Dane DeHaan is Totally Becoming James Franco


Several months back, I wrote a list of up and coming celebs who I thought would make a splash in 2014. Dane DeHaan was one of them. He’s mega talented, has a lot of great upcoming projects, and for a weird looking dude, I’m strangely attracted to him.

However, while, just a few months ago, I found Dane unique and fresh, sexy and quirky, I’m starting to see a shady pattern that makes me think he’s kind of just ripping off fellow sexy and quirky actor, James Franco. Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

First of all, Dane got a lot of hype last year for Frenching Harry Potter on screen in the film “Kill Your Darlings”, a film about Allen Ginsberg (who HP played…he will always be Harry Potter to me, regardless of the fact I’ve liked all his work since those films ended…and yes I still say Frenching like a goddamn 10-year-old).

Back in 2010, James Franco starred in a film that was also about the beat generation, “Howl”, in which he played Allen Ginsberg. Coincidence? So far, yes.


Then, Dane’s name gets in the celeb mags again, but this time he’s going from homoerotic indie films to big blockbuster franchises. His role, you ask? As Harry Osborn in the new “The Amazing Spiderman” film. Sound familiar?


CORRECT! In the last Spiderman franchise (did they really have to make another franchise just a few years after the first one ended? I mean, it’s not like they did anything new or fresh with the story expect make Peter Parker way hotter. And do you remember “Spiderman 3″?! That movie sucked!) James Franco steered away from indie flicks and took on the role of Spidey’s best frenemy. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

Dane was recently cast in a new James Dean biopic. Do you know what movie made me fall in love with James Franco?


THAT’S RIGHT! The role that made James Franco a household name, the role he PERFECTED (sorry Dane, you can’t play James Dean like Franco did) was when he played James Dean in the HBO biopic “James Dean”.

So, Dane DeHaan does a movie about the beat generation, then he plays Harry Osborn, and now he’s playing James Dean?

Have you ever seen the episode of “South Park” where the kids keep trying to come up with new schemes, but people keep pointing out that “The Simpsons” had already done it? Part of me just wants to go up to Dane DeHaan and shout “FRANCO DID IT!”

Maybe in a couple of years he will creep on teenage girls on Instagram? We can only hope…