Elvira Without Makeup

Elvira Looking Good

Elvira is a cultural phenomena who can best be summarized as?Pamela Anderson’s cha-cha’s?with Marilyn Mason’s aesthetic and?Chelsea Handler’s humor. Elvira rose to fame in the early 1980s?as the hostess of Movie Macabre, a weekly showing of extremely campy?horror films, and quickly became a cult figure.?Her raunchy wit combined with her gigantic cleavage wedged into a Morticia Addams gown was, and perhaps still is,?the pinnacle of highbrow entertainment.

The character of Elvira was developed and played by?actress Cassandra Peterson. Now in her sixties, Peterson still occasionally humors?her fans?by posing as Elvira, but, for the most part, she’s?completely unrecognizable as her alter ego. If you bumped into her on the street, you would never guess who she is. Elvira without makeup looks quite normal.

Elvira Without Makeup

In the first photo, Peterson?looks elegant and lovely as she arrives at PETA’a 25th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards Show. ?(A longtime PETA supporter and activist, Peterson did a very funny?public service announcement for PETA as Elvira a few years back.) She is completely unidentifiable as her alter ego. Understated, attractive, and age-appropriate.

With her assets on prime?display in the next photo, Peterson is somewhat more recognizable as Elvira.? Simply made-up, you can also see a bit of the Mistress’ spirit in her eyes. Overall, she looks a bit toothy, but?very lovely.

Elvira Without Makeup



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