Chantelle Tells World She Still Loves Preston On Ultimate Big Brother

Big Brother is great isn’t it? It gets a bunch of humans and puts them in a completely unrealistic situation and slowly watches them wither away like banded haemorrhoids. The latest, and quite possibly the quickest person to have her mental blood supply cut off is Chantelle who, in 2 days, has done a lot of weeping.

This is all thanks to the Big Brother producers taking someone who is, essentially, a very sweet but ultimately dim girl, and locked them in a house with their ex husband. That isn’t cruel at all is it?

And now, just as predicted, the old feelings have come back leaving Chantelle broken, emotional and soon-to-be jaded with the world.

Brian Dowling asked Chantelle about her feelings for ex-husband Preston, with the caveat of ‘stop me if you think I’m being inappropriate’, he asked her whether or not she was worried that being in the house with Preston would make her fall for him all over again.

“Yeah, a little bit. It does, yeah,” she replied. “I was really upset yesterday… but today I’m okay. But I haven’t spent more than five hours in Preston’s company in three years, since 2007, and I probably saw him twice for probably half an hour to sort documents out. Then I saw him last August for about five hours for an afternoon.”

“Do you feel maybe you got married too soon?” he nosied.

She replied: “Oh definitely. I think we would have lasted a lot longer if we hadn’t got married. But the thing is I was young, I was 22, I’d gone on Big Brother… I’d never met anyone like Preston. Give him his due he treated me amazingly. He looked after me. But it all just went a bit wrong. I literally left my mum’s on the morning of going on Big Brother and I never went home.”

Brian: “Do you ever think, ‘If only’?”

Cantelle: “Oh totally. I do look at him and think… it’s almost like my heart aches for him. It’s weird. But I know that he’s avoiding me a bit. Not on purpose. I said to him earlier that he hadn’t really spoke to me a lot. But the thing is, it’s different. Preston has a girlfriend.”

Didn’t stop Chantelle last time though, did it?

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