Angelina Jolie Adoption Betting Odds: Wales Next?

Angelina Jolie adoption betting odds Wales UKOver the last couple of weeks, all that we've been hearing about has been Angelina Jolie's latest jaunt around the world to adopt little Pax Thien from Vietnam – and now the question on everyone's lips is: just where will Angelina Jolie adopt from next?

Nobody knows for sure, but we can have a bloody good guess – that's why this week is going to be dedicated to Angelina Jolie adoption betting odds. Every day this week we'll looking at two different countries and wondering aloud if Angelina Jolie has ever fancied adopting a kid from there, giving it a foolish name and raising it as her own. And the best thing is these betting odds are massive, so even a tiny bet could make you a fat stack of cash – and what's better than winning money from filmstars doing good around the world? Probably loads of stuff, but since we can't think of any it'll have to do.

Here's today's batch of Angelina Jolie adoption betting odds – for Wales and the UK – with betting odds from Paddy Power

Wales – Let's start with the rank outsider then, shall we? Wales. You can never be certain about these things, but we'd say it was highly unlikely for Angelina Jolie to adopt a kid from Wales – mainly because it would involve Angelina Jolie going to Wales. War-torn Africa Angelina will do in an instant, but Wales? The woman does have her limits, you know. On the plus side, the recent loss of the Burberry plant sort of counts as a bit of a humanitarian crisis if you take a few steps back and squint – plus Wales is the land of the ridiculous name. Could Angelina Jolie really miss the chance of calling her baby Lllllllllllllllllllllllgh? Current Angelina Jolie Adoption betting odds – 66/1

UK – Now, there's obviously going to be a lot of people doubting that Angelina Jolie would adopt her next baby from the UK, but let's look at the myriad things we've got going for us. 1) Even as a child, Angelina Jolie's adopted UK kid would be angling to knock some bitch up – so it'd be the fast-track option to making Angelina Jolie a grandmother. 2) Angelina Jolie is always complaining about the paparazzi – so what better way to repel them than by adopting a little English toddler to chase after them with a knife shouting "Cahm orn then you fackin' wankah!" 3) Maddox getting out of line? The new adopted UK boy would soon happyslap him into submission. Angelina – look at the facts. Current Angelina Jolie Adoption betting odds – 33/1

Tomorrow – Does Angelina Jolie want an American baby? An Iraqi baby? But if that's too long to wait – or you feel like making more money than you know what to do with – head right over to the Paddy Power Angelina Jolie adoption betting odds page to see the latest, and best, betting odds.


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    HEY EVERYONE !!! YES ALL OF YOU who have betted about where Angies and Brads next baby comes from, why dont you all just butt out of their lives with all your shananigans and bets and so on. ANY CHILD and I mean ANY CHILD would be privaledged and WOW what a good life they would have to be adopted by Angie and Brad.

    THEY ARE such beautiful people, and at least they share their LOVE around, DO ANY OF YOU!!!!!