5 Boy Bands That Broke Up Way Too Soon

The WantedIn a bit of shocking news, The Wanted have decided to stop making sweet heavily altered pop music together.? The British boy band that isn’t One Direction haven’t been together that long, but they managed to come out with quite a few hit tracks and at least one member slept with Lindsay Lohan.? Only one of those is an impressive accomplishment.? The other probably ended with a burning sensation while urinating.

The inner 14 year old girl in me has a soft spot for boy bands, so in lieu of yet another group of dancing stereotypes disbanding, I have put together a list of some of my other highly missed bands that have also broken up.

Some of these bands had the potential to get on a Backstreet Boys/New Kids On The Block level.? Others were just amusing for the short time they were around.? All get occasionally played in my car during long drives.

1) O-Town

Oh man.? These guys were the epitome of manufactured musicians.? They not only were handpicked to fulfill certain roles within the group (aka bad boy, heartthrob, etc), they did it on television for us all to see happen.? Making the Band was just too good to not watch, although I could have done without Lou Pearlman.? He was an oversized pedobear and gave me serious heebie jeebies.

These guys put out a couple of albums before breaking up, but they left behind some of my all time favorite songs.? I wanted to include the video for the classic and classy jam “Liquid Dreams” except I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube.? So instead, here is my go to song to belt out in the shower.

Oh man.? Mock turtlenecks, sleeveless jerseys, AND white boy dreadlocks?? Amazing.

A few months ago, 4 out of the 5 original members confirmed they are reuniting.? I will be fan girling them with NO shame.

2) Five

These guys were the original One Direction.? British and run by Simon Cowell, they were pretty big back in the day.? More so over seas than the U.S, but they did have that awesomely inappropriate song “When the Lights Go Out” that I was obsessed with.? It was one of those songs I belted out as a tween that I didn’t really understand the connotation behind until much older.? They eventually broke up over in fighting and drama.? Like O-Town, they have also recently reunited with 4 of the original 5 members thanks to some reality tv show.

3) Dream Street

I wouldn’t really call this a boy band, as much as a toddler band, but tomato/tomatoe.?? These 5 kids were part of a really short lived group, but they were the apple of a lot of tween eyes while they were around.? The only long lasting thing about them is Jesse McCartney, who got his start as the lead singer of the group.? They broke up due to a few of the members getting grounded for staying up too late past their bedtime and not eating their brussel sprouts.

4)? BBMak

Another British Invasion, this was a trio instead of the usual 5 piece band.?? Arriving towards the end of the boy band craze of the 90s,? they had a couple of albums and Billboard hits.? They had adorable accents and were not nearly as froo froo as other boy banders.? No Lisa Frank explosion on their wardrobe.? They also let Disney have a chunk of their soul, and they recorded a few songs for the Mouse, as well as appearing on the equally awesome show Even Stevens (Yes, the show pre-douchebag Shia LaBeouf starred in).

5) 2GE+HER

I know I know, they were kind of a mock boy band, but they took all the best parts of the craze and embraced it.? What started off as a movie for MTV turned into concerts, multiple albums, and more.? They overplayed the stereotypes, they had super cheesy songs, and they even had a television show incase you didn’t get enough of their antics.? They were the original Big Time Rush (Don’t hate on me for knowing who they are) but way less hip.?? Sadly, they didn’t actually break up in the traditional sense of the word.? One of their members, Michael “QT”?Cuccione, died from Hodgkins Lymphoma.? There had been rumors not too far back that MTV was going to make a mockumentary and bring 2GE+HER back, but nothing new has come about from it.

It’s hard for me to just pick one of their amazing songs to play here, so I guess I will go with their first single.? If you have the time, you really should YouTube more of them.


Excuse me while I go reminisce now about gel pens, butterfly clips, my Tamagotchi, and a time when MTV still had TRL and played music videos.


  1. Kieran says

    Just to clear things up – The Wanted is NOT broken up! They are simply going on a short hiatus to take a break from the fame after the WOM tour. WATIC (We Are The In Crowd) did the same, and they’re recovering from that hiatus, back and better than ever. TW has assured fans that no, they will not stop making music and will keep up with the band, but first they want to do some things in their personal lives first. Siva and Nareesha will probably have their wedding in that time. Tom may even pop the question to Kelsey. Actually, if the hiatus lasts long enough, Nathan could potentially seek out to attend university for a little while. But yeah, what I’m trying to say is that they aren’t breaking up.