Batman 3 Is Now Called The Dark Knight Rises: Exit The Riddler And Enter The Pyg?

The new Batman films have been ace. They’ve straddled the line of edgy and dumb-ass perfectly. Basically, they’ve been action flicks for people who like to think they’re too smart for ’em. Wise move.

And there’s been a lot of anticipation over the imminent movie, which we’ve been referring to as ‘Batman 3′, just to wind up Batfans. And it worked.

However, today marks the last day when we can call it that because director Christopher Nolan has finally got ’round to giving the film a name and it will be called ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. If you read the headline, you knew that already.

So, if he’s giving out the title, he’s probably giving out more information about the project, right?

Not a chance. The director is keeping everything else about the next instalment under wraps because he’s a horrible little tease. The film, which is due in theatres in 2012, did let out one hint on the villain for fanboys:

“It won’t be The Riddler.”

“We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones.”

What does that mean? Are we getting a Batgirl? The last one, Alicia Silverstone, was dreadful and cutesy and you’d certainly need someone with a bit more sass… but Batgirl seems a bit gimmicky for Nolan.

And it appears that Nolan won’t be filming in 3D. He’s not keen on the idea and he’s saying that Warner Bros. agree with him.

Instead, he’ll be opting for high-definition and Imax cameras.

So if there’s no Riddler, who will the villain be in the new movie? There are mutterings about a return of Two Face. There’s also rumours that Killer Croc could make an appearance as news was leaked that filming may take place in New Orleans (and the swampy bits down there would be perfect for a crocodile story). However, ‘Killer Croc’ is a really, really shitty name for a villain.

As it’s Halloween, we could put forward Scarecrow… but we’re hoping for something of a curve ball here, and are looking toward Professor Pyg, a schizophrenic with an obsession with making people perfect. He attaches doll faces to victims and uses cordless drills, hammers and icepicks to do it.

As one of Batman’s most demented and downright weird arch-enemies, it’d be great to see him feature and riff on the whole ‘quest for perfection’ that the media currently has. Will it happen? Probably not, but if it does, we’re claiming this as our idea.

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  1. Cookie Monster says

    “Batman Rises”, eh? Am I the only one who pictures Adam West washing-down handfuls of Viagra with strong coffee?