Christina Aguilera Rather Lazily Linked With Samantha Ronson

Christina Aguilera is to blame for the breakdown of her marriage to music producer Jordan Bratman. Obviously. She was the one out of the two who had a vagina. Which, of course, makes just about everything negative or scandalous within that relationship her fault.

Well, that’s not particularly our assertion. However, it does seem to be the standpoint of most of the people reporting on the divorce of the 29-year-old mother-of-one.

Just over a week ago, Aguilera filed for a divorce from her husband-of-five-years. She cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce papers, rather than scribbling ‘I’m a harlot’ in scarlet lipstick. Despite the fact that two grown people, not attached at the hip, are free to walk away from a broken relationship should they so choose, Christina is being accused of some rather nefarious actions. Because she’s the bad guy. The bad guy with the vagina.

You following?


Pretty much the day the break-up was announced, it was alleged by TMZ that Christina had cheated. Her camp refused to confirm or deny. Because speculation is so much more fun and leads to much-needed column inches when one has a movie of questionable quality coming out in December. The person with whom she is alleged to have cheated is being speculated upon today. Many are pointing their greasy little fingers at Samantha Ronson. As the relationship in question is alleged to have been a lesbian one. And Samantha is a lesbian. Get it? Us neither.

According to

Following Christina Aguilera?s Oct. 14 divorce filing from music producer Jordan Bratman, 33, speculation has run rampant as to what led to the split. It seems that a major factor was the 29-year-old singer?s increasingly close, emotional friendship with deejay (and Lindsay Lohan?s ex) Samantha Ronson, 33.

Because two women can’t be friends, and because no bi-sexual woman can be in the presence of a lesbian without become a de facto one herself, these two women are now sleeping together. Maybe. Or maybe not. Heck if we know.

What we do know is that there are an alarming number of quotes from sources close to the pair etc. stating that they’ve probably been hooking up. The girls went to Cabo in September with Nicole Richie, for her bachelorette. They also attended a hotel opening in Hawaii over the weekend. Their getting closer is said to have unnerved both girls’ exes; Lindsay Lohan, with whom Samantha is said to have argued about this before Lindsay’s rehab trip, and Jordan.

?Jordan was feeling less than a man. It seemed like [Christina] was more interested in hanging out with Sam than him. This had been going on for several months.? As an aside, the source tells TooFab that Ronson?s ex, Lindsay Lohan, was also unnerved by her relationship with Aguilera, 29. ?It caused a lot of problems with Lohan and Sam. Before [Lohan] went into rehab, she was really frustrated with her relationship with Sam because of the Aguilera thing. She was extremely jealous.?

So we’ve been led to believe that they’re sleeping together or Christina’s just using Samantha for publicity. Okay. We’ll bite for the latter. Like we said, a movie of questionable quality doesn’t sell itself.

The source adds that Aguilera sought out a new crowd, because she was looking to shake things up. ?She?s been struggling with her career. She?s not the same star she was a few years ago.? And the friendship has blossomed, even though ?it?s lowering Christina?s street cred to hang out with Sam.?

This was a guest post by Amy Grindhouse, so hooray for that.


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    I’ve been looking to find out the truth as well, and completely agree with you. Most of this is just completely fictional, to create tabloid headlines. It’s too bad… I’m sure the REAL story is way more interesting that all of this made-up crap.