5 Reasons Why I Secretly Love Kim Kardashian


The Kardashian sisters get blasted?by a?lot of celebrity bloggers (myself included), and Kim tends to get it the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming up with new ways to make fun of Kim Kadashian. I mean, she’s a totally ridiculous human being who says and does some super foolish things, but at the end of the day, I kind of?love her.

I have all of the shame in admitting that I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney Take New York, and all that other shit. I make fun of her, but I’m one of the millions of people that keep her rich and famous. While I’m pissed at myself for giving Kris Jenner a career, I actually deep down think there are some really great things about Kim. So instead of doing a Kardashian bashing blog, I’m actually going to list five reasons why I actually really like Kim Kardashian. I know, I’m shocked, too.

1. She Looks Amazing

amazeballsWhether you hate her or not, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful girl, however, over these past few months she’s taken it to a new level. I have no shame in saying how attractive I find post baby Kim. The lighter hair, more toned down make-up, the fierce neutral colored pieces she’s been wearing, all the crop tops and pencil skirts, yeah she’s basically killing it. I don’t even care, whatever, girl looks good.

2. She Makes Kanye More Likable

kimyeA lot of people have said that Kanye West’s relationship with Kim has caused him to lose some of his popularity, but I completely disagree. Kanye’s frequent insane rants are what make him less likable, you bozos! In fact, the only time Kanye doesn’t sound like a narcissistic jackass who thinks he’s the goddamn messiah is when he’s talking about Kim and their daughter, North. When Kanye talks about them he actually sounds in love and sincere and sweet. When he talks about anything else? Lunacy.

3. She Has a Fantastic Relationship with Her Sisters

sisterlyloveI know you’re all going to call me crazy for this, but I actually think the Kardashian’s are a really positive example of family values or some shit. The Kardashian/Jenner sisters aren’t just business partners, they genuinely seem to all be best friends with really good relationships. And it’s not all business, because the five of them seem to always be hanging out, going on vacation together, basically doing everything together. They’re a pretty tight knit crew and I think that’s something really positive to see.

4. She Ugly Cries Just Like Normal People

uglycryfaceKim has got one of the most infamously worst cry faces ever, but she doesn’t seem to give a fuck about it since she keeps letting the world see her cry. Like…a lot.

somanytearsHome girl is kind of emotional.

5. Dat Ass

datassLet’s be real, that booty is hands down the #1 reason people are into Kim Kardashian.

Side note: Kris Jenner did not force me to write this blog. However, I have been painting my room all day and therefore have potentially breathed in too many paint fumes…




  1. Ivan says

    Kim doesn’t look like that any more… with her latest round of plastic surgery, she has morphed into a monkey. This article needs to be updated.