WEBTHUMP! Tuesday 2 December 2008

10 - 100 movie spoilers in four minutes, as read by some idiots…

9 - Good things to do with lightning – I09

8 - The Cruises and the Beckhams continue their festive turd-off – Popsugar

7 - Some fools decide that the title Tron 2 doesn’t sound enough like the name of a trashy celebrity website. Changes are made accordingly – Cinemablend

6 - A picture of a big bird, anyone? OK – Flickr

5 - The MySpace page of a hecklerspray reader who we accidentally insulted in print yesterday - MySpace

4 - Christmas presents for the man you feel convention-bound to spend a fortune on, even though your hectic work schedule means you never see him enough to know what he actually wants – Esquire

3 - 26 mugshots of 26 prostitutes. 26 different versions of the anti-Piper - Thejebbica

2 - The Simpsons suddenly gets good again, and all at Apple’s expense – Engadget

1 - Britney‘s X Factor appearance. deconstructed – Popjustice

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