10 Actors Who Should Play James Bond


Over the years, a lot of hunky dudes have played James Bond. Sometimes it’s campy, sometimes it’s dark, but Bond is always fun and always a badass. The super hunky, Daniel Craig, has been doing a great job playing Bond for the past few years, but I kind of feel like he’s done all that he can with the franchise.

So, if they’re going to keep going with Bond (which of course they will as it’s the franchise that will never die), here are 10 actors who I think could really add some pizazz to the character. Yes, I said “pizazz”, but, to be fair, I recently watched an episode of “Jem and the Holograms” soooo….

Idris Elba


There has never been a black Bond, and why the fuck not? Idris is a sexy, badass, mature man. If he can play Nelson Mandela, I think he can handle Bond.

Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy is very sexy and has time and time again proven that he can successfully pull off action roles, while also bringing depth to his characters. He can be subtle, he can be intense, and maybe if he played Bond Christopher Nolan would direct it (dreams could come true).

Jaimie Alexander


A FEMALE BOND?! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Maybe she’s treat dudes the way Bond traditionally treats women, or maybe she’d be a badass lesbian, either way it’s something I could get down with, and Jaimie Alexander has proven in all her movies she’s a sexy bad bitch who would totally take her martini shaken, not stirred.

Michael Fassbender


Well…I mean..come on. He’s pretty much the most obvious choice for the next James Bond. Give me a break.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


It might seem weird, and I know Bond is traditionally from the UK, but if they were to completely re-invent the series, couldn’t you just see JGL as a ruthless American Bond with a soft side he hides under his jaded bad boy facade? Yeah, I could dig that.

Nicholas Hoult


I know with Craig’s Bond they explored the origins of James Bond, but what if they did his earlier years? Like early-late 20’s Bond? What made him choose this career path? We could always do with more backstory and Nicholas Hoult would be a great young Bond.

Chris Hemsworth


Are you looking at the above picture? The argument makes itself.


Colin Farrell


If Colin Farrell played Bond the character would be rowdier, a bigger womanizer (if possible), a heavier drinker, and a dirtier fighter. Yeah, I think I’d enjoy that.

Matthew Goode


He’s dark, he’s classy, he’s sexy, he’s British, and he looks good in a suit. I mean, what more do you need?

Kate Beckinsale


Well, if I’m going to suggest a girl to play Bond I obviously can’t leave out the ultimate British bad bitch: Kate Beckinsale. If anyone could play a female bond, it’s this broad.

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  1. John says

    Some good choices and some bad ones. I’m totally up for reinventing the franchise with either a female chraracter, or Idris Elba that would be amazing to see !! However regardless of acting talent and versatility James Bond must always have two main characteristics – refinement/elegance and roughness and the ability to combine these into both charming and witty, as well as violent and deadly. Therefore choices like Nicholas Holt or Joseph Gordon Lewitt can never be vialble as they are too scrawny and too much of a boyscout :( Colin Farrell I’m sorry but I could never see him pull off the role either he’s too much of a brawley irishman XD otherwise great list !!

  2. BondFan007 says

    When choosing this role, there are rules. He must be male, white, and British. Otherwise it just truly isn’t Bond and who Flemming created. Let the racist and sexist comments ensue.

  3. Nick says

    I’m sorry, but no no no to a black, female, American, or any other major cultural change to James Bond. At that point you are changing who the character is. Besides that, Daniel Craig still has 2 more movies, they just basically finished resetting the series with Skyfall. The last 3 movies were almost a new origin story to how Bond became the Bond we know and basically resetting the series to Doctor No with the introduction of Fiennes as the M along with Moneypenny. I would love to see Jaime Alexander and Kate Beckinsale in a Bond movie as a very strong female lead, not your traditional Bond girl. I actually kind of like the idea of JGL if he can do a solid British accent, but another big name that could be good is Tom Hiddleston, just because an actor is currently or regularly skinny or scrawny does not mean he can not put on muscle for a role. But I think the idea of either Hardy or Fastbender is awesome, though unlikely, they are just to big a star now.

    I would say that the next likely Bond is Clive Owen as he was their first choice after Pierce left, but Owen is 49 now so he would be in his mid 50s by the time they recast Bond. I think the next Bond is going to be an actor not as well established as any on this list, like a Richard Madden or someone else at his current status level and age.

  4. Truckee says

    To all the people that are saying that they shouldn’t change the actor to anyone outside the male, white, and British characters, I wonder if they know that the first James Bond character was American and not British (Barry Nelson) also, throughout the franchise, there has been an Australian and Irish actor to play him (Pierce). All you guys are silly as why it shouldn’t change.