Demi Lovato is Potentially Over Selena Gomez’s Shit


Celebrities: they’re just like us. When they get into fights with people they post passive-aggressive shit about it on the internet, delete the post after a couple of hours (just long enough for everyone to see it), and then unfollow the person they’re fighting with. It’s basically how we all deal with out shit now, and it’s certainly how Demi Lovato is dealing with Selena Gomez.

Demi and Selena have had an on and off friendship for years now, and apparently they’re going through an “off” phase right now because Demi has unfollowed that bitch on Twitter which, in the world of celebrity, is a pretty big “I’m over that bitch” statement.

The other day, someone, who surprisingly wasn’t me, noticed that Demi had unfollowed Selena on Twitter. Shortly after, Demi posted this gem to her Twitter account:


One time, I really didn’t like this bitch, so I photoshopped her head onto the body of a topless chick and sent it to some friends. And by photoshop I mean I used MS Paint to cut out her head and stick it on a porn star’s body. And by one time, I mean I was 14, back when making foolish ass shit like this because you were mad at somebody was at least kind of acceptable.

I guess Demi realized she was at least a little better than me at 14 (everyone is better than me at 14) and deleted her “Bye Bitch” post shortly after. Which, to me, means nothing. When a celebrity with millions of followers posts something then deletes it a little while later it’s like they’re just playing some majorly stupid head games. These idiots know it’s on the internet forever now, whether or not they deleted it, and that everyone is going to be talking about it. I mean, bitch please!

Anyway, since Demi posted this pick shortly after ditching Selena on Twitter, everyone is assuming that the two are on the outs again and that Demi is over Selena’s shit, and, frankly, I don’t fucking blame her.

If my BFF called me up and was like “Hey gurl (in Lumpy Space Princess’s voice), I’m totally back with Justin Bieber. Yeah, I know he did all that drunk drag racing, spit on his fans, maybe fucked a foreign prostitute, and is growing a dirt stache, but I, like, really love him, and I think he’s changing. I mean, we’ve been praying a lot together and going to Bible study classes”, I would 100% be like “I. Just. Can’t.”


  1. Michael G. says

    Demi unfollowed Selena over her coke habit. Everyone knows this. Perez Hilton s**t all over that In Touch Weekly story, but they were right.

    Lovato couldn’t give a toss about whether Selena’s with Justin. Her big thing is drugs because it’s a no-go area for her.

    Have to say, Lovato is a bad-ass, but she’s honest.