, did we forget to mention that she made sure to pap his tattoos so there was no doubt as to who it was? (We’ll ignore the fact that the photos look eerily like something out of ‘CSI: London’, okay?) This is what I like the most: technology uncovering love cheats. Harry Styles watch out: you’ve got competitions in the sack.


  1. Emilie says

    If Harry Styles has slept with a third of the women he’s linked to I would be surprised. The media is awful to him, despite a lot of evidence that he is a respectful well raised young man.

  2. mmm. says

    I guess ur gay,so u r determined dt he s gay!its k i dnt blme u,harry s hot as fuck…u can fancy him in ur dreams!lol