Zoom! Tron 3 Is Confirmed, Possibly Called Tr3n Which Doesn’t Really Work

Tron is the a fine example of a rubbish franchise being brilliant. Over two films, Tron told us absolutely nothing but it didn’t matter because ultimately, the light cycles and grid games are really, really cool.

And even thought the CGI bit where Jeff Bridges looked young in Tr2n was some of the worst footage in cinematic history, we can’t help but be a little excited at the news of a third instalment of the Tron series.

And yep, it’s been confirmed by Tron himself, which is as good as gospel.

Bruce Boxleitner?, who played Encom employee Alan Bradley and the title character in both Tron flicks was asked if there’d be any new Tron movies by some spotty geek at the D23 Expo.

Bruce replied:

?It?s already a done deal ? it?s already in the works. 2013, I think?

Get that. A new Tron film.

We can only hope they dispense with any notion of a script and basically have 90 minutes of grid action with things exploding into pixel fragments and people getting super frisbees lobbed at their heads.

We don’t need anything else.

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