Blake Lively Hacker Posts 17 New Naked Pictures, So Ner Ner

Remember how Blake Lively (yes, we’ve checked – that really is the name her parents bestowed on her) has never been naked in her entire life, let alone whipped out a smartphone and snapped pictures of her junk?

Well, after reps howled that the snaps were “100 percent FAKE!”, the hacker who circulated the photographs has decided to hit back.

And they’ve decided to hit back with a further 17 naked pictures (yes, click that!) of the Gossip Girl and hand-holder of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Legally, we must continually point out that the actress vehemently denies that it is she appearing in the explicit pictures which are very easily found online (if not, turn your ‘safe search’ off Google Images you massive wimp).

We must also point out, morally, that anyone who hasn’t ever indulged in some kind of nudie self-shots is some kind of backward pervert. Seriously. What’s wrong with you? What exactly are you hiding?

Anyway, these hackers have leaked new photos which ALLEGEDLY feature Lively in a bid to ‘prove’ that they are the real deal.

The hacker says, in a tone that wouldn’t pass as formal sounding in a job interview:

“Oh, yes, Blake’s rep. These are totally fake. We really, really believe you. Want moar? Btw, thanks for all the fats”.

The photos in question, which you’re probably already idly searching for despite not really knowing who she is, consist of Whoever The Woman Who Looks Like Blake Lively Is holding an iPhone with a distinctive protective cover. One that people are presumably trying to match up with a pap shot.

Lively’s representatives are yet to comment on this new batch as they’re probably still writing out invoices to send to the actress in exchange for some kind of damage limitation or upkeep of reputation.

Coming soon: Blake Lively gets vagina out in film or something

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