Calvin Klein is Lowering it’s Standards with Justin Bieber


Calvin Klein is one of my all-time favourite labels. Their clothes, underwear, and fragrances are legendary, so you’d think they’d get someone equally as iconic to represent them and be their spokesperson? Well, in the words of Squints from “The Sandlot”: If you was thinkin’ you wouldn’ta thought that. Yep, Justin Bieber is their new spokesmodel.

Back in the 90’s, Calvin Klein helped make “heroin chic” the look. Now, it would seem, they’re trying to make “white boys with dirt staches who wanna look latino” happen. Calvin Klein, stop being Gretchen Wiener. Stop trying to make stupid things happen.

Allegedly, Calvin Klein (the company that is apparently having a mid-life crisis and wants to stay hip with the kids and they think they can do that by hiring Bieber) noticed that Biebs was really into taking a lot of topless selfies of himself for Instagram, and in those selfies, you could always see the waistband of his underwear, AND, more often than not, those underwear were Calvin Klein.

Now, for some reason the people at Calvin Klein decided “hey! we should start paying Bieber for doing that shit!” So, now they are. Brilliant.

I mean, if they wanted to use someone who likes Instagramming themselves in their Calvin’s, they could’ve at least gone with Kendall Jenner. She’s far less of a douche and is a legit model now:


I mean, at the end of the day I guess I can’t say I’m too surprised by the choice. Back in the 90’s, when Mark Wahlberg was a bratty ass wankster white boy with a bad attitude, Calvin Klein paid him a fuck ton and made him a star by modelling their underwear, so maybe this is just who Calvin Klein is: a company that supports douche bags.

Well, douche bags and Kate Moss.



  1. Michael says

    I can’t claim these words my own. They are taken from an article. But all the information is correct and objectively verifiable from multiple sources. After reading, most people should come to the conclusion that far from lowering Calvin Klein’s standards with Justin Bieber, compared to Mark Walhberg — the Canadian star will raise them.

    “At 15, a civil action was filed against Mark Wahlberg in two separate incidents for harassing African-American children (the first some siblings, the second a group of black school children on a field trip), by throwing rocks and shouting racial slurs. At 16, Wahlberg attacked a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street, and using a large wooden stick knocked him unconscious while yelling a racial epithet.

    That same day, Wahlberg attacked another Vietnamese man with pals, gouging out one of his eyes with a meathook. He was later charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to assault and sentenced to two years in a Boston prison at the age of 17