WEBTHUMP! Wednesday 29 October 2008

10 – Ladies, this is why you should be grateful that you didn’t start menstruating in 1967…

9 – The Saw movies: the undeniable proof – Best Week Ever

8 – Are they still doing the Barbarella remake? Because, really, it won’t be a patch on this – YouTube

7 – Buy the helicopter from From Russia With Love. No, seriously. Buy it – 007helicopter

6 – American? Then here’s a way to eat for a ridiculously small amount of money. Not American? Back to the bins! – Lifehacker

5 – Now here’s a song – Bedazzled

4 – Chantelle from Big Brother only really has the two facial expressions, doesn’t she – Popsugar

3 – A man getting shot in the bottom with a tranquiliser dart – I Am Bored

2 – Jeeves from Askjeeves does porn now. Ick – Techdigest

1 – Holy Moly’s had a redesign. Mostly it puts our design to shame. Words will be had – Holymoly