6 Celebrities Who Need To Calm The Hell Down


?In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really into celebrity culture, and, for the most part I find it all pretty fucking entertaining. Most celebrities seem to find the humor in the whole “celebrity” thing, but some of them are just so goddamn intense that there aren’t enough chill pills in the world to calm them down.

After close review and severe eye-rolling, here are 10 celebrities that really need to learn to calm the fuck down and get out of their own assholes. As I am not a celebrity, no, I have not included myself on this list.

Lana Del Rey


Don’t get me wrong, I really like Lana Del Rey’s music, but all?she fucking?does is sing about being sad, guys who do drugs and leave her, daddies, and wearing red dresses. EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME! And all she fucking talks about is how sad and wah wah wah she is. Bitch, you need to calm the fuck down and get away from this depressed too cool for school shit. Enjoy your success for fuck’s sake.

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