Awesome Or Off-Putting: Actual Recording Of Astronaut UFO Encounter

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This week: Ufology

Any regular Awesome or Off-Putting readers may remember a few months back when we showed you some alleged astronaut moon-landing transcripts that included this line: "…there were other spaceships. They're lined up on the other side of the crater." As we said, that transcript is purely alleged as we only have it in written form.  Recently, however, our crack h-files investigative team has stumbled upon an actual recording of a 1989 astronaut encounter.

We'll let you hear it after the jump. Because we wanna get wichoo.

On March 13th, 1989, Donald Ratsch (an American member of a radio club that monitors all of NASA's space travel transmissions) was recording communications from the shuttle Discovery. He picked the right time to record, because he got this astronaut transmission: "Houston this is Discovery, we still have the Alien spacecraft under observance."

At first NASA denied everything, when they realised they couldn't deny an actual recording, they acknowledged it was real – but said it was a joke. Anyone who's heard the recording will no doubt attest that the astronaut did not seem to be in a funny mood. A transmission heard but not recorded by an amateur radio operator in Ohio just before the 'spacecraft under observance' message is alleged to have been an astronaut telling NASA that "We have a fire". 'Fire', it's widely assumed, was a code word for UFO. Yet another radio operator claims to have then heard NASA tell the shuttle to switch to another frequency.

The link we have here today is as it was first made available by the London Broadcasting Company. It includes a female presenter introducing the recording, and then plays it four consecutive times.  

It's a fascinating listen.

Astronaut UFO Encounter

[story by Shawn Lindseth]


  1. Joseph Capp says

    I just want to say that James Oberg claimes that Donald Ratsch hoaxed this, I would like to know wherre you got the information that NASA confirmed
    this to be a real recording.

    Thank You Jospeh Capp

  2. Ed Meyer says

    I’m not going to say it is a hoax, but it certainly isn’t that difficult to create. On a scale of 1 to 10 for the level of difficulty with the “Alien Autopsy” as a 10, this wouldn’t even require a 5.

    So Solly, maybe next time.

    (But then again, it could be true!)


  3. G Walker says

    “Houston this is Discovery, we still have the ORBITING spacecraft under observance.”

  4. mike says

    it doesn’t even sound like he is saying ‘under observance’. as for ‘alien spacecraft’, that could easily be a number of other phrases as well, easily mistaken or misconstrued. i eagerly await solid evidence from day to day, but this isn’t very compelling in the least.

  5. says

    The ‘ET’ have revoked the ownership of humanity by the International Members of the Merchant Murder class. The ‘ET’ have rebuked the nuclear war fighting criminal class, and repeatedly told them to “Select a strategy of Peace.”

    The continuing attempts to exterminate the mass of the human race with the use of nuclear weapons, has brought about the end of our nuclear war fighting criminal class. They are soundly defeated by the ‘ET.’ The one requirement to sit as a Defendant at a war crimes tribunal, is the need to be defeated first. Our nuclear war fighting criminal elite are indeed defeated, defeated in a struggle with a high level and as yet, still unknown power.

    The ‘ET’ have demonstrated superior power against our nuclear war criminals. Our nuclear war fighting criminal governments have been abolished, and our nuclear war fighting criminal class, overthrown, in a stuggle of Galactic proportions.

    Our criminal frauds continue to occupy office merely because the majority of the human race at the moment, does not understand it all. The ‘ET’ have repeatedly told our nuclear war criminals : “NO,” do not wage a nuclear war upon the human race.

    Our nuclear war criminals have chosen to ignore the message from the ‘ET.’ Through their continuous attempts to launch nuclear weapons upon the human race, they have decided their own fates.

  6. Gunrooster says

    Whatever the case, I know whoever uploaded this in Real format should be kicked in the throat.

  7. Eli says

    And I quote:

    “A former mission specialist with NASA , Bob Oeschler conducted an intense investigation into these events and concluded that the message had in fact been broadcast from the vicinity of Fort Meade in Maryland, an area where the US National Security Agency had it’s base. The NSA has long been interested in UFOs and Oeschler was of the opinion that the transmission was a deliberately set-up hoax for some intelligence purpose.”



  8. says

    Since the description and the audio didn’t quite match I copied it and cleaned it up, using some tonal filtering and a fifteen percent slowing. The actual statement is:

    Houston this is Discovery, we still have the alien spacecraft, uh, on VFR.

    VFR is pilot-talk for visible by eye. I’ve posted the cleaned up audio as an MP3 at:

    Ken Welch in Houston

  9. says

    To my ears he clearly says “Houston, we, this is Discovery, we still have the orbital spacecraft, uh, on VFR.” Not “alien”, “orbital”. Listen again, folks. 😉

  10. Kevin Lasley says

    UFOs? Those don’t exist and are stupid. If you want to talk about something real then let’s talk about BIGFOOT!

  11. Rob Betts says

    Being an openly gay man has made me see things in a different light. I used to think that UFO’s being seen, let alone by asstronauts, was pure science fiction. I have been abducted by homosexual aliens in the past and now I am a frim believer in them. And as far as that fool Kevin Lasley talking about Bigfoot, come on! Next Mr. Lasley will be saying he is gay too!

  12. Kevin Lasley says

    Mr. Betts – for you to say that I’m gay for believing in Bigfoot is not nice. Just because you are gay, have been abducted and sodomized by homo aliens and your favorite movie is “SPACEBALLS” doesn’t make it right to make a comment about me. I live in an area where Bigfoot is more common than UFO’s. I’m not saying UFO’s don’t exisit but I know Bigfoot does! I have smelled him and seen his big feet. Now Mr. Betts, go shove your Star Wars figures up your ass!

  13. Andy Avers says

    Mr. Lasley only believes in bigfoot because he lives next door to me. i have had many complaints in our community and i will mow my yard with my shirt on to avoid further confusion.

  14. Chris Shellabarger says

    Kevin, didn’t you tell me one time about your wife and her sleepwalking problem and how it’s so severe she actually leaves the house and roams around in the woods?

  15. Kiyana says

    It may be a bit late to respond but I have an actual 45 minute sound recording with a five minute public address to humanity from an entity that is way beyond all the alien BS of this world. If you or others are truly interested in hearing the truth for your selves, I would be happy to arrange that for you.


  16. Crystal says

    I also would love to hear such a recording however how is it that you would have such a thing and it has not been discovered or known about? Is it authentic and can you prove that?