Glee Cast Apologise To Lindsay Lohan Entirely Of Their Own Free Will

The cast of Glee had water pistols put to their collective heads and now they’ve said sorry to Lindsay Lohan. We kid, of course. No water pistols, plastic spoons, or any other offensive weapons, were used to compel an apology from the cast of the show, after they made some pretty accurate comments about the recovering addict of too many substances to mention.

As you may recall, one reader who actually still watches Glee, there was a much-talked-about episode where Gwyneth Paltrow appeared as a teacher who encouraged the kids to mock the actress.It was pretty tame. And pretty accurate. Her character said, in Spanish, ?How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?? Five, FYI. Gwyneth continued, translated from Spanish with subtitles, ?Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right??

Nothing to see here.

Seriously, which part of that was inaccurate or defamatory enough to warrant Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan, threatening the show with a defamation lawsuit?

The suit would probably have been thrown out of court, once the bemused judge finished giggling. But Dina still found the comments offensive. Which, frankly, only further demonstrates her delusional and often enabling behaviour.

She doesn’t see what we do. Which is why her daughter has probably posed for more mug shots than passport photos in her lifetime.

Well, in any case, some of the cast ran into Lindsay at dinner and said sorry.

The cast of ?Glee? apologized to Lindsay Lohan for mocking her during an episode last year. Lindsay was out at dinner in West Hollywood Sunday night when she ran into the cast (minus Jane Lynch and Lea Michele) and naturally, that episode ? mocking Lindsay?s frequent trips to rehab ? came up.? Sources tell us the cast walked up to LiLo, apologized for the jokes, and said they didn?t mean to hurt her feelings. Lindsay accepted their apology and everyone parted ways.

That’s ‘Sorry’ spelt ‘Sowwy’, and said out of the side of their mouths. Probably. On that note, we’re ‘Sowwy’ for pointing out that Lindsay isn’t trying that hard to recover and will likely fall off the wagon before the year’s out. We’d bet our pocket money on it.

This was a guest post by Amy Grindhouse, who is a Golden God amongst you plebbish mortals.


  1. dave says

    That’s a conversation I wish I had of overheard.
    Glee cast: “Hey Lindsay, sorry we cashed in on your problems yeah? We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, we thought you of all people would find your problems hilarious.”
    Lindsay: “Got an 8-ball?”
    Glee cast: “Yeah sure here ya go!”
    Lindsay: “Sweet thanks guys, hey I loved High School Musical by the way!”

  2. gilbert wham says

    Well, yeah, if they gave me a Henry of Hollywood-grade coke, I’d accept that in lieu of an apology.Until then, my point stands.