Diane Sawyer Without Makeup

Diane Sawyer Looking Good

Diane Sawyer is?tall, blond, and extremely classy. The host of ABC World News since 2009, Diane has been well-respected in the news world for three decades, and succesfully manages?her tricky position?as a?woman in?an historically male profession. But she’s not just any?woman … serious and kind of stiff, but?brilliant and gorgeous with a quiet charisma.

Now 66 years old, Diane first hit the spotlight in 1963 when she won the America’s Junior Miss pageant. Eventually, she set aside a future based on her looks and chose to pursue?one based on substance. Despite what must be an incredibly stressful job with a harrowing schedule,?Diane Sawyer without makeup looks fresh and lovely.

Diane Sawyer Without Makeup

In the first photo of Diane with a clean face, she was walking down a New York City sidewalk in 2010. Dressed down as she is, she could possibly blend into a crowd, but her face is so well-known that it seems unlikely. Her face looks lovely and her glasses are cute. What ages her is her hair. It’s probably the wind that’s puffing it up, but the weird boost to her usual simple, understated hairstyle?makes?her look oddly grandmotherly.

The next photo of Diane shows her walking with her huband, film director Mike Nichols (not pictured) in New York City. It’s possible that she has a hint of makeup on, but she looks very fresh-faced. With the wind whipping her hair and her stylish glasses, she’s very beautiful and a perfect example of a gorgeous woman aging with dignity.

Diane Sawyer Without Makeup

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