Emma Watson Continues To Be An Annoying Overachiever

emma-watson-golden-globes_1Show of hands – how many people, if given enough cash to ensure they would never have to work again, would spend it going back to school? Correct, because none of you are Emma Watson. ?

I’m beginning to suspect that Harry Potter may in fact have been a documentary because the differences between Hermione and Emma Watson are nearly non-existent. Despite have a metric buttload of money in the bank, Emma Watson decided to go to university and earn herself a fancy degree at the same time as starring in multiple Hollywood blockbusters and looking fabulous at big award shows. In other news, I got up for a 9am lecture last week and had to have a four hour nap to recover.

Emma graduated from Brown University this week – that’s no bargain-bin university, either – with a degree in English Literature. If she didn’t add “I’m best mates with J.K Rowling” to the top of every single assessment, she’s missed a trick.

emmawatson selfie

She’s literally making every other student look bad. If it feels like it’s been an eternity since she started college, that’s because she enrolled five years ago but took a short break in 2011 to film and promote the final Harry Potter film. I’d like to imagine that whichever office worker received that ‘mitigating circumstances’ form rolled her eyes and tossed it in the shredder the first few times Emma submitted it.

emma watson graduation

Of course she deserves a big pay off for all her hard work, but especially because there was a rumour shortly after she started that everytime she answered a question correctly in class, there would be someone shouting “Ten points to Gryffindor!” from the back of the classroom. If you go to school with Hermione Granger herself, the Hogwarts-themed jokes would not get old. Quite frankly, it’s a miracle she got through the whole five years without caving someone’s head in with a copy of War and Peace.

Well done, Emma Watson, four for you, Emma Watson.



  1. Kitty says

    I think Emma has done amazing and hasn’t been overreaching, if she ever reads this then I want to say that I admire her work on TV after staying dedicated to her school work and it has all payed off as now she has a degree in English. And I am sure Rupert and Daniel would say the same thing.

  2. Elliot Treglohan says

    I disagree with what u are saying. It gives me something to aim for, I’m at uni and I say to myself if she can do it whilst earning a living I can do it aswell

  3. Viki Marden says

    I personally disagree with you. She had inspired a lot of young people to follow in her footsteps, including me to attend university. Yes, she is wealthy but at least she uses it well and not to ‘piss it up the walls’ excuse the expression. You should be proud not ridiculing her.

  4. WestSeaDoc says

    Not only is her celebrity a distracting factor but also that she is one of the most elegantly beautiful women in the world. She is reminiscent of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn but with her own unique persona and style. A wonderful role model for young women and still drool worthy for men, too.