Faith Hill Without Makeup

Faith Hill beautiful

Singer Faith Hill is country music royalty and even has her country King husband Tim McGraw.

Albums ?Faith? and ?Breathe? went multi-platinum and the crooner became a five time Grammy award winner. She?s the lady you once fantasized about punching in the face when Pearl Harbor soundtrack and international hit ?There You?ll Be? was played one too many times. Hill of course is well known for her stunning beauty queen looks. Even after marrying and becoming a mother to three she didn’t lose her sex symbol status. We have on occasion seen Faith Hill without makeup and the change in appearance is quite surprising.

Faith Hill without makeup

Her skin looks fresh with a couple of blotches but she obviously takes care of herself. It is nonetheless a shock to see her looking anything other than pristine and glamorous. Under eye creases which are usually well hidden beneath cosmetics are on show. For a woman in her 40?s she is in good shape although with slight redness around the nose and her loose hair, some of the allure has slipped away.

It helps to work a face void of any cosmetics when you have such stunning features and below we see how going bare isn’t to her detriment. She looks like she has had a good nights sleep as she has no dark circles and cracking a smile always aids a perky look. Faith really has nothing to worry about; it?s time to let that skin breathe more often.

Faith Hill no makeup


  1. Myra Robinson says

    I have always thought of Faith Hill Mcgraw as a very beautiful woman,it is obvious her husband still thinks she is beautiful.

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