The Disney Curse Claims Selena Gomez As Its Latest Victim

Selena Gomez 2All those months of having to put up with Justin Bieber’s shit seem to have finally caught up with Selena Gomez. She bundled herself off to rehab at the start of January for exhaustion.?

Disney must run a boot camp to teach its stars how to evade the paparazzi when picking the perfect rehab spot – first Zac Efron and now Selena Gomez have managed to check themselves in and out without anyone realising they’d disappeared. Whilst Zac got help for his penchant for white powder, Selena’s stay was for something a little more PG. If you believe her reps, that is.

Selena checked herself in on 5th January to The Meadows in Arizona, which has also seen Kate Moss and Tiger Woods walk through its doors. She was booked on to the two-week ‘Dawn’ programme that’s designed for young adults dealing with “emotional trauma, addiction, or dual diagnosis concerns”.

Justin Bieber selena gomez


Her reps have gone out of their way to state that she didn’t go there for substance abuse, but some ‘insiders’ have called bullshit on that and are blaming Public Enemy Number One – Justin Bieber.

Sources are saying that Selena was partying hard just before her rehab stint, experimenting with weed, and popping prescription pills like breath mints. Guess how they are saying she got hold of all these evil substances? Her underage on-again-off-again boyfriend, that’s who! Like it would have been so difficult for a young, beautiful and famous actress to get these things by herself – it sounds like they are practically part of craft service on the set of Disney channel shows.

Wait a second. Am I defending Justin Bieber? Let’s move on, just in case. If it was anything to do with partying and drugs, all involved seem to think that the two-week stay has fixed her right up, since Selena is back to work and not even in an outpatient programme or therapy.

Well this clears up the mystery of why she cancelled her Australian tour in January. All the reports at the time cited Lupus, but we should have all seen this one coming.

It's never lupus