Anne Hathaway Without Makeup

Anne Hathaway Looking Good

When a person’s features are exaggerated, it can give that person a distinctive appearance, like Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie. Or it can make them look weird and f*cked-up, like Anne Hathaway, who basically looks like a caricature of a normal person. The general weirdness of her face is not helped by her death-like pallor, which?would make Robert Smith swoon with jealousy.

Overall, the 29-year old actress just?seems too precious, like?she’s been bed-ridden with the vapors or scurvy or some other awful, old-fashioned ailment that could?easily be cured with a piece of fruit and some sunshine.

The Oscar-nominatee Hathaway?does pull off?her pixie haircut relatively well, having chopped off her long locks to play Fantine in Les Miserables (a role which suits her much, much?better than the sexed-up villain, Catwoman, did). Women with dramatically short hair often?step-up their makeup to balance the imagined lessening of?their femininity. That does not appear to be the 29-year old actress’ plan, though, which is unfortunate,?because?Anne Hathaway without makeup looks rough.

Anne Hathaway Without Makeup

The first photo of the?actress is very unflattering. She appears to be mid-shushing someone and the light color of that?cap isn’t doing her any favors. Should she even be outside without a parasol?

In the second photo, she’s listening to earphones and opening her umbrella (thank God). Her complexion is actually very even and clear, but she’s just too pale for my taste and?her coloring isn’t helped by her light gray t-shirt. With her wacky facial features and extreme skin tone, she really needs the help of cosmetics to make her look human.

Anne Hathaway Without Makeup


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