Eleanor Calder Without Makeup

Eleanor Calder Looking Good

Eleanor Calder is nothing special. She’s a pretty?20-year old unversity student whose claim to fame is that she’s dating One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, despite?his obvious homosexuality.

Calder and?Tomlinson have been an item?for about one year (they’re exclusive and so happy!!), and she sure is a good?sport for putting up with 1D’s rabidly jealous fans (not to mention the fact that her boyfriend prefers boys).?She is a lovely young?woman, and Eleanor Calder without makeup is adorable.

Eleanor Calder Without Makeup

The first?photo of Eleanor without makeup is really cute. She looks very young and fresh-faced and appealing. Her complexion looks nice and her hair is gorgeous. My only recommendation is maybe a quick tooth-whitening.

In the next photo, Eleanor is at the airport. Though Louis doesn’t appear in this particular photo,?he was with her and she is probably looking at him and wondering what the fuck she’s doing with her life. At any rate,?she looks great: young, healthy, and pretty. If you focus beyond her boyfriend’s questionable?sexual orientation and?his band’s unquestionably awful music,?Eleanor is a very lovely young woman.

Eleanor Calder Without Makeup


  1. Mandy says

    Omg they do not have awful music what kinda perverted awful moron are you i love all of them and there music so just back off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Niamh says

    I would just like to clarify that this article is 100% accurate, there is not one single word of a lie in it and I would like to send a Harrods gift basket the the person who wrote it. Thank you.

  3. wtf says

    1. who gives a fuck about Eleanor. (Of course she’s so sweet and blablabla.)
    2. why did you write about Louis’ sexuality?
    Okay,he’s gay but HE DIDN’T COMING OUT YET. That means nobody should talk about his sexuality because:1. he’s not ready. 2. if he has a ‘beard’ there are some reasons. just stop.

  4. Larry bitches says

    Mind you, being gay is not an insult. You guys are all acting like being gay is a bad thing.
    We all know that Louis belongs to Harry anyways, because Larry Stylinson is real. Call me deluded, call Larry bullshit, but remember that it’ll always be Harry. You’ll thank me later. :)


    For goodness sake louis and eleanor are happy together let them be! Your upsetting louis and Harry and eleanor by saying louis’ gay!!! He’s not GET OVER IT! If you we’re a true directioner you’d let louis and eleanor be happy together.
    The bands music is not rubbish shut up!!!

  6. lexy. says

    i honestly think Lou and Haz are together, but until they come out, we just need to respect Eleanor and Louis. i think she’s a gorgeous girl, and that she doesn’t deserve any of the hate she gets. shes just doing her job. xx

  7. Directioner says

    This is RIDICULOUS !!
    The writer is awful and needs to get their facts updated!!
    1) Eleanor is not ONLY a University student, but a model too. Whereas, this stupid article says ” Eleanor Calder is nothing special. She

  8. tanya says

    she’s not a model, she was a floor model at a clothing store – translation, sales assistant.

  9. Directioner10 says

    Okay, First off it really doesn’t matter whether Louis’ is gay or not. Are you saying that being gay is a bad thing? It isn’t, love is love. I honestly believe that Larry Stylinson is a bromance, but if it were to be a romance that would be fine because Louis can be with anyone he wants to be with and the same to everyone else. I don’t believe Eleanor is a “beard” and it hurts her so much when people say she is. I believe Louis and Eleanor are in love. All of this is my opinion, so please don’t hate.


    Dear the person who wrote this,
    You are amazing and you deserve an award.
    A Directioner/Larry Shipper

  11. hi says

    three things:
    1) louis is straight.
    2) i’m okay with you not liking 1D, but you just seriously offended over 5 million fans worldwide.
    3) if eleanor was concerned about louis’ sexuality, she would have said no when he first asked her out.

  12. byeeee says

    Can you not comment that their music is awful and Lou is gay cause first of all you don’t know and second of all no one cares what you think about them. All we wanted to see was El without makeup. That’s why we clicked on it. (Btw uugghhh she so pretty I’m angry lol!!! ????????????)

  13. Lillian says

    1, Being gay I nothing wrong hun. Love is love and their is nothing wrong with 2 people falling in love of the same gender cause love doesnt see ones sexuality. It just happens.

    2,You should not decide about Louis’ sexuality especially and jump into conclusions okay? I mean, look at Lou and El, they are so happy. Noticed their smiles on that 1st pic? And Larry Stylinson exists okay? But as a bromance

    3, Eleanor is a beautiful young girl has an amazing boyfriend who just happens to be 1/5th of the biggest boy and in the world and really, all these hates are a punishment for falling in love with someone and that’s just not fair to her. And Louis definately doesn’t love her for her job status so I doesn’t matter to him what she does because its that heart of hers that does it. She’s a sweetheart. And besides, she is extremely talented and smart.

    4, Sweetie, its the biggest boy and in this planet you are talking about okay? And the reason they are where they are is because of their music which millions follow and at times, its like the cure to those tears. Trust me, I’ve been there.

    Dude, if you aren’t a fan of the boys, its your opinion. But ya know, it’s not at all cool to just go on the net and throw the hate on a website. The boys have us, and this is just totally unrequired.

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