Eminem Wants To Get Married To His Ex-Wife Again

Eminem has gone soft. He swapped all his angry sweary rants for songs about how he loves his daughter – and if that wasn’t enough, Eminem has just announced that he is back with ex-wife Kim.

Yes – Kim Mathers; the same Kim Mathers that Eminem once sang "sit down bitch. If you move again I’ll beat the shit out of you," about. Eminem, eh? What a bloody romantic.

Eminem (CDs) made the shock announcement that he was planning to get
married to his ex-wife Kim again during an interview with Detroit radio
station WKQI-FM‘s Mojo in the Morning show:

"We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry."

to reports, Eminem kept referring to "my wife Kim," throughout the
interview, said to be the only interview Eminem has planned for the
time being.

The news that Eminem is back with Kim has raised a few eyebrows –
their divorce in 2001 was a particularly nasty one. Kim sued Eminem for
defamation after Eminem’s song Kim depicted her brutal murder, Eminem was
given a two-year probation after allegedly pistol-whipping a man who
he saw kissing Kim, Kim held up divorce proceedings to try and get more
child support money from him, and she also slit her wrists somewhere down
the line, too.

But now Eminem and Kim are reportedly back together, and beating Eminem’s sleep medication dependency, on which Eminem said:

"When I went into rehab, I kind of went into it… with the notion of
‘I’m gonna get clean, I’m gonna get off this stuff before it gets too
out of hand.’"

Beating drugs, getting back with his ex-wife… the man’s going soft. We can’t wait for Eminem’s next album, 101 Aga Recipes For The Modern Housewife.

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  1. Shalom says

    i think that its good eminem is getting back together becasue it is good for him to have another chance adn i think they’re gonna do much better,for halies saik at least

  2. Sophie says

    I think that the whole thing is a publicity stunt – he’s made much more money portraying himself as the “hardcore rap artist with a soft side for his daughter” (bless) and low and behold, he’s single too! If he and Kim had stayed married, there is no way he would have made half as much money. Girls all over the world would believe that they’d have a chance with him if he was single and fall head over heels in love with him, however if he and Kim had stayed together girls wouldn’t have gone so nuts for him (having a sexy poster on you’re wall of a “married man” doesn’t really say “buy me”) – fair play though, they’re the ones laughing now, with they’re cushy lifestyle and living as a “family” again happily ever after and all that money! I feel bad for Hailie though – poor kid has been messed about a fair bit.

  3. diana says

    i gues he’s doin’ this for his daughter, so she can live in an united family…hope their relatinoship will last…for hailey’s sakes..

  4. Gia says

    THIS IS BULLSHIT. his hole career all he has done is lie to his fans to sell his records. Everyone ate up the fact that he was so hardcore. He talked about killing her and watching it yet they are going to get re married. This is completly stupid i just dont see how alot of people could still be fans of his.

    Insane clown posse was right!!!!
    Eminem is a fagget

  5. Charis says

    I totally can’t believe that he cancelled his tours in 2005 to the uk. it broke my heart! But i am glad that he is gonna sort stuff out with kim for haily and elana… i think it’s a really good thing he’s trying to do.

  6. Erika says

    Eminem is the best mothafuckin rapper since fuckin 2pac & if u dont like it u can go fuck urself! Stop hatin, u jealous bitches.

  7. emily says

    me again,
    Eminem you need drama in ya life to rap so where is all that goin to go.

    atleast ya daughters are happy.
    i agree wid erika eminem is a moda fukin genuis


  8. nicole says

    i loooooove eminem sooo f-in much like really it killed me when ifound out that he was remarring the idiot she was stupid to cheat on him in the first place like hi they have a daughter together !!! and they got married yeasturday!!!! and he adopeted her baby from another man !!!! that right there is some true heart to adopt ur well not any more ex wifes child from another man! i am happy for eminem if he is wiling to do that for her he must really love her! way to go em! congrulations (but i still know i will meet u one day!)

  9. Melissa says

    I can’t believe the man of my dreams married her!! I know he is the best rapper ever next to TuPac and Biggie. What I don’t understand is he doing this for his daughter or has he forgiven her? I mean com’on all the shit he said in all his songs. On every Cd was nothing but lies? For his sake I hope he forgave her. Once a Cheater always a cheater, once a coke head always a coke head. All I can say is congrats and best wishes now I have a shit load of pics on my walls of a MARRIED MAN. Just hit me up one day Em when it dont work!!!

  10. Shady4eva says

    it was the happiest thing for me to hear that he’s goin’ to remarry! I can be happy when he is happy so i wish all da best eminem!! and come to polaand as fast as you can;*

  11. vannessa says

    i think we all shouldnt have anything about him gettin back wit her. think about it how many ppl have we called a bitch and said we wonldnt ever get back wit em but we do so how can we sit there a and talk shit when i bet u have done it atleast he has the balls to do it and be public and aint on here wrighting shit about how he did this and that dame if he happy so be it or if he did it for money its on him aint like yall out there makein millions rappin or singing so chill wit all da hattin latta

  12. Joey says

    Wow….i can’t believe eminem is back with Kim after all the shit hes talked about her in his songs!!
    I dont care tho i still think hes a fukin lyricall GENIOUS!!! and no other MC can touch his skillz

  13. ess says

    i was well suprised 2 here dat he was getin married again 2 kim, but i’m kinda happy for him and the rest of the family. I’ll slowly get over it. but i will still meet u one day

  14. Ariel says

    wow…i cant believe m@ babi iz bac wif hiz ex-wife… eminem iz d@ best rapper 0n diz fuckin planet! he iz s00000 fuckin fine…lol i wish d@ best 4 dem:)n i h0pe d@ bitch d0nt screw upP again….

  15. Julia says

    omg i was so freaking heartbroken when i found out i was like screaming eminem is like way to good for her and u all freaking spelled hailies name wrong, dam and icp sucks compared to eminem or anyone els, i have a poster of eminem on my wall and i’m still going to leave it there but i had him as my background and it was hot but anyway yea eminem cheated on her also when they were 18 and they decided to stay clean after that like in the song “Kim” it says it and obviously she prolly didn’t get that mad but he prolly told her it was a mistake and he was sorry and should have picked a better choice er sum shit but anyway i love him to death even tho he’s like 20 years older then me but much love em much love

  16. Stan says

    you know…i feel what all these people are saying about how they dont understand how he can talk so much hateful shit about kim…i mean for godsakes, the man took words about killin dis bitch, made it into a song and everyone loved it, i loved it, i cant beleive hes gone soft…but you really have to think about it…the man’s got a daughter, how many of you fuckers that are posting have a daughter and really know what it’s like to want the best for your own flesh and blood, and what would you do, quit hatin…haters dont prosper, and im out peace!

  17. lana says

    i think every1 shuld b out of there business nd let them do wut they want!! but if i was them i wuld deff get back wit him.. for the sake of the kids. its not cute not havin to parents raising u. nd i kno where they come from cuz i was in the situation. sum ppl think they shuldnt b together think again.. wut if u were in there shoez.. numba 1 he got a great job nice house rich nd he is sexy.. wut more culd u ask for.. nd he also adores his family.. might talk alot about them but its iight!! every1 does!! nd dont think ppl dont!! sum ppl are just haters on the reallll

  18. Annie says

    Hey eminem i kinda made u got remarried but it good for halile poeple spell her name right! well im pissed at him kinda because he was better single i dont want him to end his career i love this dude i hope u become the next eminem Nathan u would be great and eminem i hope u dont stop people love u not matter wat dont listin to them who call u a *** they dont know anything there just jelouse [i am kinda to] but it for halile also she need u more then eva eminem hope u keep going on wid ur life live it rich!
    love ur #1 fan Annie [annie is my nick name ]

  19. SlimShadysBitch says

    ma whole room is covered wit his face i got all his cds been 2 nearly half the concerts annie so i dont know wot ur talkin bt i even got an autograph so ur nowhere near bein no.1 fan dear! well i think he is doin this 4 his kids its the only reason otherwise he wud beat the shitt outta kim remember in his lyric ‘cleanin out ma closet’ even if i h8d kim i’d gritt ma teeth n ill try 2 make it work at least 4 haileys sake. i wud give him a blowie 4 free! well i am his bitch afta all ya know! i feel empty without him like he says coz it feels so empty without me! am so worried that a shitt cheap twatt is gonna come n take his place :( X( :(( . his kids elaina n hailey really n3d him at this time espacially hailey. i thought that when he reitired that he woz gonna go 4 a bit but he really DID :(( well its life ill live !!!!!!!!!!!!! I WUV HIM N HIS NO.1 FAN EMINEM IF U DIE(HOPEFULLY NEVA) ILL DIE WIT YA. JUST KNOW THIS I LUV YA.YA KIDS LUV YA MORE THAN ME THEN KIM THEN ME THEN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ginger says

    Okay people,
    First off, he loved her! Although you see hate in his songs, look deeper. Now I’m an old person who only came across this rapper due to one of the younger people who worked with me, and although it’s not my style of music, you can tell he’s hurting, he has always loved her. Ease up. Have you never had someone that seem to hurt you beyond repair. And then there’s growing up. Kim might not be the same person she was before. It’s hard to be in the spot light trying to get it together. Ease up!

  21. mely says

    I don’t agree with eminem going back with Kim. She cheated on him and then he goes singing bad songas about her and then now he wants to go back with her who understands him? He doesen’t know what to do in his life. I’m totaly going to stop being a big fan of him if he actually goes back with her. He’s so dumm!!!!!!!!!

  22. Fran says

    I would love to learn that Eminem and 50 Cent have become lovers and have decided to move in with each other!

    I’m sure 50 would be in familiar territory: I mean, he did spend some time in jail…

    All that homophobic talk is quite possibly, just a smoke screen, I think.