Cher Without Makeup

Cher Looking Good

Cher is a badass. With abs of steel and a camel’s face, she?s cool and she doesn?t give a shit. She dates men half her age, she makes incredibly terrible dance music,?and her daughter became a man.

Known for her outlandish outfits, Cher has toned down her style considerably in her autumn years. Now 66 years old, she?s not strutting around in feathers and a g-string, at least not everyday, but she does still have an?amazing body. Her face, on the other hand,?has always been odd, to put it nicely,?and has not aged so terribly well. Cher without makeup looks pretty rough, though, in reality, not too bad for her age.

Cher Without Makeup

In the first photo of Cher without makeup, taken in February 2012, her eyes are partially masked by her sunglasses, but you can see that her face looks pretty fucked up.?She was rumored to have had cheek implants and it looks like those babies might not be withstanding the test of time and are?drooping much lower than they used to.

No one wants to see Cher looking like a granny, but her wicked witch hair really needs to be updated. Chaz should sign her up for one of those shows that do makeovers on people who have had the same?hairstyle for fifty years.?On a positive note, hands are generally a really good indicator of age and Cher?s are not as grizzly as many women her age.

I find the next photo of Cher with a clean face to be more flattering. It shows her resting on what seems to be a?surfboard with wet, pulled-back hair, looking somewhat annoyed. Other than a slight pouf over the back of her pants, which, to be fair, is virtually impossible to avoid even if you’re Kate Moss, her body looks amazing.

Her face, however,?looks like the melting Nazi at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. But seriously, she’s surfing at 66 years old so don’t criticize. There’s something sad about Cher aging, but at least she’s not sitting in a rocker knitting afghans, she’s still vibrant, still awesome, melting face and all.

Cher Without Makeup

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