Awesome or Off-Putting: The Batsquatch

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What a great name, eh? The Batsquatch – part bat, part Sasquatch. It’s like a marriage made in cryptozoological heaven. It exists though – allegedly. It’s been sighted around Mt. St. Helens in the US, and according to witness report – its exactly what is sound like.

Batsquatch is a rare paranormal anomaly that we’ve never previously heard of. So rare, in fact, that its possible he could be lumped into the exact same category as the Clutchbone. Here’s how describes the creature:

“Purportedly living in the shadows of Washington’s colossal Mt. Saint Helens, are a species of purple-skinned, nocturnal primates, which allegedly have pterodactyl-like wings, blood-red eyes, and a head which is said to resemble that of a simian synthesized with large bat. Hence its name… Batsquatch.”

Before you get too excited you should know ol’ Batty’s only been seen once – in 1994 by a man named Butch Whittaker. Of course, only having one sighting allows plenty of room to call it all a simple and obvious hoax – if there weren’t any pictures. Whittaker did allegedly snap some off, though. These pics aren’t available online, apparently, but all the sites relating the encounter state the man definitely took some.

Obviously Whittaker has his detractors – and some of them appear to be from the paranormal community, too. These paranormal naysayers aren’t necessarily calling the man a liar – they just think he’s mistaken some other paranormal phenomenon for the previously unidentified Batsquatch.

Some say he probably saw Mothman – the harbinger of doom. Other’s think it may have been the Jersey Devil, apparently on a sight-seeing vacation or something. Still, others claim it could have been a Chupacabra, or just a regular Sasquatch strapped comfortably into a hang glider.

There’s also at least one more down to earth explanation, as found, again, on

“Other researchers have contended that these animals may not be flying primates at all, but a large (and heretofore unknown) species of North American fruit bat. That having been said, Batsquatch has been known to display a decidedly carnivorous disposition, and numerous chickens, goats, hogs and cows in the region have turned up missing, although there has been no direct evidence linking the creature to this phenomenon.”

So does Batsquatch exist? We’re leaning towards the probably not – but if Butch were to make his alleged photos available online it could change our thinking. And if he can’t – its probably because the pics never existed in the first place.

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