Even Canada Is Sick Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Hat tattooosJustin Bieber is really begging for a little time in the clinker.? For a guy on probation, he has really been pushing buttons and just asking to add to his mug shot gallery.? Multiple fights, accidents, rumors of bribing Homeland Security.? It’s just non stop with this asshole.

Now, even Canada is over Bieber’s ridiculousness and has arrested him.? You have to be pretty shitty to get arrested in Canada.? I am almost impressed.

I can’t quite decide if Justin Bieber acts worse when he is with Selena Gomez or when they’re apart.? Currently, they are back on-ish, and coincidentally this last month Justin’s been doing a lot of stupid shit.

Justin started off August by going to Dave and Busters with Gomez like?a typical underage kid on a date.? In the middle of Skeeball and shooting zombies with a plastic gun, Bieber got all pissy pants because someone dared to take his picture.? The fact that someone had the audacity to whip out their iPhone when?they see a?famous person playing Dance Dance Revolution for tickets was enough to send Justin over the edge.? He “had” to be held back by his bodyguards as he tried to attack the rude person and steal the guy’s phone.?? After the scuffle, Bieber threw down his tickets and stormed out without cashing in for a D&B shot glass.? He is now being investigated for assault and battery.

Then, it came out that members of Bieber’s posse were caught allegedly paying off a Canadian Border Patrol employee.? Free Justin Bieber tickets in exchange for letting the less than acceptable members of society into the country, potentially losing your job, going to jail, and having your life ruined?? Yup, doesn’t seem worth it to me.? Supposedly, Bieber didn’t know about any of this.? Riiiiight.

Add in a car accident, a tacky moustache, driving his obnoxious moped on the sidewalk, and it seemed like every other day this douchebag was in the news.? But now Justin has gone so far that even Canada is like, “Fuck this shit, I am done!”

Justin was joy riding around with Selena Gomez (maybe this bitch is the problem) on an ATV, when once again someone dared to get too close to His Assholeness.? Instead of acting like a normal person and leaving, Justin instead decided to ram his ATV into the minivan.?? He then proceeded to fight with the photographer, and again try to hijack their camera.? And just like with the Dave and Busters incident, the paparazzo went to the cops.

Canada took this opportunity to say, “We’ve had enough!” and has charged Justin with dangerous driving and assault. He was arrested, but then released on the contingence that he return later in the month for a court appearance.? Both photogs have hooked with Gloria Allred for their upcoming lawsuits, and both incidents have been passed on to the LA District Attorney, where Bieber recently received probation for egging his neighbor’s home.? There is a chance, though sadly probably a small one, that Justin’s probation could be revoked and he’d have to serve actual jail time.

Oorrrrrrr when his ass goes back to Mountie Court in a few weeks, we close up our borders nice and tight, and refuse to let that bitch back in.


  1. Eva says

    Um, Megan that “someone” in Canada who got too close to Bieber and Gomez were paparazzi making a buck by following a young couple around on private land and invading their privacy.

    That isn’t one day for Justin Bieber. That’s EVERYDAY. Why don’t you live with that – or imagine it – for just a few weeks, and imagine what you’d be pushed to after years of it amid congress’ refusal to regulate paparazzi for anyone but children?

  2. Zizi says

    Send his ass to jail I’m tired of this arrogant fucker I’m sure the toss salad man would love to have him..oh by the way his music wont be remembered 50 years from now