Beyonce Without Makeup

‘Crazy In Love’ with fellow music industry heavyweight, Jay-Z, the all-singing, all-dancing, all-acting and, er, all perfume-purveying Beyonce Knowles isn’t always crazy about cosmetics. Hell, even Beyonce’s skin needs days off.

Beyonce without makeup is as common a sight as Starbucks by now, with the multi-Grammy Award-winning singer kindly taking on some of the paparazzi’s workload by tweeting photos of her unembellished visage.

The ‘Halo’ chanteuse looks sun-kissed and vibrant in this photo, and is captured cheerfully competing with ‘Telephone’ collaborator Lady Gaga to see who can tweet the most makeup-free photos of themselves in one day.

Photo number two of Beyonce’s naked epidermis was also donated by the flexing Texan herself, displaying a complexion low in blemishes and high in peachy perfection. Is there no end to her attributes?

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